Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Costochondritis- On a Bad Day

So what do you do, in bed, on days when your pain is really bad?

1) Pluck your fuzzy eyebrows- don't make them suffer for your pain
2) Shave your feet - no need for them to look like fuzzy sliipers
3) Watch the movie, Funny Girl, and swim in ice or heat
4) Text your bff and tell her what you had for a snack
5) Blog about Marathons
6) Watch Funny Girl again, this time in a comatose state
7) Wait for dog walkers (who have dogs that poop under your window and stink up your room) to come near your window.... and then proceed to bang on the window like a crazy person and duck.
8) Read blogs
9) Resist the urge to log back into facebook and stalk people
10) Watch exercise videos and critique them
11) Try on wigs and see what hair colors you should try in the future
12) Shop online for outfits you can wear sans-bra...then note that PJ's rule
13) Floss
14) Watch Funny Girl, with pain meds in your arms instead of fuzzy bear
15) Organize the medicine cabinet
16) Read Food labels
17) Once again, brainstorm about "at home" jobs
18) Read motivational quotes, that you put on the ceiling sans-pain.
19) Once again, E-mail someone explaining why you do not look sick.
20) Practice looking sick.
21) Read a self help book, realize you can't go outside to "help" yourself, and throw it away.


  1. Lol lucy, this post made me chuckle!!! My days been pretty similar.

    It's horrible when you can barely move without the extreme pain! I've been like this for around 5 days now! It's never been this bad for me!!

    Is there anyway I can have your email or facebook? I have no one else around me that seems to understand, even the doctors aren't very sympathetic. They think I'm fine doing my part time work (aswell as full time college) struggling around a bakery... It would be great if I would be able to have a better contact!

    This blog is keeping me sane!

    Thanks Lucy,

    Sophie :) x

  2. Lucy,
    It doesn't make it okay that you're in pain, but you have no idea how many of us check your blog daily and find SOMEONE who has inkling of how it feels to suffer without PROOF of pain. Your blogs are so full of truth, mixed with humor and wit, compassion,'s just such a life line for folks like Sophie above and for me and many others.
    I have been praying for you like crazy the past three days so I hope you feel it and know that God is prompting me. I am going to go meet with a special friend tomorrow for more prayer. It seems she heard that often this kind of thing happens to people after a trauma to the heart. I remember you said it came on after having your heart broken in a million pieces. Me, too. I'll let you know how it goes!
    In the meantime. put on that full armor, especially the breastplate of righteousness!
    You are loved and appreciated!

  3. SOPHIE-

    Hi sweet girl! Glad you had a chuckle. lol. =)

    I'm so sorry you have had such a rough week. =( I know it's really tough balancing your pain, school, work, and doctors appts. My heart really goes out to you. Thanks for sharing with me all of your comments. The "symptoms" post has been the popular place for everyone to hang out. lol!

    If it's cool with you, let's keep our conversations on the comment sections of my crazy blog. I'd looooove to be facebook friends with you, but I keep my facebook page deactivated (was having a hard time watching everyone else go on when i felt so stagnate- very mature- huh? lol. so I prayed about it and felt led to let go of things that allowed me to feel jealous of other people)... so e-mail would be the next option. But, this way, other people can read and learn from what we say, or just know that they aren't alone by reading our comments. Is that okay with you? But I'm more than happy and would love to write back and forth on here as often as you want. I so enjoy talking with you- but I hate the circumstance!! My heart aches for you!

    I just read your comment on the symptoms post. Wow...I'm so sorry you got had of those symptoms today in addition to the chest pain. Not fun. I soooo hope you don't have fibro. Eek.

    As far as the palpitations feelings. Yes, very normal. I had them tonight. Drove me batty. Mine usually happen at night, when I'm laying down, you? I know it's really scary and very strange feeling. You hang in there though, and really focus on your breathing when that happens.

    Keep me posted on how the flector goes for you. I wish I could give you a hug! You hang in there, you are not alone, kay? I'm here and I'm thankful to know you! And thank you for the complements about the blog- your have no idea what a gift that is to me!

