Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Costochondritis- Healing Naturally

I believe there is a place for both eastern and western medicine in our lives. I'm thankful for both. The following are the natural remedies I've tried...remember to you use your own best judgment with your doctor! Here we go!

Last Updated: January 19,2010

I've graded them from 1-10 from my own experience.

1 = Didn't work at ALL for me
10 = A total gift of healing, it works great!!
# = Haven't tried it yet
@= Trying it now, the jury is still out

  • (4) Apple Cider Vinegar and honey- Been on it a week, and will stay on it. Helps with inflammation. CLICK HERE for more information on it.
  • (5) Skilled Relaxation: Some people have really raved about it. It's your call. You can read more about it HERE. I just started doing this 2X a day for 20 minutes each time (on day 6 of it) and can tell a difference in my pain. I would definitely put it in your routine 2X a day for a month before you dismiss this remedy. It's the cheapest and easiest to do!
  • (5) Aerobic Exercise- I'm trying it now...check out my post on it.
  • (@) Serrapeptase - This is an enzyme that eats inflammation. I have been told by other Costo sufferers that this healed them...so I'm on week one of it.
  • (4) The Sauna - I'm trying it now, check out my post on it, good stuff.
  • (4) DMSO Cream- This cream starts to work about 30 min after application. I really was impressed by it...however after a few months, it bleached my skin. Eek!
  • (@) Noni Juice- I haven't tried it. Let me know if you do.
  • (@) Colon, Liver, and Parasite Cleanse- I've heard from a few people with Costo that after round 1 of a cleanse, they started to feel better b/c it addressed the inflammation in other parts of the body- possible the origin of the inflammation. I'm trying out this process right now...
  • (1) Physical Therapy - I personally found that PT was more painful for me (used 3 different PT's over a year and half). However, I do believe there are some very talented therapists out there who may be knowledgeable and wonderful with this condition. I may try it again with someone new after the pain subsides.
  • (5) Light Stretching- It's natural to want to curl up in a ball when the pain gets worse. But light stretching is really important. Don't allow that rib cage to become concave. Really keep the posture up. Lightly stretching the entire body after a light walk is really important. The best stretch I have is standing in a door way, putting my hands on either side of the door way and stepping through the door to stretch the rib cage. First do the exercise with your hands up really high. Next, do the exercise with your hands at shoulder length. And relax and breathe as you do it.
  • (3) Fish Oil - I think fish oil is great for a light case of Costo and helps reduce inflammation, a great addition to your daily nutrition. Good stuff.
  • (@) Rolfing- I haven't tried this...let me know if you do. From what I understand, it can provide temporary relief.
  • (4) Alexander Technique- This is a relaxation technique that seems to be a great tool. The more you can relax the rib cage, the better.
  • (3) Getting lots of sleep so your body can recover is very important...here are some tips.
  • (1) Exercise and weight lifting- It's different for everyone. Some people hurt worse if they are inactive....being a sitting position for long periods of time, like driving, can increase the pain. For me...I can't sit for long periods of time. However, I can't do any exercise besides a walk. No lifting at all. Anything more strenuous increases my pain. However, an hour walk daily helps me physically and emotionally. I used to exercise harder and was like "it's never going to go away, so I might as well be fit." Now, I believe that wasn't a smart choice at ALL! Now I'm committed to doing whatever it takes to get well....time to listen to our bodies.
  • (@) Maintaining...so this is a regimen a very kind woman shared with us. She was healed from Costo and is maintaining her healing....check out her story...
  • (@) Japanese Acupuncture- Heard this has been a great deal of help for some people, but not long lasting.
  • (#) Acupuncture - I have not had it on my ribs, but I did 3 months on my back and saw no difference, I will try on my ribs in the near future. I have heard mixed reviews. Many people have said it helped, but when they stopped, it got worse again. Others say it's a great tool to healing.
  • (0) Prolotherapy- For me, lost and lot of shots with no help. Prolotherapy may be good for some other conditions...but for me, no way, no how.
  • (6) Rest and Reduce Stress- Okay, so here's the deal. We all have lives that are trucking along and while rest may seem like an impossible feat. It's very important. Now, I'm not saying you should lay on a couch all day and not move. But if what you're doing is irritating your ribs, stop doing it! Make a list of all the things, big and small, that stress you out or increase the pain...and pick several to cut out of your life for a while. I personally am not talking on the phone right now. Talking really irritates my Costo. When I'm on the phone or talk for over 15 minutes, the pain increases...so I talk to everyone via e-mail. It was really hard at first, but remember that everyone wants you to heal and is rooting for you!!! Explain it to everyone and stick to your guns. They love you and will support you! They want you back! You'll also find this takes stress out of your life. Stress is a HUGE instigator, increasing the Costo pain. I think this has to do with "bracing" when you get stressed, thus increasing inflammation.
  • (3) Heating Pads and Ice - Ice takes the edge off for me. Heat works for others. I found putting a heating pad on my back and ice on my ribs both helped with inflammation and relaxing.
  • (1) Compression like a corset- This doesn't work for me b/c pressure causes me pain, but for some sufferers, it helps when they wrap the area.
  • (5) Controlling your diet - Eating a diet that lowers inflammation and decreases acid reflux can really help. This is important in keeping the pain down. When I eat large amounts of fried foods, my pain increases. If you keep a journal...you'll figure out what foods really trigger it for you. If I stay vegan, I feel the best.
  • (2) Vitamins: magnesium twice per day and B12. Magnesium - 250mg each time for a total of 500 per day. The B12 is only once per day at 500mcg. This has helped some sufferers. I do recommend that you talk to your doctor and take what every viatims/mineral you both decide on. It's important that while having this condition, you stay as healthy as possible. I currently take Vitamins, Minerals, Calcium, and Acai Berry daily.
  • (#) Gastron Technique- Check out my post in September for details.
  • (@) Reiki Therapy- I've never tried it, read a testimony that it helped a sufferer.
  • (7) Medical Massage Therapist- This is been the biggest help for me, personally. After seeing over 70 doctors including ER visits, the pain had spread to my shoulder and back, I began seeing a message therapist at my PT's office. She finally convinced me, after only messages on my back, to let her work on my ribs. She had suffered from Costo herself and had been healed quickly through message. I was skeptical, but let her try. The first month was really tough, as you all know...she would touch my ribs and I would just about scream in pain. She has been VERY patient with me...so I'm three months down the road and my pain has gone from stabbing attacks (7/8) on a pain scale to a burning, gnawing ,around the clock, 4/5 on the pain scale. She is very confident in this therapy, we shall see. I will keep yall posted. I am so thankful for her! And I finally feel hopeful again for the first time in a long time.
  • (0) Chiropractor- Okay, for some Costo sufferers, this has really helped them out, which is wondeful!! I tried 3 different Chiropractors and was way worse off when I left.
  • (#) Trigger Point Therapy...I haven't tried it, but I'm looking into it.
  • (6) Kinesio Tape - This tape has been a huge blessing. For all the women out there with costo, you know that wearing a bra is a thing of the past. So I order this tape and literally tape my breasts up. Sounds silly, but the weight of the breasts cause more pain, especially in movement. Try lifting up your breasts and see if you can breathe better...if you can, purchase a roll of this skin friendly tape and try it out. It really helps me get through the day. I cut a piece of tape about 6 inches long and cut the corners (it stays on there longer) and vertically put the tape below the ni*** and lift up the breast and place the tape high above the ni***. Tip...put a small piece of cotton on the ni*** to avoid irritation. Also, take the tape off at night to give your skin a breather. It may not be as helpful for those with a large chest.
  • If you have something to add that has helped you out, let me know! Thanks everyone!
  • And Please vote on the poll!


