Thursday, October 29, 2009

Costochondritis- Hurts Worse at Night

Alright my fellow costo buddies. If you are wondering: is a symptom of Costochondritis that your pain is worse at night or is your pain is worse later in the day? You hit the nail on the head. As you move about your day, sit for long periods of time or pick objects or adorable little children, the inflammation will increase as the day goes on, irritaing your Costochondritis further. Our Costo feels better in the morning because the body has the time to recover a little bit and fight some the inflammation.

What do we do about this? I know we all handle this condition differently and I respect that. The way I'm dealing with this particular symptom of Costo is to take a look at the choices made throughout the day, trying not to pay a higher price at night. Eek!

If your Costochondritis hurts worse in the morning, read the comments below- you are not alone! From what I understand, some people have more pain in the morning due the way they sleep at night. Double Eek!


  1. Hi Lucy,
    My name is Joanne, I have been posting under the definition section of your blog this week. I just dont know how to put my name in. When it asks for my URL I would prefer not to have my email on here. Will it post it?

    I bought the flexees, feels so much better. I have re-injured myself so many times wearing a bra I will probably never wear one on a regular basis again. I bought the lite control, Instant Slimmer Flexees camisole. Love it. I have been looking for something like that for almost 4 years.

    I have started the relaxation you suggest, the Omega-3"s again, my Dr. Braggs apple cider and honey daily ( two teaspoons vinegar and 1 teaspoon honey in a glass of water 2-3 times a day) more fresh fruit and veggies.
    I have only taken 2 Ibprofen, will take more tonight tho. My pain level is about a 4-5 on a scale of 1-10 today. For me that is awesome.

    Trusting God to get better. THANK YOU for all you have put on this blog. This lady really appreciates it!!

  2. It's funny, but my pain is the worst when I wake up in the morning. I think sleeping on my side/back aggravates it. Once I'm up and moving, I can have some relief by about 10 am.

  3. Joanne,
    I'm so glad I have a name now, lol! =) I have no clue if blogger will publish an email ..hmmm....I'm kinda computer illiterate! =) I'd leave it off if I were you too, just to be safe.

    Thank you so much for sharing with me about how some of the tips on this blog have helped you. I really apprecaite it a ton. Helps encourage me to keep the info coming. Sounds like you are making some progress. And for that, I'm SO SO SO excited for you. YAY!!!!!!!

    Can you tell me more about the apple cider and honey?

    CEE CEE,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I know it will be helpful when someone else reads your comment and has the same experience.

    I too have more pain when I sleep on my side. When i sleep on my back, my pain is always better the next day. Your hurts worse when you sleep on your back?

    However, it takes me FOREVER to fall asleep on my sometimes I give up and roll over on my right side and zzzzz......=)

  4. Hi its Joanne.
    The vinegar and honey is something I have done for years, off and on. You have to use Dr. Braggs apple cider vinegar, you cannot buy it usually in the grocery store unless they have a natural section. It has the "mother" in it, its cloudy at the bottom. It has never been heated. You can find more about it on My mother in law got me on it, its good for many many things. I recommend getting the Dr. Braggs Vinegar Book. ( no I am not selling it!, just love it)

    Even tho I got the lite control flexees they are "squishing" my ribs too much, so cannot wear it as much as I would like to. But it feels so good when I can.

    I have to sleep on my back, I have immediate pain if I lay on either side... bummer!

  5. Joann,
    Thanks for sharing all of that with me!Sorry to hear you are getting "squished." Boooo!!

    When I'm having days where I can't even wear the flexees, I wear my cotton tanks that I've cut the shelf bra out of so I'm not "squished. " =) Just a thought....

    Hugs to you, hope you have a great day,

  6. Lucy, what a great idea!!! It means so much to have you around. I hate to complain, and feel like I am doing that all the time. So nice that you understand. I went and bought a 2XL flexees cami today, I usually wear the large, but even that one was pretty "squishy". Today I have been wearing the unhooked bra again. Not my best look :-(

  7. Hi Joanne!

    Lol!! I too, have tried the unhooked look!!!

    I'm so glad you are here too! I enjoy talking to you! Thanks for being here and for all your comments!!