    Keep me posted on your results on Friday!!

    Hi sister! You sweet soul! What a blessing! Thank you with all my heart for the prayers and encouragement. I really feel them, I do. I've really been praying for endurance and encouragement, so thank you thank you thank you! I'm praying for you every night as well. For your healing, your direction, and your discernment as you find the cause of all of this.

    Keep me posted on how the meeting goes with your friend? I totally believe a heart breaking can ignite this craziness. Makes me want to hunt down the guy and slap him! lol...haha...

    So you had your heart broken as all this began? That makes me so sad. -(

    And I will put on the armor of righteousness! Love it! Do you have the gift of faith? You talk like someone who has that gift. In my head, you have it. =) I was reading in 1 Cor. tonight, so it made me think of you,


  4. PS- Sophie, getting to talk you guys keeps me sane too- lol. =)

  5. I've always loved your blog, but I just wanted to say I also loved reading your comments as well. You have a big heart Lucy as well as a wicked sense of humour. You're one top chick :)

    PS: I find chocolate in bed a great salve on those days. You feel kinda naughty but it also feels so good.

  6. Hey lucy,

    Thanks for the lovely response! Staying in the blog is probably best! The dead sensation in my legs and arms is getting better.. slowly (but surely)! I'm still getting the light headiness pretty bad! As for the Dicloflex (50 mg, aka oral version of flector patches) they have been working really well.. take the edge off the pain! I think for me what makes it worse is when I panic and get myself worked up. I could do with some therapy haha! It's worse aswell because i could be losing my part time job. They aren't happy with my sickness. :(

    I can't wait to get my results tomorrow! I just want to know for sure what's going on!

    OOO and.. Tomorrow I will be starting day 1 of a gluten free diet. (For anyone in the UK Sainsbury's do a good selection of gluten free products, It's just a shame that gluten free products in the UK are alot more expensive. (Is it an expensive diet in the US too?)

    Sophie :) x

  7. Hi Sophie. Gluten free is ridiculously dear here in Aus too.

  8. To my favorite screen name ever -

    Thank you, Rusty Hoe!!! Really...thank you. Very sweet. Don't know if it's my period or you being super nice. But my hormones said cry and I cried. lol. I'm a mess. =)haha! But they were tears in your honor!


    Hey sweet girl, I'm glad the heavy leg sensations are subsiding. Sounds terrible. I'm glad the Dicloflex is helping you a bit as well.

    And you are right, panic is always a catalyst to more pain with costo. I know how you feel. It's a dirty skanky cycle!

    As per the therapy- lol- I've had 3 therapists!!!....since none of them healed me, I started this blog. -) haha- I have issues. lol. No, for real though- I dig me some therapy. =)

    Switching gears-You may lose your job? Oh Sophie...I'm so sorry. =( Not cool at all. Please please know that I'm praying for you.

    So let me know your results when you get them. I'm so curious! I'm still waiting on my blood results. The lab let me know that I won't know until next Tuesday. Bummer- but I'm thankful we can at least get these tests done.

    So you're doing the gluten free?!?! You GO GIRL!!! And yes, they are more expensive here in the US as well- gag. One plus is that if you have a celiac diagnoses, you can get tax cuts for the expensive gluten free foods). So I'm pulling for the disease diagnoses! lol.

    This is the best site I've found for items that contain gluten (to avoid)...


  9. PS- All of you ladies rock my world. Seriously- I dig you gals. You rule.

  10. Hey Again!! :)

    I still can't believe the price of gluten free food!! It's irritating! (I wonder if they offer the tax cut here! I'm gonna look into it for sure!)
    And omg Lucy, that list of unsafe gluten free food!!! Is there anything we can eat? LOL!
    I'm gonna find this hard, but i'll let you know how the diets gone after a week! If it proves to be helpful i'm going to keep with it! (and recommend it)

    I got my results back about an hour ago. Everything is apparently fine!! (Which keeps me wondering how something so painful can have no accurate or easy diagnosis!)
    They picked a slight abnormality on my liver, but she says it won't be related to the pain I'm feeling. And that she wants me to have another blood test in May/June time; To see if it goes away etc! (She also said it's nothing to worry about) I'm also having an ECG next week just as a matter of precaution the doctor has to take, (as well as to ease my mind, she's adamant that she doesn't want me on anxiety pills!)