  1. Oh gosh am I ever glad to have found this blog!


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  2. I appreciate that, thank you! =)


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  3. Hey Lucy

    I just thought I'd share something I found online, It's a list of natural ingredients/products that may help reduce the pain etc of costo! I hope this helps anyone! :)

    The following apparently work very well for the relief of costochondritis:

    Glucosamine/Chondroitin Sulfate (heals cartilage)
    Ginger Root (inflammation)
    Evening Primrose Oil (inflammation)
    Bromelain (inflammation)
    Vitamin C (boosts immune system)
    Vitamin E (anti-oxidant, inflammation)
    Eating fatty fish, such as salmon or sardines for their Omega-3 oils (inflammation)
    White Willow Bark (inflammation)
    Goldenseal (inflammation, cleansing, good for viral)
    Echinacea-(boosts immune system, take for two weeks, two weeks off, etc., will not work as well if taken continuously)
    Kava Kava (calming)
    Valerian Root (calming, helps sleep)
    Grape Seed Extract (antioxidant)

    I haven't tried any of the above yet.. But when I do, I'll let you all know how I got on...

    Sophie :) x

  4. Hi, sorry for the double post, but I just noticed above that you have Reiki healing in your list..

    I have this every so often.. I would say depending on how open minded you are, How determined you are, and how trained the Reiki practitioner is will make a difference on the outcome..

