Sunday, May 9, 2010

Costochondritis- Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing mom's out there. I pray you feel as loved as you are. I LOVED getting to be with my mom today. She ROCKS! Here's a pic of my grandmother, hubby, and 2 of my nieces and nephews. So precious.

I'm not writing a ton these days, but I think about you all so often! I feel like I'm in an awkward place in my little Costochondritis blog, love you bloggy! I want those seeking healing, both now and in the future, to be able to come here and read posts all about Costo, not all about my Celiac journey. Don't get me wrong, I'm SO thankful to know why I'm having this pain, but I also know that my journey isn't everyone esle's. So I feel like maybe this isn't the place to chatty chat chat about my Celiac. I want it to stay focused on Costo. Yet I don't want to close out the blog until my Costo. pain is completely gone. I want to finish what I started. Can we say, OCD?

As for me, I'm seeing a dietitian who deals with Celiac later this week. Looking forward to this. Going to have tons of vitamin/mineral levels tested, and then will be meeting with him to get everything balanced out. Double yay for that. Other than that, I'm rocking out a very minimal diet and taking one day at a time, but hey, whatever it takes to feel better is on the menu for me. Working really hard to figure this whole puzzle out. I want to shout from the roof tops when I buy my ticket back to NYC.

Blessings to all of you mothers who are living with chronic illnesses. My heart goes out to you, you are all beautiful heroes to me.



  1. I get the OCD thing. I've been having a blogging crisis myself. The place I was in when I started is very different to where I am now. I don't want to be doom and gloom and I don't want to be just the chick with a chronic illness. I look at many other health blogs and they are full of heartfelt epiphanies and a life focused on illness. I feel like I've missed the information session on how my blog should be written. It's not like my heath doesn't rule my life cause it pretty much does, but I think I'm at the point of needing a trial separation, at least mentally. Should I stick with it just being about Bob and create another blog for my other stuff or should I just put it all on one and look kinda schizophrenic? My last few posts have nothing to do with being ill so if someone rocked up to say hi they'd wonder whether they had gone to the wrong blog. As you can tell from my ramblings I'm a little confused by where I am in the blogging realm. Maybe I need some blogging therapy.

    Well enough about me. I hope the dietician can steer you in the right direction foodwise and give you even more relief. Don't forget you have to show me Broadway one day, from behind the scenes of course because you'll be staring. :)

    I think whatever you write it will be wonderful as you always put your true heart into it. Your writing and vlogs are genuine, warm and welcoming. You'll find your path, I have no doubt.

  2. Rusty, said it WAY better than I ever could! Everything you said is exactly how I feel. Like you, I am in a different place as well...and do you keep writing and keep with the original topic? Or write about the other things on your mind and be all bi-polar blog chick? Or start a new blog? All great questions! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I need blogging therapy too!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

    Thank you so much for all your support! And yes, when I hit will be given front row tickets. =) For shizzle and always!

    Many hugs,

  3. One person's opinion...instead of a new blog: You state this is where the journey has taken me now......and because costo and all it's symptoms are still alive and well you state how you are doing in that area too as is needed for clarification. This advise would be for Rusty also, just substitute costo for bob.

    Food intolerance test results are in:
    My test results are in and let me say right away, this is going to be a real change, in my life and every one who loves me or tries to eat with me.
    Foods are tested on a scale of 4 – 1 which are recommended to avoid. 4’s being the highest reaction.
    All foods that are between 1-0 should be limited.

    Cows milk 4
    Beef 3
    Yeast 3
    Egg White 2
    Egg Yolk 2
    Lamb 2
    Cola Nut 1
    Gluten (Gliadin) 1
    Lime 1
    Millet 1
    Wheat 1
    Close to one’s
    Corn (Maze)
    This week I am praying, reading labels, looking for new recipes, and trying new things.
    Thank you for your prayers and support.
    Love, Mychelle

  4. Dearest Mychelle,

    Thank you for your honest opinion about my little blog- I do so appreciate it! =) Very kind to offer your view on the topic.

    As per your results. WOW! I so feel for you, everything you have numbered, I'm avoiding as well. I'm sure it was tough and overwhelming to get all of this information! I will for sure keep you in my prayers tonight as you are having to change your whole diet and life style. You have my support anytime you need it.

    I know how tough and life changing it is! But at the same time, SOOOOO worth it if you will start to feel better. Major stars to you for digging, digging, digging...I know you are so ready to feel good. Please keep me posted on it?

    Thank you SO much for sharing your results with me, I was so curious!!
    Many hugs,

  5. Natural Herbs for Costochondritis may help reduce your costochondritis-related pain and inflammation. Talk about the efficacy and safety of herbs with your doctor before using these substances.

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