Monday, November 16, 2009

Costochondritis- Stretching Exercises

Stretching for Costochondritis is a great choice to make. If you do use these stretches, make sure you sretch after you walk or exercise so that you're warmed up. We don't want any more injuries. lol. Here are a few stretches to use at your own risk. You know I have to say that. =) If you want to try them, give it a go gently to see how you do. I also stretch out my legs, back, neck etc....but these four are especially helpful for costochondritis.

Start in the doorway with your hands on the door frame around your ear/shoulder level.

Step through the door with one foot and lightly stretch the chest.Once you have done this stretch with the hand at ear level, repeat with the hands high up on the door frame. As you are stretching, turn your head gently to the left, right, up and down. Continue breathing!

This stretch is more advanced, it stretches not only the chest wall, but the abs. When the abs are tight, they pull on your upper body and back, causing more pain for you. So keeping them loose is a great choice while healing from Costochondrits. Gently lay on the ball and open your hands to the side. Breathe.

This is another advanced stretch. Gently lay on the ball and hold your hands above your head. Don't hold your breathe. It stretches those lower abs- so they don't pull on your diaphragm and ribs.


  1. When my physical therapist had me do that last exercise (with the ball), she had to pull me off & help me to my feet. It was incredibly painful. She said it set back my therapy 2 weeks. So although I know it is a great exercise, be careful and stretch very slowly.

    Has anyone tried The Miracle Ball Method? The kit can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. My massage therapist gave the kit to me. I have to admit, I haven't been using it much lately (I just get tired of having my whole life revolve around my illness). The book is great on teaching you how to breathe properly. I'm a shallow breather as most with this condition probably are. My PT told me if I would just do some breathing exercises every day, I would eventually start breathing correctly automatically. Hasn't happened, yet! Place your hand on your stomach. If you can't feel it move up & down when you breathe, you're breathing with your chest ie shallow breathing. Years of trying to hold my stomach IN, and now I'm told THIS??! Darn!

    Anyway, this kit is cheap and the book is informative. On every site I checked, it has great reviews. Don't get the wrong impression that it is only for back pain. Using the balls, releases muscle tention from head to foot and the foreward mentions it can be helpful for fibromyagia and almost any type of pain.

    When I used the balls, at the very least I found it can be extremely relaxing. I like the smaller balls MUCH more than the big exercise ball I have. I wish I weren't so compulsive. I went at it WAY too fast (spending a couple hours a day)in the beginning, then burned out on it - probably not giving it enough time to see if it help.

    This is just something to try if you want to. My only recommendation is to approach it very slowly & not become frustrated at learning the different exercises. Find a few that work, and if they feel good, try another one down the road.

  2. I'm looking for information about costochondritis in the mornings after waking up. I have Rheumatoid Arthrits as well and am curious about their connection. I am not so much tender to the touch as stiff and achy all down my sternum. My ribs often hurt on the sides as well. Everything I have found has been about costo that heals over time and has a beginning and end. This has been going on for several months. It occurs only in the mornings and is usually gone by mid morning. Any ideas?

  3. It's a good thing you are doing a therapy on your own. I hope you get healed in no time. Continue feeling good and doing those exercises. :-)

  4. This routine is just like normal floor work exercise but you need to be careful in doing the routine on your own because we don't want another injury at hand. Just like you, I do this routine at home just to strengthen my body and help me avoid future injuries.

  5. These were just simple stretching exercises that can eventually help some muscles of the body. But like what Gwen said, it’s good to do these exercises at your own risk, and take extra care since you wouldn’t want another injury to happen I’ll try to do that stretching by the door ‘cause it looks fun to do. :D

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  7. Costochondritis is an intense condition of the midsection divider. Costochondritis Treatment normally includes moderate techniques, for instance, the use of ice or warmth in the impacted area as a measure to soothe the manifestations.

  8. This doorway stretch is very helpful...I'm a costochondritis sufferer. For four yrs.reading your ideas for pain relief is exciting. Keep it up.. peace and comfort to you all...loves

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