    My aunt is reiki trained, she's a step away from being a master, so I get the healing free. (which is a bonus.. it normally costs around £30 a session in the UK)

    But, 2 months before i was diagnosed with costo, she picked up a burning sense in my chest area. Which I think is amazing when I look back now.

    I would recommend to anyone giving reiki a go. I find it helps me, and it's very relaxing. But unfortunately, it hasn't solved the problem yet.

    Sophie :) x

  5. Sophie,

    No need to apologize for a double post, I LOOOVE hearing my amazing blog friend's! And I really appreciate you taking the time to share all of that. I promise you it will help someone.

    All of the supplements you mentioned are awesome. If you guinea pig it, can you keep me posted?!

    And that's so interesting about the Reiki. I haven't met anyone who has done this yet!! So thank you for sharing your experience!! That's wild that she noticed chest burning before you got costo. wow.

    You rock for sharing all of that!! =)

    Keep me posted on how you are doing!


    1. Hi Lucy, nice to meet you. I am the owner of the Blog "Area-1255". I'm not sure if you come on here much anymore. But I'd appreciate your comments and becoming mutual friends/followers on Google Plus. Btw, its ironic because I found your blog when searching for myself, I write articles on health stuff and recently have developed some costo symptoms. I will be reading through your work. Very nice, thank you.

  6. Hi Lucy. I tried to leave a comment last night. But I don't think it took. I asked about water only fasting. Have you looked into that. I am seeing suggestions on that as i research. What do you think? I've done a seven day water only fast before costo, and felt amazing on the 7th day. Wondering if you think it would help, or have heard of success stories with that.

    By the way, again, so happy this blog is here. It's such a comfort.

  7. Hi Angela,

    First, I checked out your blog and you are a very talented photographer! Bravo!

    So as far as the water fasting is concerned, I haven't tried it or heard of success stories with it. But girl, you could be it! Seriously though, I think if you try a fast and notice that you feel better- then it could be a huge indicator that the food you are eating could be a huge contributor as to why you are having costo issues.

    And good for you for being proactive about your healing. It's totally the way to go. A colon cleanser will also give you an idea of this same effect, but you may rather fast than do one! lol. Which I totally respect!

    Does your costo hurt worse after eating? Forgive me if I've already asked you that!

    Keep me posted on what you do, I'm really curious about it. I considered fasting at one point when i noticed my pain was better the less I ate- and I went the cleansing route- but I know there are multiple ways to test the food/costo/inflammation/ relationship.

    And thanks for the encouragement about the blog- very kind of you. I love talking to everyone who comments- it's been such a life line for me!


  8. hi lucy! i want to tell you that i think i've had a breakthrough. last week, i added noni juice (wai lana, pure raw hawaiian noni), bromaelain (5000 m.c.u., 3x daily) and arnica montana (10m homeopathic med, dissolve 5 2-3x daily) to my regime, and i have a noticeable improvement! now, it was a very easy weekend, no running around or doing too much physically, but regardeless, theres was definalety less pain! i am so thrilled i just had to tell you, and everyone, anyone reading. i hope you will give it a try since your case and mine seem so similar- if anyone does decide to try the bromelain its important to know that it also acts as a digestive enzyme when taken with food. when taken alone, it acts as an anti-inflammatory, and should be taken 30 mins before a meal- especially protien as that's what it digests.
    the sad news is, ive developed a chest cold- which is what got me into this predicament in the first place (YIKES)! its my first cold since then (october 09) and i will have to be verrry careful this time not to over use my voice (in fact if laryngitis comes, i will go on voice restriction) or cough too much (if possible). the good news is that since i am not working now i wont be in the position of having to 'push through it'. anyway, in case youre interested, here's my protocol:

    heat/ ice (back likes heat, chest likes ice- go figure)

    physical therapy - although we havent gotten past the heat therapy (hydroculator) phase yet)

    massage therapy - LOVE, really helps to relax those muscles that are constricting everything. she focuses on the back and chest- does some stretching which is really helpful.

    chiropractic- helps to alleviate subluxation of the nerves so the body can be free to heal itself! i go 1-2x weekly

    noni juice


    arnica montana

    voltaren gel- i prefer this since my stomach doesnt do well with oral inflamms. definately takes the edge off temporarily.

    FYI- i tried the flector patch recently and instantly felt dizzy, light headed, and later felt headach-ey. not sure ill do this again, but may. i was surprised there would be any side effects with a topical treatment! who knew. i do, now :)

    anyway, wanted to spread the good news as they say- i hope you will try the noni. i was lucky to find it at 'marshalls' for only $10- think ill go back and stock up!

    love to you.