    The dead legs thing keeps escalating and then going away. I think it could be due to the severe tiredness! I'm not sleeping very well atm, as none of us are!! (I just can't be thankful enough to my fiance, who gives me back massage after back massage at god knows what time in the morning to help with the spreading pain on my back and neck)

    I've booked a full body massage tonight, so I'll let you know how helpful with the pain that is as well! I'm looking forward to it, just not looking forward to the laying on my front!

    I just wish to God that this condition became more recognized, it's not fair that we should suffer like this, when it effects so many aspects of our lives. Someone should release a good book on the condition. I know I'd buy it!! haha

    Well, sorry for the everlong comment!!
    Thanks again for this amazing site! :) And I hope to God that your results are all ok! And you get the answers you are looking for!

    Sophie :) xx

  11. PS - I enjoyed my gluten free coco cereal this morning! lol!


  12. PS - OMG... gluten free bread is not right!!!!! How can we be forced into this only option for a sandwich!!

  13. Sophie,

    way to go trying the GF! I know, it's crazy how many foods have gluten in them. AHHH!!

    That's great that your blood work came back clear! Very good news. And your doctor sounds cool- the fact that she doesn't want you on anxiety meds. Good stuff.

    Your engaged?! Congrats!! I was engaged and married in the middle of all of this as well. So I totally know how difficult it is.

    Let me know how the massage goes! Okay, hope I don't sound too pushy here -but just a thought- lay on your side as she does your massage, then switch to the other side. Laying on the stomach is a killer. I've tried it a few times and was in bed for days. So now I do it either in a chair or laying on my side. Okay, I'm done being pushy. =) I can't help it. I think something and it comes out of my mouth. =)

    And no worries about long comments, I love chatting!!

    And thanks for the support, I can't wait to get my results back either- so ready. So over this condition. lol.


  14. Thanks, Lucy. Were you looking at my Ethereal photo blog, or my In The Sand? Ethereal is a joint effort by me and my sister, born on the same day--otherwise known as a twin. :) I've been photography as a hobby for years, and she recently took it up and far surpassed me. That's ok. I like to think I taught her, and then she went out and learned more.

    As far as the fast, I'll definitely let you know. You know, yesterday was my second pain free day in a year--the first was after a chiropractor about a month ago (but the pain came back). Yesterday's pain free day was after the first day of fasting from sugar and carbohydrates. I am somewhat convinced about this Candida theory (for my own situation at least) because I've struggled with a fungal thing on my left foot-yuk. It's really not as gross as one would think, but it's still embarrassing to admit! And here I tell the whole world...

    Anyway, I was off sugar and carbs for a day (which is a lot because I eat a lot of both daily) and then I came back on to 'em last night--decided to break my fast until after my Oscars party; what fun is an Oscars party if your food intake is highly restricted?! Today, my pain was back with a vengeance. Had me in tears--and that's rare. So, you know, I've heard that if you have high Candida in your body, and go off sugar, and then back on before it's completely gone, it's a hay-day. Just wanted to share.

    But, after the Oscars, I'll give this a try. And I'll let you know. And maybe we'll correspond in the meantime...

    Take good care. You are in my prayers too. Thanks for praying for all these strangers. You know, I used to be a prayer warrior. After my Dad died three years ago, prayer died down to nothing. Not sure why. That's a whole nother blog. :) But recently, I pray again. And it's really great to pray for another human being, even if a stranger, or a not-so-stranger that you can meet blogging...and even unknown names out there who carry the title: "Dealing-with-Costo!" So, you're in my prayers! Three years and 4 months! I can't imagine.

