Saturday, December 26, 2009

Costochondritis- Parasite Cleanse

Hugs to everyone. I truly hope you had a blessed and beautiful Christmas.
Happy Birthday to my amazing savior, Jesus Christ. Luvs you!

Alright- to my costochondritis peeps- I'm finally finishing up this parasite cleanse in the next few days. YEEEEES!! FINALLY!! Holla!! It sounds so gag-ish, but honestly- the critter cleanse wasn't too bad.

To those new to the Costo blog and costo-community- I'm going through the following cleanse:
  • Colon Cleanse -7 days (Oxy powder, Click HERE for info) -CHECK!
  • One Week Break - CHECK!
  • Parasite Cleanse-18 days - CHECK!
  • One Day Colon cleanse with Oxy powder
  • Kidney Cleanse -15 days
  • Liver Cleanse -2 days
  • 2 week break (Liver Cleanse break-but using oxy powder maintenance dose every 3 days)
  • Liver Cleanse -2 days
  • 2 week break (Liver Cleanse break-but using oxy powder maintenance dose every 3 days)
  • Liver cleanse -2 days
I chose to do Hulda Clarkes 18 day Parasite Cleanse. The following is the chart and info for the cleanse. For more information on the Hulda Clark parasite cleanse, you can CLICK HERE

Hulda Clark's 18-Day Herbal Parasite Cleanse Handy Chart

(1 teaspoon Black Walnut Hull Extra Strength Tincture = 1 Black Walnut Hull capsules). Take 1-4 Othinine at night to flush out the toxins left by parasite die off.


Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength Dose

Wormwood Capsule Dose (200-300 mg)

Clove Capsule Dose (Size 0 or 00)

DAY drops 1 time per day, like before a meal. capsules 1 time per day, on empty stomach (before meal). capsules 3 times per day, like at mealtime.
1 1 drop
(or 1 capsule)
1 1, 1, 1
2 2 drops
(or 1 capsule)
1 2, 2, 2
3 3 drops
(or 1 capsule)
2 3, 3, 3
4 4 drops
(or 1 capsule)
2 3, 3, 3
5 5 drops
(or 1 capsules)
3 3, 3, 3
6 2 tsp.
(or 2 capsules)
3 3, 3, 3
7 Now once a week* 4 3, 3, 3
4 3, 3, 3
5 3, 3, 3
5 3, 3, 3
6 7
6 Now once a week*
13 2 tsp.
(or 2 capsules)
Now once a week*


The following are the products I chose to use for this cleanse. I found them all at my local health food store.

Side Effects: mostly acid reflux (from the cloves), stomach upset (when you get to the 2 tsp of black walnut), and some muscle soreness in the beginning. I used tums to offset the acid reflux and all was well with the world again.

The products I used were:

If you choose to do the cleansing process and have completed the colon cleanse and are moving on to the parasite cleanse...and you think "ummm...that cleanse looks WAAAY to crazy...too many pills and crap."

Never fear....there are 2 other parasite cleanses that seem to be really popular, easier to do, and safe:
  • First is HUMAWORM (30 day cleanse).
  • Another popular parasite cleanse is PARASITIN (30 day cleanse).
  • The reason I chose the Hulda Clark cleanse is although it's intense- it's only 18 days to Humaworm and Parasitins 30 day cleanse. All three are great choices. I was just ready to get on with it. lol. Next year, when I know the outcome from this round, I'll take my time with the Parasitin cleanse.
So there you have it. The Parasite cleanse chapter is coming to a close in the next few days. I'm SO happy to be finishing this up. I'll stay on the maintenance program though. gooooo (sounds like ewwwww). So did my pain get any better doing the parasite cleanse? Not really. Not unless it was related to side effects that were bathroom related. Catch my drift? So if you think your costo is related to your stomach, intestines, colon,liver, may experience some relief while doing this cleanse due to more frequent bathroom use, thus less inflammation in certain areas. Kapeesh? But for the most part, the reason I'm doing the parasite cleanse is because it's on the check list of safely getting to the liver cleanse. Which is where we (or I) want to go. Cool? Cool.

Next up: one day colon cleanse, then on to the 15 day kidney cleanse. TMI for one post? ummm...yes. =)


  1. Wow, Lucy, I think I am going to follow right behind you on the cleanses but I sure wish you were having more relief! Where and what is your pain like?
    I am planning to start the new year off with a Daniel fast to pray over the new year and to press into His Presence and Healing!! But since I will be eating foods that seem to fit with a cleanse, I will go ahead and try it.
    I still have three appts. of tests ahead of me, but as usually things keep coming back clear and fine! So what the heck! So thankful there is nothing showing up but at the same time frustrated with so much discomfort.
    Let's keep praying for breakthrough!
    Much love,

  2. Hi Jenni~

    That's so great that you are going to do the Daniel fast and then cleanse. AWESOME! Love it! Please please please keep me posted when you get started and how it's going!! So exciting!

    Hopefully I'll have some good news when my cleanse is over in a few weeks. i definitely had some relief from the colon cleanse, but not from the parasite cleanse...but I'm really glad I've gone through it- I'm such a check list person. lol.

    SOOOO ready to get to the liver cleanse! Starting get a little anxious about the liver cleanse...nervous I'll have gone through all of this and it won't help...but that's my fear speaking.I feel like God has laid this path on my I'll keep a chugging. =)

    What is my pain like? Hmmm...constant pressure, painful to talk, breathe, move etc...lots of stabbing attacks. How about you?

    Keep me posted on the appts! I know it's frustrating and yet a relief when everything comes back normal. Keep trucking along!!! I will be praying for your appts!