  9. A.,

    I'm so sorry to hear of your chest cold! =( no fun.

    But on the other hand, thank you soooo much for sharing what's making your pain better!! I so appreciate you taking the time to let us all know what's working for you. What a gift to those of us reading! Thank you!!!

    I actually have the noni in my fridge! I haven't tried it yet, but after I go down a few of the roads I'm on, noni is next!

    Bummer about the side effects of the flector! EEK! Glad you are staying away from that!

    Hugs to you, thank you so much for sharing! With all my heart, thank you. So many will benefit from your story! Please keep me posted!

  10. I have suffered with Costochondritis for 5 years - sometimes so severe that I thought it was something else. I had all sorts of tests and cancer screenings just to be sure. I am loathe to go down the route of popping pills so for the past 5 years for pain relief I have tried acupuncture, reiki, colon clense, various vitamins and supplments, various diets, sauna, ice packs, heat packs, yoga etc etc. Nothing worked but some provided releif for no more than a number of days. I researched natural cures for Costochondritis and found many swear by Noni juice - which was said to work within 2 days of using. I was a bit sceptical that it would work so fast, but tried it anyway. Two days later I was pain free and have been for 3 weeks now. I have forgotten how it feels to be pain free. So for now I sewar by Noni juice. (Note: I only took the noni for 1 week as it is quite expensive and also some sites list negative side effects - so I wanted to stay safe. However I have been pain free for 3 weeks).

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I so appreciate it! The noni sounds amazing. The only reason I chose not to go with it- is that it's a natural pain killer as well. So while I think it's AWESOME at helping with the pain, I'm not convinced that it addresses the reason for the costochondritis. Unless, there is a property in the noni that addresses the cause that I'm unaware of- which is totally possible- cause I for shizzle don't know everything. But I'm so happy for you that you're pain free!!!! YAY!

    Noni does help with digestion and has anti-oxidants, which is awesome! Please keep me posted on how you are doing with it!


  12. And thank you again for sharing your success!! So exciting!

  13. The Flector Patch (didn't work for person in above post) HAS helped me a great deal. Until I started wearing it, I would become hoarse or sometimes lose my voice completely. That stopped after using the patch...can't say it helped with the pain. Also, although I can't wear a tight cammy (no bra, of course), I've discovered if I lay on the floor on my stomach with my fist bunched and placed between my breasts it seems to help. I sleep much of the night on the floor that way. It's a terrible bed, I agree...but whatever it takes. My Internal Medicine doctor says it makes some sense...the pressure from my fist acts much like a compression bandage would around a swollen ankle. I guess the difference between a tight cammy & laying this way, why it feels good, must be the direction of the pressure. Remember, I have been diagnosed with Costo but I've also seen doctors who aren't so sure although I've had so many tests I've lost track. I'm still trying to work out a diagnosis I can believe in. I have been misdiagnosed SO many times that I have a hard time believing in any doctor. When you have a hard to diagnose condition, you sure find out how little doctors know and how unlikely they are to spend any time researching for you.

  14. Jean,

    You are so right! I agree with how little time doctors spend on patients. And being our own advocate it totally the way to go.

  15. so grateful to have found this blog! will give it all a try, and have just cancelled a businesstrip, for starters, to reduce the stress


  16. I just wanted to say I read a couple of posts about noni juice -- also read up on the internet about noni juice being a hoax but I decided to try it. I had the tietze syndrome/costochondritis syndrome and was quite panicked because I was treated for breast cancer two years ago so any pain in that area you can imagine causes a lot of fear. I did the following: 1) refrained from any exercise 2) took noni juice for 5 days 3) took fish oil (which is also an anti-inflammatory). The pain was completely gone within 48 hours. I want to thank all of you who had posted about noni juice -- because I had tried all kinds of other things!

  17. Thank you. I've felt as if I was going crazy. My issues with inflamtion started two years ago. I was first diagnosed with pluersy (it took four different ER doctors to agree). I've been on and off since. I've also experienced many panic/anxiety attacks. I don't have anyone who understands how this feels. So, now I'm in the process of getting my CRP level normal. I went from CRP of 20 this February to a level of 9 this month. Thank the L-RD its going down. I'm just ready to be done. I've heard many reasons as to why I've had this so long but no real answers. I've been told to lose weight and exercise. Okay ( feeling hurt just a bit) , what ever will work. I'll workout and do well for about 1-2 weeks then it flares up and I'm down for the count. I'm planning on increasing my noni intake and add some omega 3. I guess I just needed to vent considering my lonely relationship with costco. Thank you to everyone. It did make feel better to know that some people actually knew how I felt.