    PS. I just saw my friend last night who is a newly 'crowned' orthopedic surgeon that I've not seen since he finished his fellowship. His first thought when I told him of my condition was to do surgery and have the cartilage removed! In fact, that was his first, middle and last thought. So one-track-minded, those surgeons. :)



  16. CATHY-

    HAHA!!!!! Girl, that made me laugh. I know you love a good giggle just as much as I do. =)



    I was looking at your In the Sand photos- BEAUTIFUL!! And the jewelry in the Ooh la la is just cool!

    Thank you so much for the prayers. It means sooooooo much to me. Girl, you are now so on my prayer list too. =)

    Wow...your Dad passed away? Thanks for sharing all of that with me. Let me tell you this. Your prayer life may have been quiet after such a heart break, but you know the Lord and His heart, I can see that. I can tell from your other comments that you are boldly stepping back into conversation with Him. And that takes a lot of courage and heart. Rock on! Love it!

    Before I started this blog, I wasn't praying either, talk about a drought. whew! I had so much noise, anger, pain and frustration in my heart from the whole costo situation and leaving NYC. Thankfully though, God's very patient with this stubborn booty head. lol.

    And I must say that I am jealous that you have a twin sister. =) I have older brothers. And I loooove them. But when i got to college, I learned that normal girls did not know how to hunt, fish, and clean a dear. lol. Now I'm SOOOO girly. making up for lost time!!!!! I even scream when i see bugs. -)

    So I'm really really really happy that you had a pain free day and GAG that today was so bad. That really breaks my heart. I know how you feel and it's HORRIBLE!

    Keep me posted on when you fast (after the Oscars-lol). Sounds like you are really putting some pieces together about your costo /candida /and what you are eating etc. That's awesome! As far as your foot- nope- not gross to me...talking to a girl who can clean dear guts. HAHA!

    I'm headed to comment on your other comments- love em!


  17. Hey Lucy,

    The massage was amazing, sooo relaxing!! Only downside is that it only helped the pain temporarily.. Last night the pain was even worse, but that's probably from not getting your advice in time and laying on my stomach haha! :(

    My pains never lasted this long, and i'm getting to the 'fed up' stage now! I just want it to go already!!!!
    I absolutely hate the waking up every hour or so!! its a killer!

    Does anyone else get the dead legs when they get in the bath? I don't know what it is but I've been experiencing it the last couple days, I think it may be due to the inflammation in the ribs crushing a nerve or something... I don't know but the dead legs and arms thing is getting on my nerves!!!!

    And noo you aren't pushy at all, i would have taken the advice if i'd read it in time ahaa!! But that's not your fault!! :)

    Soph x :)

  18. PS - How effective has everyone found going gluten free? Is it helping them?


  19. Fuck that costo make my gym life hard and I cant do some exercises because of this shit costo !

    BTW I take this costo shit from dips exersice !!!

  20. Ha! Ha! The above post is my sentiment exactly but as a children's minister just couldn't word it that way!
    Okay, so much! Angela is another one with a broken heart connection AND I didn't know about the yeast connection! TMI but I have a yeast infection right now!
    Sophie, my CT scan also showed a slight abnormality on the liver that they said was nothing - a small cyst that they say most of us have. But not to add anxiety as EVERY test in the world has ruled out the scary life threatening stuff.
    I just can't face pain AND no sugar. I guess I should try it.
    But I believe that God wants to comfort us and bring us closer and I am continuing to seek His healing touch for all of us.
    (Didn't meet my friend for prayer yet, but will on Monday)BTW is there a way to know when people have commented on past posts without going through them?

  21. Yo sup me again :))

    Check this out what I found I gonna buy it next week.

    I will post the rezults, after 2 weeks when supplement is done, I will take 2 tablespoon dayli.

    Sorry for my bad enflish. :))

  22. Ohh I apologiaze for my message when i injury Ms.Jenni. :)

    But today was a tight day with costo and I was little angry, sorry again for my injury post.

    See you in 2 weeks after my Flex mobility supplemt will be done and I hope pain degresee or gone why not.

