Saturday, December 5, 2009

Costochondritis- Success Story

Success Story from

"Regarding Costochondritis: I have that problem. Not that bad, but was taking Ibuprofen 3x daily for it for several years, getting progressively worse. A guy at the health food store said it might be food allergies. I quit eating everything I knew I was allergic to and anything I suspected I was. Then I went on a gentle liver cleansing diet (with lots of raw veggies) for 3 weeks and it went away. My anxiety and seasonal allergies also cleared up. I was starting to think I should get checked for asthma but that also went away. As long as I am vigilant with what I eat it stays away. If I start eating junk again it starts to return. It's a pain to have to monitor my eating so much but the reward is well worth it.
Another line of thought could be parasites. Allergies and inflammation can sometimes be brought on by parasites. I traveled abroad and picked up 5 different parasites and bacteria, which went undiagnosed for 14 years, so maybe that's what caused such bad allergies in me. Maybe the liver cleanse cleaned out the parasites and that's what did it.

I have no idea if that's always the root of the problem or just mine. I just know what helped me. Hope you can find something here that might be helpful to you as well."


  1. Good Morning Dear Lucy!
    I was doing SO well and then BAM! the pain returned. I was so discouraged because I really thought it was over. BUT...

    "I sought the Lord and He heard me, And delivered me from all my fears" (Psa. 34:4) That whole Psalm is wonderful! We will hold fast to our faith without waivering for He who promised is faithful. (Heb. 10:23)

    I just believe that I am supposed to stay in the Word and encourage you too! You are doing and have done so much to help others, the Lord wants you to know that He sees you and hears you and loves you.

    I have never done a cleansing and quite frankly hadn't really ever heard of all this. I too, never considered natural alternatives but I am now checking them out. How is it going for you?

    This stupid sensation in my throat is there much of the time that I am having pain. I still don't have a Dr. with all of this, the GP did EKG, rib xray, blood work and CT scan, then another GP sent me to a Gastro, then another for endoscopy, then they sent me to an orthopedic who did MRI and bone scan. Next week I try a rheumotolist (sp?). We'll see.

    So until then I will fix my eyes on Jesus and not the storm or the waves, which are the symptoms. They are real but they will not rule me!

  2. Jenni,

    I AM SOOOO sorry to hear you are in pain again. That breaks my heart....I am SO praying for you!!!

    Love the verses. Thanks so much for sharing! And thank you for the encouragement. It comes at a perfect time for me. So thank you!!

    As per the cleansing. I finished the colon cleanse. I could definately feel a difference. I so recomend it. The oxy powder was great for me. I didn't consider a cleanse at first either...but after a lot of prayer, I really feel this is where God is leading me. I don't want to pressure anyone else to do this as well. But after I felt called to try this, I found all these testemonies about how it helped them. Blew me away. As you can tell, last week I did post like every 5 seconds. haha. =)

    So I am on a short break from the cleanse to clear up a really bad UTI. Ouch Ouch. Ouch. Not my brightest week in any way. So I'm praying this clears up in the next few days and I'll be starting on the next part of the cleanse, the parasite cleanse, by Saturday. YAY! Aaaaan ewwwwww!!!

    Okay, this is soooo weird, but i went back in my journal to read all my symptoms that I went to my doctor about last year(what i call the 75 doctor tour)...after our previous conversation..and get this...on my list was "throat pain, closes up on left side when pain gets worse." I was like "WHAT?"....I so didn't remember that at all. I keep everything type A. lol. Anyway, I was sent to a GI as well...but I was not feeling the tube down the throat thing...Eek. Anyhoo....I read that a few months later, and after I changed my diet- I had no throat tightness or pain at all. (all organic, and no tomatoes or white potato baised food). Anyway, isn't that strange? I was so focused on the ribds, I totally forgot about that.

    That may not help you in any way. You may be a rock star eater and that may have not helped at all or have anything to do with your pain.... But I so hope it does so you can get some relief...

    How did the bone scan go? I've heard they can read infectious costo on a bone scan. Which is pretty cool. My bone scan showed nada...yet another reason I was told it was in my head. gag.

    Keep me posted!
    Hugs and prayers,

  3. Hello again!

    It is a much better day today for me and I hope also for you? How is the UTI? I hope completely gone and clear!

    I love the 11th chapter of Hebrews, all about faith and believing, even when we don't see it yet. "...for he who comes to God must believe the HE IS, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him."

    That is so cool about the confirmation God gave you about doing the cleanses! All the great testimonies! I have been told that the meaning of testimonies is, "do it again!" So when we hear about them we can say, "Do it again for me!" What does a cleanse involve? I assume it is a change in diet. Maybe fasting is involved?

    You can't know how excited I was to read about the throat thing! Not excited that you experienced it, but that I wasn't losing my mind and that it is very likely to be related to the costo. When I had those great days, no problem in the throat. Just in your recent postings did I find out about the diet change so I am trying it. Was doing it during that good time but then fudged and had a few fries! As far as how I eat? Yikes! I LOVE sugar. I love black teas. In the process of changing! Have never done organic before.

    My bone scan also showed nada. After all those tests I felt like I must be glowing. And not the good kind!


  4. Hi Jenni!

    Thanks for sharing about Hebrews. LOOOVE it! Pretty cool about the testimonies meaning "do it again!". I never thought of it that way. Also..LOOOVE it! =)

    So a cleanse involves doing several cleanses in the following order:

    Colon Cleanse (I used the oxypodwer)
    Week Off
    Parasite Cleanse
    Kidney Cleanse
    Liver Cleanse
    2 weeks off
    Liver Cleanse
    2 weeks off
    Liver Cleanse

    And through all of this, eating as organic as possible.

    Glad I could relate to the throat thing. Isn't that WILD that I had that written down a long time ago!?! Wild. Pretty cool. I'm so sorry you are having that symptom. gag. Not fun.

    Let me know if you end up doing a cleanse. No pressure from this end. I will definitely be posting my experiences so everyone can get a clear picture of what it's like.

    My UTI is better today. Thank you Lord!! So I plan on starting the parasite cleanse on Saturday or Sunday. It lasts 18 days...I'll post about it when I'm done for shizzle. is a gift that nothing showed on your bone scan. I know from time to time, I would wish they would find something so it would be fixable....but after "glowing" a ton as dice. lol. But in then's a gift they never find anything. I know it's frustrating, but none the less, a gift.

    Keep me posted on how your rheumy appt goes!


  5. Lucy - where are you ? Have not heard anything in a while !