    1. yes the trauma of symptoms and non-diagnosis can be very stressful, but when you finally find the costo blog... tiger balm/heat during the night can also help! thanks people for all tips...

  18. This is a great blog. I have tried, phy therapy (more painful the next day), acupuncture 3 treatments (more painful the next day), pain pills (make me sleepy, etc. and am still inpain)...I just read about cosnofax made from only natural plants - it comes from Australia. I will check further on this one but it sounds promising - Tried ice packs, heat packs, and meditations for relaxation. I've never hurt like this before and certainly not for months. Has anyone tried the cosofax? I'll keep checking thisblog and also add any positive results I find. Thanks to everyone for your input. Oh, yea, a also on glucosomin/chron., turmeric and lots of ginger, Omega 3's. Just started taking these so no results as yet...too soon.

  19. Hi, great site. I've had costo about 25 yrs. & have tried everything. I now use natural remedies. Some of them are in Sophie's post, but here's a couple more. Take an oil, preferably olive, and grind 2 jalapenos and a tablespoon of white willow in it, strain and apply to your ribs as a lineament, it helps the inflammation and pain and shouldn't burn like some of the commercial ones can. Also, if you have back problems that can add to the chest pain, try having someone apply it to your back, it helps relax the ribs in the back therefore easing some tension on the chest. Hope this helps some people.

  20. So glad I found this site! I have been sick with cough, larygitis, and costo for a month now. My chest pain is so severe I was really worried. Dr. told me last night I had costo. From reading your posts, does this mean after my virus and laryngtis (caused by fungus) clears, the costo will not go away? I am heading to GNC today to get Noni after the results I see on here! Elaine

  21. Having just been diagnosed with this nightmare two weeks ago, I am desperately trying to do everything 'right' so as not to prolong my healing. I'd love to hear any update from the individual who started this blog since most of the posts were two yrs ago. No news in this case is not 'good news' so who ever you are...please update here of your 'today' results in battling this inflammation nightmare! Thanks...

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Hi I need help!! I have had this stupid costochondritis for 2 months now, I woke up with it one morning back in feb and I ended up in hospital and this pain has not left me ever since! I am a 23 yr old female and it is ruining my day to day life! I have tried everything ibrufen glucosamine fish oil and I have also had every test u could think of! Doctor seems as tho she doesn't want to see me anymore or she is getting fed up with me! Pls answer my question someone... Does this pain ever go away for good?? : ( adele

  24. So glad I stumbled upon this page. I currently have Costochondritis at this moment, (at least I think I do)...but my lower ribs ache so bad, hurts to move & breath deep. I am looking for the best natural relief for this pain, or natural herb as I am on blood thinners I cannot take ANY NSAIDS. I haven't tried any of these tips yet, but I think I'll start with the heat on back and ice on ribs. Let me know what has worked best for most of you. Thanks.

  25. Ive have had it for a year and a half now but have completely stop body building for a year which the pain got so intense. Just plays with your mind thinking your getting better then u sneeze to hard or do something simple that flares it back up. Went too four different doctors and all keep giving me 6 more months to a year as time goes by. Ive done everything but noni juice does help with pain and would recommend it to anyone.

  26. Make sure this isn't something more serious like Multiple Myeloma! I was diagnosed with Costo May of 2011, turned out to be cancer! Chiropractor broke my sternum and a couple of ribs before I was diagnosed. Fortunately, the disease had just started to spread to my spine. I had a stem cell transplant in Jan. 2012 and am recovering nicely. Please ask your Doctor to rule out Myeloma before getting chiropractic treatments! They do not automatically check for bone disease before making adjustments. Many people have lesions without other symptoms (rare but true in my case).

  27. I've got this and it is blooming annoying. I am almost sure I got it after a urinary infection followed by a chest infection when I had 2 doses of antibiotics. I've had it for about 6 months. It's not as painful as described by some of you guys but it hurts. I am going to try self medicating ibuprofen for a week or so and see how it goes.

  28. All these techniques are helpful, but an individual’s physical condition should still be taken into account. Factors like medical history can affect how these procedures are conducted. Regarding physical therapy, one must find a skilled physical therapist; this expert knows how to perform the therapy safely and properly.