  23. Ha Ha! No worries! I am not insulted or injured (except for my chest!!)
    Good luck on those supplements!

  24. Haha! :) Has anyone else had any success with any supplements. I'm a bit hesitant to try them. I suppose it would be ok from my local health store! I will have to go and investigate :)

    JENNI- Yeah my doctor said something about enzyme levels or something in my liver were slightly higher than normal! I hope it's ok. It can't be that serious Otherwise she'd want me to have further tests done sooner! wouldn't she? I hope we get help from somewhere, I just can't stand this pain for much longer!! It's frustrating me!
    Do you find that you go dizzy a lot? or get dead limbs? :)

    Sophie x

  25. Hehe, I preffer extract supplements like Flex Mobility because is best of the best I find in my research for costo treat and trust me I do alooooot of research.

    Flex Mobility from NOW FOODS can manage COX and LOX enzymes, more here:

    Also omega 3 fatty acid have strong anti-inflamatory effect and GLA( Linolenic acid ) another fatty acid with strong anto-inflamatory effect you can find it in coconut oil.

    All supplemts I tell here its natural without any side effects, personaly I stay away from treat my costo with cortisol steroids, or non-steroiid anti-inflamatory, this kinda of drugs hurt us, I hope I help you. :)

    I keep research and post here in future.

    BTW my name is Sorin and a em from Romania. :)

  26. Wow! We are so international! Very cool.
    Sophie, I used have more symptoms when I was full of fear. I used to have a terrible lump in my throat and found out that it was a real physiological symptom of anxiety. When I began to relax that I wasn't full of cancer or some life threatening illness the anxiety symptoms left. I still sometimes wake up in the night and obsess about WHAT THE HECK IS THIS FREAKING THING!!!
    My husband researched some for me and he says that tingling can be a celiac symptom.
    Also when the pain is bad it goes up the sides of my throat and I am constantly feeling like I have to clear my throat (maybe from stress of discomfort??!)
    Oh well. We have to keep on keeping on.

  27. Okay, so I stepped away from the computer and there was like a total party in the comment section and I missed it! lol. =) Love it!

    SOPHIE- Glad the massage was relaxing- bummer that is caused you more pain. I hate that!! Ugg! Thanks for the affirmation that I'm not too pushy- lol. haha.

    okay, so as far as the legs experience with the legs was tinging pain down my legs and in my feet. And sometimes my hands- mostly my left- has been half numb before. A lot. This is has let up a lot the past few months. When it was the worst was when I was trying a Mediterranean diet this summer- since I read it was a great anti-inflamm. diet. So...if I have celiac, this makes sense as to why it was so bad- hence all the gluten in the diet. If i don't have celiac, I have no freaking clue- lol.

    So I do relate in a way. My hand would feel numb and heavy, but my legs would feel like pins and needles- even into my feet. So that's my experience with those symptoms. yuck.

    As per the gluten question- I'm just coming up on my 3 week mark and I for sure have noticed that my pain has let up a bit. My stabbing attacks have really subsided- which is really exciting. My goal is to give the gluten free things a minimum of 6 weeks- but will probably try at least 3 months. I'm also staying away from dairy, potatoes, tomatoes, and oils. Translation: I'm hungry.

    Hang in there Sophie, I know how frustrating it is!! And add on not much sleep and it really really sucks. =( Hang in there!!! I think Jenni's advice is really key- anxiety can exasperate the costo in so many ways.

    To SORIN,

    Hello very verbal friend. -) lol. Thanks for sharing all of that. And please do keep us posted on how you do! I so appreciate you sharing! Look forward to hearing your result.

    That was all really funny with Sorin. lol.

    Glad you're getting to be meet with your friend soon. I'm so sorry you have a yeast infection. On this blog- nothing is TMI- lol! If if makes you feel better, I keep having to recover from bladder infections. GROOOOOOOOS!!! haha. D-mannose and Cranactin are my best friends.

