Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Costochondritis - Healing & Medicine

Healing works different for everyone. So here are a list of remedies that I've compiled from my own experiences. Use your own judgement with your doctor to see what works best for you!!

I've graded them from 1-10 from my own experience.

1 = Didn't work at ALL for me
10 = A total gift of healing, it works great!!
# = Haven't tried it yet

  • (4 ) Anti-Inflamms - took the edge off, no healing, long term- not a good idea, bad for stomach
  • (1) Costosteroid Injections- I did 8 injections, none of them worked, weakens cartliage. However, if you have a mild case, this has worked great for many Costo Sufferers.
  • (4) Muscle Relaxers with Anti-Inflamms. - this can take the edge off, but alas, the pain will come back in the morning.
  • (2) Lyrica worked for me on my toughest days, but it had side effects that didn't work for me, some people find this works well. Short term relief.
  • (6) Flector Patch- This is an anti-inflammatory patch that you can cut into pieces and it will stick directly to your most painful areas on the skin. This patch is great when the pain goes above a 4 on the pain scale. I keep these in stock no matter where I go. After an hour of application, the pain comes down a bit for about 8 hours...thus making the relief temporary.
  • Other pain meds...I personally chose not to take them, they made me really loopy and I knew the minute they wore off...the pain would return.
  • Let me know if you have something to add to the blog and I will....let's heal!


  1. I went to the hospital with chest pain almost two months ago and it turned out to be costochronditis. I have tried extreme pain relievers such as morphine, lortabs, percoset, etc. and there was no relief. I became more relaxed but the pain didn't change. Driving is impossible for me, since I have no power steering and it is a stick. Breathing still hurts, and laying around just makes me ache more. I have taken anti-inflammatorys and my stomach gets bad. What do I do? I have heard that this can last for years. I really can't have that!!

  2. I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. I know exactly where you've been. It's overwhelming to think this could last for years like mine has. So I totally get that.

    Are you walking daily? Doing skilled relaxation techniques? How did you get your Costo?

    I really had to drastically change my life to get the pain to come down. Very hard and sad, but worth it. I know we can't all change our lives drastically. But I encourage others to write down 10 things they could change to keep their costo from being irritated...the little things really add up. Such as: put the milk in a pump bottle so you dont pick it up etc...use lighter towels...have someone else vacuum etc...I will be praying for you. You are not alone in any way.

    Hugs and Hope to you,

  3. PS- also read this blog top to bottom to see if you find any tips...

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  5. I notice that when my stomach gets worse, like more gas or discomfort the pain is more, what I did was eating a healthier diet, I am pretty healthy already but I suffer from IBS and that made everything worse, I could feel how sometimes the pain was horrible and a gas was causing it. I also started to sit less in the computer, I tried to stretch the area even though it would hurt at times more, but eventually the doc said it would go away... and also have been taking alternative medicine which I believe in sooo much, and i have been better I most say, Im also taking macrobiotics to make the gas less and make my stomach better. I stop drinking coffee, and everything together has helped me a lot..I dont know why of the relation between stomach and Cost. is but it has one..but I most say no matter what it is hard, pain will come back ones in a while. I am going back to my alternative doctor in 2 weeks and I will let you know what they say, I am determine to cure my self because I cant live like this anymore, it is not fun for me or for people around me. Feels like I have bronchial problems or something but I dont!!! I get scared a lot about my heart, even though I had a lot of tests done. Anyway, you dont know how happy and relieved I felt when I read your blog for the first time, I know I am not alone, and I know that I can find help and also share what works for me too. Thanks!

  6. Astrid-

    I've noticed the exact same symptoms with my stomach and costo...which is why I'm doing all the cleanses and eating organic- etc. good stuff.

    I'm so happy for you that you are in tune with your body. You will heal up!! You hang there and keep plugging along!

    Keep me posted on how your alternative medicine appt. goes! I'm a huge fan of alternative healing as well.

    Glad you found the blog as well. I know it's so easy for all of us to feel alone- glad we can ban together and heal!!


  7. I'm so glad I found this site.I'd never heard of costo until today linking from an article in Daily Mail.I have been sure I was having angina attacks(as I had a heart attack 2yrs ago)but gtn spray has no effect.Was taken into ccu last March but all tests showed negative for heart damage.As I won't take conventional meds "they" don't want to know really. However I have found that Magnesium Oil,Google it, can relieve the pain when applied to all the areas that hurt.
    I've learned a lot today from all the contributors and am so grateful to you for providing an answer for my pain other than cardiac problems. Thank you all.

  8. Julia,

    I'm so sorry I missed this comment earlier!! Please forgive me! Just saw it today.

    Thanks for the positive feedback about the blog- I really appreciate it so much!

    That's great that you found the mag. can relieve the pain for you a little. You had a heart attack? Wow...that's really scary. I'm so thankful that your not having heart problems. I imagine that it's been a scary road after that...and now costo. You hang in there and keep digging! I'm sure you will.

    Hugs to you! Thanks for sharing your story, I'm always here to chat or listen,

  9. MANY of the doctors I have been to have tried putting me on nerve blockers and anti-convulsive meds. I haven't seen anyone mention these here. For me, I had such terrible side effects (with Lyrica, too) that I couldn't take them long enough to see if they helped. Some doctors think I'm "just depressed" (ie hypochondriac) and need to be on anti-depressants. This makes me madder than hell, and increases my stress level making my pain worse, of course. It seems if they can't find or fix it - it can't be so.

  10. You are so right, the side effects are terrible on Lyrica. I kept getting offered anti-depressants too- AHHH!Drove me BONKERS.

  11. I've now had constant mild-moderate pain for 3 months and throughout this time I've had a lot of success with Klonopin. It completely eliminates any anxiety & stress, it helps me sleep, and it has muscle relaxant properties. Of course this medicine and others in its class have the potential for abuse & addiction, and it sedates me too much to be able to use at work or anytime I need to drive, but it has been the most effective thing I've used thus far when the pain spikes.

  12. Wish there was something specific that worked for sure. Seems like now of days there would be?

    The best thing for me is resting a lot and using ice packs. Medicine doesnt seem to do much.