  29. Hmm i was diagnosed with costochondritis a few months ago. Was previously told i had pleurisy and given steroids for that. I gained weight, and the meds didnt help. I appreciate this blog asi believe in natural remedies and didn't quite know what could help. Ive tried the bromein (sp) without success but not aggressively. I have used the heat on my back, which helps. I sit at work and the costo flares up and makes sitting and sleeping uncomfortable. Question....I'm a fairly large breasted woman. Bras do have a tendency to be uncomfortable, yet it's just as bad not wearing one. What to do? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  30. Hi everyone,

    I have costo since last July and I know what caused this. I was doing back exercises and I suddenly felt the pain growing in my chest.

    I didn't care and I kept doing body building until December.
    Now I am trying to rest as much as possible, I've tried pain pills but I've only damaged my poor stomach.

    The pain is a bit better now but my chest hurts when I wear my shoes, or when I bend my self forward. It seems my abs are going against the chest and it hurts.

    I don't know if someday I will heal from costo, I really hope so...All I can do is to recommend you all a lot of rest because I am sure costochondritis always comes after a relevant stress.

    Wish you all the best!


  31. Hi Everyone,

    I am 44 years old - 100% veggie diagnosed to constro since past 3 years.Unlike such others,it started just after a viral attack,and most worse added was due to my dust ellergy which excelled my pain due to heavy sneezing.Most test,appointments dealt had no much to relief,hence awaite to find a better solution by surfing its remedies across the web.

    Acute pain in the breast bone area and the rib cage that refers upto my back,arms and specially the left shoulder and my left arm.Vibrations felt in case of severe attack generating from sentrum which refers to entire body.A must bed rest for min 48 hours is required to reach normallacy.

    Today I am bared almost everything in my diet -mainly all proteins & stuff that contain a bit of preservatives.A single tip of sweet had before going to bed will call for severe pain and infection near saliva gland area and difficulty to gallop any grub in.

    I find difficult to lift even a heavier purse,kneed any bread dough, raise arm at elevated objects,push-pull action or any little excess of household work. Streaching of elevator doors becomes a task for a normal action.

    Apart to rest,the most healing remedy of "NONI" is one herbal aid which I wish to try in form of boiled veggie food,NONI Oil for massage on chest and on joints and NONI herbal powder and tabs in medical form.Exposure to direct Sun for max 1.5 to 2 hrs daily between 12 noon and 4 is a recent advise for absorbing of UV-B rays by the skin for D3 level increments for better calcium absorption.Monitoring of D3 Levels is advised by my Doc and duration of exposure to sun is very important.Light streaching exercise and appropriate yoga forms may surely find some solution to this stressedful life.

  32. Hello everyone,

    Just thought I'd chime in to let you know what I've tried and am trying for costo. I'm still suffering, so I'm not saying that this heals it...just trying to find some relief as unrelenting pain starting to cause depression.

    Bedrest seems to help, but too much makes me sore. I take Injuv (Hyaluronic Acid), Arnica pellets, Fish oil, Echinacea(few days on/off), Fenugreek, Garlic, Malic Acid, Cal/Mag w D, Trauma drops, bryonia alba by Boiron, all homeopathic/natural items taken orally. Topically, after icing for 5 mts(can't hardly stand the ice, but worse w/o it)Rub in Trauma oil(by HerbPharm). After waiting 30 mts. I use heat (works best for me) and rub in Arnica oil and trauma oil again. Repeat 2 or 3 times a day. Traumeel works very well also(when I have it)
    I cook alot with ginger, hot peppers, onions, garlic and cinnamon. I eat red meat almost never--because I know it feeds inflammation. (but I have to have alot of protein because of MD)
    I'm ordering curcumin, boswelia and glucosamin/chondroitin/msm --am currently out of all of these, but they work very well too!! One website to order: Vitacost--reliable and less expensive.

    I regularly have chiropractic adj(3x/2wks)My chiropractor is great!! spends the time needed. Uses an activator currently to adjust me after interferrential treatment. She doesn't mind doing her research to help her patients either!!! and massages once every 2 wks. Pharmaceutically: Hydrocodone, Zanaflex

    I also have Muscular Dystrophy and have just had kyphoplasty to repair compression fracture of T6 about 2 wks ago!!

    Just wondering: Has anybody had success using DMSO? or Topiricin?

    Fellow sufferer

  33. I hope this is ok to post. I offer free 10min distance energy healing phone sessions to all suffering with costochondritis. Google "the fastest cure for costochondritis".


  34. Can someone recommend a specific brand of noni juice

  35. hi lucy and everyone
    Subject: DOES costochondritis increases white blood cell counts?

    thanks for sharing information.I am also suffering from costochondritis since 4months. I cant lift / push/pickup weight more than 1kg.Sleeping in straight position and massage of ibuprofen cream help me in pain but it is temporary relief. Initially my vitamin d level was very low means 5ng/ml and my white blood cell count was high means 15 .Now after vitamin d3 mega dose injections my vit D level is normal but white blood cells count are not going down/ normal.I also take 7days course of antibiotic.