  8. Hey Lucy have you ever read the "spoon theory" It is about another condition but so explain having to make choices!! Google it!

  9. hi im 12 and i hav costchondritis,im nervous...plz educate...:( found out saturday!

    1. Hi, I'm now 42 and I was diagnosed in my teens too. You learn to live with it. It comes and goes. You'll be fine. Maybe medicine will help. Hope you're doing well.

  10. from what i know, costochondritis is an inflammation of the ribs connecting to breastplate. i think i got mine from working out, i saw a rheumatologist and am taking 500 mg naproxen twice a day. also taking glucosamine chondroitin 1500 mg before bed as it is worse in the morning, i think because i sleep on my side. i try to hug a pillow as i sleep and that seems to help. i hope it goes away.

  11. Hello everyone. I am so glad I found this site. 3 days ago I woke up with what I thought was mild heartburn. The day after, I woke up thinking I was taking a heart attack. I am a 34 years old, female and I consider myself in good shape. I went to my daughter with the pain. I have a really tender spot just below my sternum and when I breath I get stabbing pains across my chest. After a chest x-ray, 2 EKG's and an ultrasound on my abdomen..all that is fine. I have been taking Nexium for 3 days now without any relief. I spoke with a friend of mine who suffered from costochondritis and said my symptoms sound like I may be suffering from it. After I took some Aleve I noticed some relief. I have an appt. with my doc and will be mentioning this to her. I recently used a stability ball to do some crunches and think I may have aggravated something. The pain is horrific and would not wish it on the devil. I want the pain to go away so I can get back on the treadmill. I am happy I found this blog.
    Anyone have any tips to help alleviate some of the pain besides Aleve or Ibuprophen? Any natural remedies? I found that Vicks Vapor Rub under the sternum quiets it down a bit.

  12. sorry...that should have read...went to my doctor with the pain!

  13. I am pretty sure I have costochondritis as many of my symptoms seem to match. I am puzzled by one of the main symptoms being that exercise is supposed to make the pain worse though. If anything exercise seems to make my pain feel better. This article was also interesting because my pain is much worse in the morning, when I am sitting in my cubicle obviously doing no exercise...I think this may have to do with stress, as the pain has been much worse recently which corresponds to my job also becoming more difficult and stressful. Most mornings (and often all day at work) for the last few weeks my ribs have been sore to the touch and breathing seems to become difficult. It makes me feel like I am having a heart attack and makes me want to clutch my chest. I think this causes some anxiety which probably makes the breathing problems, etc even worse. When I first had symptoms like this several years ago I went to the doctor because I actually thought I was having some sort of heart issue but the doctor did some tests and determined my heart was fine and said I most likely had costochondritis...anyways I wanted to put my situation out there because the exercise part of the symptoms seems to be very different for me than what other people experience.

  14. I also think this might be my problem as well. I have had EKGs x-rays, heart ultra sound and stomach ultrasound & everything was clean and clear! I also had plenty of blood work and a GI scope down my throat!!! I've had it for a couple months now & when it first hit I thought I had a blood clot in my lung from my BC pill but several test later 6 hospital visits & 2 doctors confused I think I have solved my own question of WTH is wrong with me!?!? I wish I had a solution to the pain BUT I have learned that smelling like Ben Gay isn't that bad & sleeping with a heating pad is a MUST!! Im awakin by pain 2 or 3 times in a week and the pain sucks in the morning but gets worse at night. I must admit that it has calmed down some but some days I think " ya know sitting in the ER for 12 hrs isn't that bad."

  15. Hello there! I'm 15 and I think I have the same thing but does anyone know any good sleeping positions cause I can't even sleep with the pain!! It bothers me that I can't sleep and I have to stay awake half the night...

  16. I've had costochondritis for 8 weeks now since having gallbladder removal surgery. I get stabbing or clenching pain under the bottom of my right ribs and tenderness in my lower sternum. I've had these symptoms since the op but only diagnosed this week. I find sleeping propped up with lots of pillows works best for me and yes the pain is worse at night. I can't lie down on either side without pain. I'm taking Nurofen (Ibuprofen), an anti-depressant, and a muscle relaxant drug each day. Certainly hoping it will resolve itself soon as I'm tired of being in pain, and I'm not getting a lot of exercise.