    As far as the comment question and how to get the new comments- that's a really good one. Okay...just figured it out. I'm so proud myself -HAHA!!! Okay, it will take some time in the beginning. But if you go to the comment section of each post (or the ones with lots of traffic)- and look in the bottom right of where you can post a new comment, you will see in pink "subscribe by e-mail" and if you click on it- every time someone comments- you will get an e-mail. And you can unsubscribe really easily as well. that's wild that your hubby researched and found that the celiac is associated with tingling. I have NEVER thought of that...just looked it up and was really shocked. Holla!! ...I just thought I was having nerve issues....

    Oh the drama of this jacked up condition!!
    Hugs to everyone! Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts...yes, even the ummm (cough) vibrant ones. lol.


  28. Hey guys,
    Thanks for all the advice etc!! Sure puts my mind at ease!

    Haha, I love this blog! :)

    Lucy - It started with the pains in my Hand/Arm on one side, and then it went to the other side, and then it got worse and went to my legs! So who knows what's going on!! The legs are definately getting better, I woke up this morning and they weren't as bad. I find trying to sleep a little less vertical help haha! It helped me at first laying up on a million cushions (half of them the fiance's lol!! bless him... he'll hate this soon!!) , but I've found it helps with the numbness when I sleep more flat on my back!! Just thought I'd share that :) OO and is there any chance you can make that new post where we can share what makes our costo worse? Please :) Thanks!!

    Jenni - Thanks for the reassurance that it's not just me that obsesses over this condition, I wake up sometimes with the same feeling. Because it's really been affecting my strength aswell lately! I'm really weak (i'm guessing thats all from the lack of sleep)

    Sorin- I think your verbalness is great haha!! :)

    PS - I will be subscribing for the emails!! woo :)

    Thanks everyone :),
    Sophie x

  29. LOL, lucy, forget that last part of my comment to you,

    You're way ahead of me!! Thank you :D


  30. Sophie,

    Glad the numbness is getting a bit better!! Sleeping on the back is so the way to go, with that and a stuffed animal. lol. My hubby hates that I snuggle with my bear every night-competition. But we were a package deal. haha!

    PS- to anyone wanting to get all the comment updates, I wish I knew how to get it to where you could subscribe and get all the comment updates on all the posts- but alas, I'm not that savvy- lol. So you can go to each post that you want to get updated comments on and click on the "subscribe by e-mail."

    Hugs to all you crazy cats! You guys rock!

  31. Oh boy...laughed at that first one - plucking my eyebrows is one of my FAVE things to do in bed! I don't know why i bother, since I only leave the house about once every ten days...but, it makes a difference to me.

    Great blog - sorry to hear about all those symptoms you have.
    Em :)

  32. At least on that tenth day, you look GOOOOOOD!!! haha! Thanks for laughing with me. =)

  33. Hi Luce. I feel like I can call you Luce. :)

    Was praying one of those rare prayers yesterday on the way home from work. Praying for you, praying for me, praying for all the men and women, boys and girls with costo. Crying, praying, crying, crying out, and more crying.

    Hoping you are well. Or 'weller.' ;)

    Wondering, do you have a Whole Foods you can get to? Or something comparable?

    Also, was wondering if you ever had stiff neck pain associated with costo? That's something that came on a couple months ago and never went away, until as of real lately. Wonder if it's associated, or I just slept wrong. I've woken up with kinks in my neck before, but none that ever lasted two months!

    Feeling very tired. But wanted to say hello, and you're in my prayers still.

  34. giggle.

    Angela, you can call me Luce! haha!

    I don't have a whole foods. Oh how I miss you, whole foods!! But i have a natural store with all kinds of good stuff. You have something in mind that you want to share about the place where foods are whole?


    Ah yes, the stiff neck. That's a HUGE YES on this end! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! The right side of my neck and upper shoulder KILL. Feels like cement. I do notice that it gets worse when i eat certain foods, which is the name of the game with me lately. haha.

    Just throwing this out there, but for me, i found my neck and back started getting worse the more I was resting and trying to "protect" my ribs, ya know? Hence the hunching over a lot. How's your posture doing? My massage chick has really helped with this. I'm so sorry you are having this pain as well. I know that pain on top of the costo pain is really rough. It always sends me over the edge. lol.