  36. Thanks for the post guys but has anyone ever had costo go away cause i bake for a living and the last week i can not even roll pastry, was given 2 days off and it's just as bad.. Im going to work and trying not to complain, im a 31 yr old father who is finding normal everyday stuff is out of my reach and the doctor says put a heating pad on it and it will go away on it's own.. Any advice would be great.. Ouch!!!! sat in the wrong position just typing this post..

  37. Hey everyone,
    I'm not sure where to post this, but I just found a website that has some really interesting and insightful info about rib tissue pain as well as a lot of other types of chronic pain, and the reason why it's so hard to find cures for those from doctors.
    here is a link to the website, describing fascia and why doctors ignore it:


    and here is another link in that same website particularly about rib tissue and information about it:


    In all of my googling about costo in the last 10 months, I have not found anything that mentioned fascia and fascia healing, so I hope this helps! spread the word please!

  38. Arnice gel is very helpful for pain and inflmattion and you can get it at most drugstores for around $7. It's very, very helpful but you need you make sure to rub a lot of it in where the pain is

  39. ask about your vit d levels as these could be low

  40. Hey gang, so glad I found this blog. I'm not positive I have costo, but reading the symptoms it sure sounds like it. I have a follow up doc appt next week and will certainly discuss with him. It hurts really bad if I sit longer than a few minutes, my upper abs feel really tight like I did too many situps ans my ribs along the upper abs hurt...sitting in a recliner hurts and I can't even get comfortable driving my car. I've had mri, ultrasound of organs and upper gi scope..all came back "fine". So, own my own here I am trying to figure out what the heck I have going on with my body and this relentless pain. Based on above comments, I will try noni juice for sure. I also just found and ordered a supposed super anti inflammatory called Curamin on Amazon...check it out on amazon, the revviews are really good, most say there are no side effects and works MUCH better than ibuprofen, etc. I will def post update results soon. So, based on my symptoms, for those of you who have been officially diagnosed...do you agree it sounds like costo that I have??

  41. Hey! This blog really helped. I've been dealing with Costo for two years now and the only advice I was given was to take 400 milligrams of Advil when I have a "flare-up" for a few days to make it go away. This has been helpful but I don't think it's a realistic way to deal with this sort of issue. NSAIDs and Asprin can lead to stomach bleeding, ulcers and other organ issues if taken for years on end. I'm interested in healing this as naturally as possible. Today is my last day of taking Advil for this issue and I'm determined to get back on track and not let this hinder me any further.

    So far, according to your blog, Serrapeptase, Noni Juice, Kinesio Tape and Medical Massage Therapy are the best solutions for temporary pain.

    Are there any other remedies? (this is to all readers); please email me to discuss: mishaye@icloud.com.


  42. I stop taking NSAID's and I tried Noni juice but it doesn't work . Now I am using herbal oil (kottanchukadi thailum/ india ) Chronic pain is controlled but not completely recovered .

    is there any other treatment

  43. William A. GriffithJuly 28, 2014 at 4:12 PM

    I am a 54 yo male and have had this abomination now for nearly 3.5 years. I have tried anti-inflammatories, massage, hot packs, cold packs, relaxation, Kava, Meloxicam, and steroid injections and nothing has gotten rid of this crippling affliction. The Meloxicam was the worst disaster. I am also Diabetic and 1 day after taking the Meloxicam, it made my mild Peripheral Neuropathy into Full Blown and Permanent Neuropathy. It's effectively destroyed what little life I had left.
    This Costo condition came totally out of the blue in my case. One day, I simply noticed a pain in my upper chest wall above the breast bone. It would come and go. Over time, it became worse and worse actually sending me to the ER for worry over a possible heart attack, but it was "just" the Costo. The Meloxicam worked great(other than what it did to my Neuropathy) and took away the pain for nearly a week-and then it stopped altogether and did nothing. The injections did the most help-they took away, perhaps, 80% of the pain for about 2 months, but eventually it came back again. And so it sits today. Very few-if any-people I have met in person have even Heard of this condition, much less have had it. Apparently, it's a mercifully small amount of people that it attacks for no obvious cause or reason. But for those of us "lucky" enough to have it hit us, it is a total life destroying nightmare with no way to be rid of it. I have not had a pain free day or slept a full night restfully for years now. It is hard to recall ever having done so now. It is an ordeal just walking in a grocery store or trying to mow the lawn. There are times when "it" will allow you to do Nothing. Even watching TV or driving your car can be unbelievable.

