Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Costochondritis- Weight Lifting

Can I get Costochondritis from weight lifting or exercise?
YES YES YES!!! This is how i got Costo. =(
Weight lifting can cause your Costochondritis or aggravate it once you already have it.

Can I weight lift with costochondritis?

This is something the Costo health nuts (luvs ya, health nuts!) want to know. When can I start weightlifting again if I have costochondritis!? I'm with ya. Here's the bottom line, it's different from everyone. Some folks are able to lift light weights. And if you are one of those, I'm jealous, please go visit someone elses's sight. j/k -).

Important: If it hurts, don't lift it. That's my rule of thumb. I use to ignore that rule and found myself in in the same rusty pain boat 3 years later headed to the island of "this sucks."

So if you want to stay active, you may have to get on the walking train with me. Or focus on stretching, easy yoga poses for strength, and a light cardio of your choice. And if you are in a place where you think..."I'm really healing, I want to try something out." Don't be a ding-dong and go all out. Try something very small. Only lift 2 lb weights and only do one or 2 exercises that first time. Then see how your body responds.

Or if you are trying to run or walk and see how your body does, try only 10 minutes or so. Trust me on this. Lots of us have tried too much, too soon. And actually, I'm thankful for those who have are brave enough to share this info so we could learn from it.

And if you are one who believes you can lift weights to heal Costochondritis. My friend, you do not have a severe case. And once again, I'm jealous and happy for you, go to someone else's site. =)


  1. And yes my friends, you can get Costo from weight lifting. I am exhibit A.

    Hugs to everyone!

  2. Hello,
    I think I have been experiencing costo for about three months now. I ve been to a cardiologist who has ruled out heart conditions and "decided" it is probably costocondritis. Ive been reading a lot about this condition and it is so often linked with weight lifting or an injury. I have not had any injury, and don't weight lift. I am a runner and now after three months of feeling this insanity, have stopped running because I have become so out of breath walking up a flight of stairs. ( ive been logging in three miles a day for years until this sudden halt due to chest pains). My question to everyone out there is this...in addition to shortness of breath, and tight dull, sometimes sharp gripping or panging feeling in center of my chest that consistently lingers (not painful but just unnerving and unconfortable) does anyone else experience sharp stabbing around the heart area? Also bee stinging feeling around left chest? I dont see much posted about bee stinging sensation but I get it alot, its either tiny bee sting sensations or sharp stabbing on what feels like left side of my chest (around what I would assume is my heart). In addition, is anyones heart rate below 60? Because mine is (around 45 when resting) which (then is considered abnormal if under 60) but I dont know if costocondritis can be affected or manipulated by abnormal heart rates and if that is common? I sometimes also spontaneously feel this severe three second pulsating in my throat (like my heart is going to explode) but it is felt in my throat and I immediately feel dizzy or faint (however nothing happens and it goes away as quickly as it comes on). Its really intense though and happens i'd say once a day. Anyone feel like the bee stinging, or stabbing and or shortness of breath when resting with their costo? it would eb a great help to hear on this as I have already spent so much on health bills with with still no answers. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.

  3. Shortness of breath yes....it comes in the form of an extreme muscle tightness in the chest wall. Feels like I need to take a big breath to stretch it out front and back. I too, am a health nut 50 years old...it started a bit before with me lifting too often and too intense then came a trauma that gave me the full blown pain...on and off N-saids. Very occasional exercise when I used to be a 5 day a week guy. 3 plus months so far with little relief other than doing nothing physical...I have had pretty intense pain on the left side and sternal area by my heart often waking me at night. And I also feel the heartbeat in the throat thing occasionally..

  4. not sure where this will post on the blog...but those who are new, kinda like us, i say "us because im posting for my almost 16 year old. Very active softball player-pitcher-infielder for years. had some shoulder therapy one year ago, has severely suffered costco since Christmas break. prior to that, she had on/off chest pains for a few months--we just thought she over threw for a game or practice etc... because it was not extreme. She has had days when she cant get out of bed ( just a few) nights are the worst--cant get to sleep due to the pain. but if you think about it at night when you go to bed, all has settled for the day, its quiet, not much to think about but the costco pain...nights really stink.
    SOOOOOOO... we have found a great doctor.. im in the los angeles area-- he is a chriropracter/ extreme nutritionalist/alternative med... he is treating her from the inside out--its like we are going backwards to get this inflammatory creep! so after 5 weeks with the doctor--and plenty of blood work she has a few other contributors besides her softball -history.
    Vit D- deficient
    Anemic-although she has plenty of iron in her system, her body not using or breaking it down properly
    Vit D
    Omegas 3 1200mg
    HCL-hydrol-cloric-acid (sp?)-for digestive
    NO DAIRY--very minimum
    NO processed foods--
    organic meats/ grass fed Beef
    This is an inflammatory evil beast--hard to get to. all these things help treat the gut/digestive system which does or doesn't cause inflammation to areas in our body.
    he is also treating her with adjustments and certain exercise to keep her shoulders/ upper body strong.
    This hurts her after a work-out.
    She is still in constant pain--but a slight getting better pain.
    rest-stress free environment is important.
    hard to say exactly what triggered this: FYI for young girls out there, my daughter had the stupid guardisil shot in May/ July 2012--thats when the first onset of chest pains started---far and few between....just saying--do your research DONT DO THE guardisil- just my thoughts! oh ya and the regular western medicine doctor really wont treat your costco properly--look into some alternative medicine-pray continually and be patient