    Thanks for sharing where you were yesterday and thank you for praying for me. That means so much to me. You are so on my prayer list as well. The Lord is hearing your plea, sister! Sending a gentle hug your way. Thanks for saying hi. =)


  35. Yes, I do want to tell you about Candex by Pure and Pearls Active Cultures. I strongly believe(d) that I had candida overload in my body, so I went to Whole Foods to ask for a probiotic that would make it past my stomach into the intestines. Research was telling me the candida was in my intestines. I'd been taking Neem, but I think that wasn't making past my stomach.

    So, I found that long lasting probiotic (Pearls). And the dear, sweet, little woman that was helping me told me about Candex. She said, "yeasts and fungi can flourish as long as their cell walls remain intact." Actually, it says that exact thing right on the bottle too. :) I think they should change the wording from 'flourish' to 'survive' or 'kick butt.' Flourish is too pretty of a word to give to candida and yucko yeast! In fact, I refuse to give candida and costo capital letters. They are not proper enough in my book, and do not have my respect enough to give them capital letters. I purposefully type that small caps 'c' with extra oomph as if to say, "costo, you're not in charge here. I am! And you're on your way out!" How do you like them apples?

    Anyway, I was a half skeptical and half excited beyond belief, before I even took my first pill. Skeptical because I've gotten excited before and had my hopes dashed. But excited because I know that I know that I know that too much fungus lived in my body. And the more I read, the more I learned that too much fungus among us can wreak havoc in soooooooooo many ways.

    So....I'm on pill four, just after two days of it, and I felt a slow and steady change (erase of symptoms) (And you know, slow and steady wins the race). Can't rely on these quick fixes any more.

    PS. I'm almost sure I have slight scoliosis, too.

    Anyway, I say that because, I'm not sure how similar we are in reasons for costo, but I am pretty sure two of three are the same. Lifting/strain on the cartilage, and scoliosis. But I'm trying to rack my brain as to why if I've had scoli for some time, I haven't had costo for equally long. And if I've lifted a thousand heavy things in my life (and I have!), why I didn't get costo sooner. The only connection I have is that when my lovely little fungal infection met my feet, and then introduced itself to my hands, and then to my blood and my colon, only then I was put into this arranged marriage with costo by my adoptive parents candida and fungi. Well, I don't believe in divorce, unless there's abuse. And costo has abused me! So I'm getting out.

    And by the way, my fingers (along the nail bed) look the prettiest I've seen them in two years. And my feet, soft for the first time.

    Don't know if you've gone down that candida cause route, but it's worth try. I'm also noticing things go away that I didn't know I had: bloating of entire abdomen. I feel like I've lost weight--bad weight. It might not even be weight, but bloating that went away. I look thinner. In fact, in the past four months, I was really starting to wonder why I was gaining weight. Have never gained weight like that in all my years.

    And this is for everyone reading. I hope it might be the key to someone else, to everyone else.

    No false hope here, just a possibility...

    Have a good day, Luce. :)

  36. Angela,

    Wow. What GREAT information! First, may I celebrate with you that some of your symptoms are subsiding!!!!!!!!!!! I'm doing a little head shake and an 80's jig in celebration....ok, I'm done. it was a good one.

    I think that's WONDERFUL information. Thank you for sharing all of that. I've been told I have an overgrowth of candida as well. blah. So this is great stuff. My way of hitting the candida route was the cleansing, and while that had some great benefits, I still have the crappy costo and the candida- ha! and Gag. So this is good info.!

    Would you mind if I quote you and post what you wrote here in a candida blog post?

    That's really fascinating about the fungus and candida connection. And may I say BRAVO to you for digging, digging, digging!! I love it!

    Anyhoo, thanks for sharing all of that, great stuff. I will check out the Candex this week at my lil' health food store.

    I know how you feel about the false hope...I'm always tentative as well to share things that seem to help a bit. But I really think you are on to something with your case and many others who read this.

    And for that, Rock on and HOlla!!!!!


  37. Please do share! I wouldn't mind at all. Feeling even better now than when I wrote this. Keeping my fingers crossed, and I will keep you posted!