  44. Thanks so much for your help.... ive been sufferring this for two months and going in and out of ER. Will try the medical massage.

  45. I have had costo for 6 years. Rolfing and the chiropractor helped at first. I got worse after coughing fits from pneumonia and bronchitis. I was waking up at 2am in severe pain 2-3 times a week. Prolotherapy is helping but it's painful and expensive. The dr. Doing prolo gave me tramodol which is good for pain but doesn't hurt your tummy like nsaids. I will look into noni juice.

  46. Hi guys I also suffer from costo.I have had this condition for neatly 17years.I don't get pain everyday what I get is flare up .when I get falre up I m in extreme pain about two months and then dull ache and then burning sensation it takes Four to five months to rid of this nasty beast.currently I m recovering from my flare up.luckily I have had four flare up so far in 17years.in the past I didn't know what kind of my medical problems was.doctors never told me I had a scan xray etc but everything was clear. I would like to say to all I have had more good days than painful days on this 17years...be positive..

  47. By the way I m trying ginger roots and turmeric .lots of gentle stretching through out the day

  48. Hi. I'm a New Zealand physiotherapist. Essentially we see costochondritis as a straightforward mmusculoskeletal condition that's readily fixable. The joints where your ribs hinge onto your back are stuck, so the hinges at the other ends of the ribs where they join onto your breastbone have to work excessively just to let you breathe. So they get irritated, then inflamed. This, and how to treat it, is explained in two YouTube videos: 'How to fix (most) costochondritis and Tietze's Syndrome chest pain' Parts 1&2. They're definitely worth a look. Of course it's not mysterious and of course it's fixable. Steve August.

  49. Thanks for this info!

    I was wondering, have you ever tried essential oils? I just read a success story (I'll link it at the bottom) about a guy who suffered from really painful costo for five or so years and after trying Young Living essential oils' "morphine bomb" combination for a few days he's living pain free. My husband and I have used essential oils for other things (headaches, sore throat, flu, colds, anxiety, depression, migraines, etc.), so I figured I'd try them out for this. I'm hoping I'll have a crazy success story like that guy, but not getting my hopes up. Anyway, cheaper than pain killers, muscle relaxers, and a trip to the doctor...so we'll see!


  50. Often the symptoms of costochondritis intention without treatment. Where Costochondritis Treatment is required, the fact of the matter is to diminishing irritation and control pain. The Natural Herbs Clinic has produced the natural herbs for the Costochondritis treatment. This tablet contains a b natural blend of fresh and pure herbs that give a synergistic effect in mix. Since, this is a natural supplement it won't show quick results as quick or obviously as physician suggested medicines; however that doesn't infer that it is not working.

  51. Certain types of Costochondritis Treatment with herbs may help bring down cartilage inflammation. These natural herbs include: Noni Fruit, Arnica, Ginseng, Serrapeptase, etc.

  52. Costochondritis is a medicinal disorder in which there is serious or moderate type of pain. Costochondritis Herbal Treatment may help to relieve the symptoms. Herbs Solutions By Nature offering Chondreton herbal treatment which has been created by specialists who have aced the exploration of herbs and their properties.


  53. Had my first bout last summer . It started from a very bad cough and then I did a bunch of lifting . I kept thinking that it was just a stain from the cough but the pain became so bad that I really couldn't even lay on that side. I was sure I had gall bladder issues so I ended up at the walk - in . Once I was diagnosed with this I did some research . I found an article about Active Release Therapy. I found a therapist who was certified and familiar with treating costo. I went for one session and was out of pain within a few days . This was after 4 months of pain so bad it hurt to breathe. I went one more time just to be sure it was gone but that visit really wasn't needed. Google this procedure .... I was amazed !!!

  54. Hi Lucy, nice to meet you. I am the owner of the Blog "Area-1255". I'm not sure if you come on here much anymore. But I'd appreciate your comments and becoming mutual friends/followers on Google Plus. Btw, its ironic because I found your blog when searching for myself, I write articles on health stuff and recently have developed some costo symptoms. I will be reading through your work. Very nice, thank you.

  55. My health blog : Area-1255 : www.area1255.blogspot.com

  56. I'm at day 5 of a water fast and I started noticing improvement yesterday of my symptoms of costochondritis. I've been struggling with costo for 7 months, this is probably the first time the pain is that low. I plan to keep up with the fast for a couple more days.

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