  17. Further to my comment above...
    Apparently costo is most likely to occur from a viral or bacterial infection, or chest trauma. I've found the best relief to be an anti-anxiety/muscle relaxant drug called Serepax (oxazepam) plus an anti-depressant (currently Cipramil but considering changing to Lexapro because of a few side effects on a normal 20mg dose) as I was really getting down about all the pain and anxiety attacks. My costo doesn't like heat, the pain flares up in the shower etc, I prefer using cold packs sparingly to settle the pain, although I know heat is really better for encouraging blood flow and healing. I'm trying some dietary changes as well (also for some digestive gas).. cutting out gluten, dairy, following a low FODMAP diet (Google it), smaller and more frequent meals and plenty of water. Best exercise for me is simply walking as I get tired easily and don't want to strain anything. The anxiety/depression had lowered my appetite, but that seems to be returning thanks to the drug assistance. I've found a website that might help with exercise...

  18. I am 15 I have severe pain in my right side ribs and more so under the ribs. Lately the pain has gotten worse. And a lot more constant. Is there a thing else besides doctor visits and medication to help relieve the pain?

  19. I went to the doctor last week with my symptoms and a possible condition. Yep, doctor said I have costochondritis. What wasn't made clear was is the condition that I will fight for the rest of my life or is it like bronchitis and will go away forever.
    Thank you for your help.

  20. Dear Everyone,
    Hi, My name is Lee. I also have Costochondritis. I find that sleeping on my back means that in the morning, I don't have that severe pain that I usually get. And also, I find the pain is worse at night. I want to share with everyone that I find that Nurofen has a really unpleasant side affect: makes your stomach really sore. In fact, this added problem was even worse than the Costochondritis. Basically, the doctor said that now, I was suffering from Gastritis, and to stop taking the Nurofen. I also discovered that I am dairy intolerant, so I have stopped eating dairy. I then checked all my tablets and vitamins. They had lactose in them, which was aggravating the Gastritis. So I found alternative tablets (and medication for my thyroid) that doesn't have lactose. I will next be determining if I am also gluten intolerant. Thanks for this website. Its good to share tips with fellow sufferers. All the best to everyone.

  21. Hi Everyone,
    Lee again. Reading everyone's comments has really resonated with me. I too was admitted to hospital (twice), thinking I had a heart attack. I also had a chest x-ray to see if I had a blood clot or broken ribs, tested for diabetes, and other blood tests. I find walking lessens the pain, but you have to walk solid for at least 30 mins. Also, make sure you are not dehydrated. Drink the required amount of water you need from the morning right throughout the day. I also started taking Vitamin D (oil capsules, not the tablets as they have lactose in them), Evening Primrose Oil capsules, and Krill Oil capsules, which I find lessens the pain. I also purchased Glucosamine Hydrochloride 1500mg tablets but they give me a stomach ache so I stopped taking them. I also make sure I always wear a good support bra as I have heavy breasts. I also spray Lavender (water-soluble solution, not full strength) and Eucalyptus (water soluble) on my chest after a hot shower at night so that I can relax more before I go to sleep. I have also recently purchased a product called Medi-Rub (Analgesic Balm), which feels gluggy and cool (like wet custard) but which seems to help a little. All the best to everyone in beating this issue.

  22. I havent been diagnosed with costo but im sure thata what i have. I have been back and to the docs for over 9 months with chest pain. Had chest x-ray Ecg ECG bloods and water sample. They founf nothing to wlrry about in xray. Bloods were fine and water showed hogh whute cells suspected kidney infection. I tolk antibiotics for a wk but no better. If anything the chest painis more consistent. Its not unbearable but its there all the time..feels like its in my back sometimes, in mainly when resting. I use hot water bottle to relieve the symptoms. The worst thing is the nausea and the breathing difficulty. I almost feel as thought im having a panic attack and like i can pass out!! Does anyone else have this? I want to think its nothing serious but of course there are alot of vital worrying organs in the chest and it makes me anxious that it could be something else. I have been taking omoprazole as doc thought i had GERD but they dont seem to help at all. Im really fed up!!!