Saturday, September 12, 2009

Costochondritis- The Sauna

Okay, here's a shout out and credit given to Corey, who challenged me to do some more research on the blood flow and soft tissue healing.

When you read and talk to PT's about healing soft tissue, they use therapies such as an ultrasound and laser light therapy to increase the blood flow to the injured area.

Everyone's Costo comes from different sources, mine was from repetitive trauma and stress on my ribs through weight lifting and being stressed to the max at the same time.

So here we have a soft tissue injury that is painful and deep. The goal with my medical massage therapy is to push out the inflammation as well as increase circulation in the ribs to aid in the body's healing.

It's been cited in several medical journals that people with chronic pain have toxins built up up in their system. I had a test done a month ago and my lymph system is retaining about 25%. This doesn't surprise me because it's very challenging to really sweat out toxins , especially when when moving causes increased pain.

It's also been cited in several medical journals I've been reading that going into a sauna and having toxins released can lessen the pain of chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia. Not only does a sauna release the toxins in your body, it raises your core body temperature and increases the blood flow in your body, allowing your body to really fight inflammation.

Since the ribs have such a low blood flow, I think adding the sauna to your regimen is a wonderful tactic.

I'm on day 2 of adding the sauna after my 1 hour walk/stretching....I'll keep you posted!


  1. Hi Lucy

    It's funny how what works for one illness doesn't for another. With dysautonomia if I even looked at a sauna my bp and hr would drop and I'd pass out. I miss soaking in the heat of things like a hot bath. Good luck with it. I'll be really interested to here how it works out.

    Fingers Crossed!
    Michelle :)

  2. Lucy,

    Are you still doing the sauna part? Has it helped with the costo?

    How often?

    Thank you for this site you put is really helpful.

    May God bless you and keep you in His loving arms daily..


  3. Hi Mychelle!

    Yes, I still do the sauna and love it. I don't do it as often as I use to. But it really helps the costo for sure. Are you looking into trying it?

    Anything that relaxes the muscles and increses circulation is great stuff.

    So glad you like the blog! I really appreciate the encouragement! Thank you!


  4. Hello Lucy,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. I have thought to go to a local gym that has a sauna and start a membership. Not real convenient to my life though. How often and how long do you recommend? Do you have your own sauna? Are there different kinds of saunas? If so which kind do you recommend?

    I was up all night with my eyes burning...useless day today trying to overcome...find some relief...I have cut back every where I feel I can...I started the ACV three times a day two weeks ago. Plan to order and start a full body and colon cleanse from Blessed Herbs this month...Have cleansed before...Can not find relief from the on going ever present pain.

    However...all this time awake in the middle of the night is great for my spiritual growth. Am currently doing a Breaking Free study from Beth Moore...really good. Highly reommend.

    I am sure this blog has been a work in is really honest I think.

    Many blessings to you,

  5. Mychelle,

    I love Beth Moore, what a wonderful series to be doing!

    You are so right about the spiritual growth through this dark journey. I have felt the same. That although this pain has been all consuming- it has been amazing for my spiritual walk.

    That's great you are doing some cleansing. I'm really glad that I've done it.

    The sauna has been great to do after taking a long walk and really light stretching. I would maybe get a trial membership so you can see if the sauna helps you or not. Just my thoughts.

    Does your costo get worse when you eat? I'm about to compile a blog-post about food and what a dr. just told's so interesting. He told me with all my symptoms that I have celiac disease! This was just 2 days ago- so I'm going 100% gluten free to see what happens. He was pretty confident that this has caused my costo- really shocked me. We shall see...

    The reason I mention it is I can tell you are really searching for answers- and that is WONDERFUL! And I was wondering if your costo was affecting or not by what you eat, like mine is?....just a thought.

    I'm about to chill with the Lord, I will pray for you tonight. You hang in there!! I'm always here to talk or listen.

  6. Hi Lucy,

    Wow! How exciting for you... a new direction. Please keep us posted on any positive changes.

    I have not noticed any difference after I eat. Although I'm praying about going all raw while I do the full body cleanse. Maybe I will notice a difference. So far I have only figured out movements I do and stress that can be triggers. Most of the time I am surprised as to why I am hurting more. I ordered the product today and called a local gym about using their sauna..they have a one week trial membership...time will tell.

    Thank you for your hang in there too... God has us. Anytime you would like to talk I'm here also.

    Gentle hugs, Mychelle

  7. Mychelle,

    I think eating raw is amazing, you go girl!!

    That's great that your costo isn't irritated by eating. Good stuff. Have you been doing skilled relaxation exercises or medical massage therapy?

    I don't mean to push you in any way- just throwing stuff out there.

    I FULLY believe in the power of prayer and that the Lord will lead you down his path of healing that He has for you. And I know it's different for all of us.

    Always love meeting another sister in Christ.

    I will keep you posted on the celiac...wild, huh? I'm still in shock. =)

    Hugs to you,

  8. Hi again,

    I just sat here for an hour reading through your blogs and taking notes.

    No I have not tried the SRE or MMT. I did go to the site you recommended...listened a little to the intro..sounded good brought tears to my eyes? SOME concern with this, yoga, etc. Would it be pleasing to God? I know with yoga they can take you into chants, meditations, etc...sounds like witch craft beginnings possible to me? Hope I have not offended you...just having thoughts and wondering you take? Do not know a MMT in my area...need to research.

    Every movement hurts, every breath hurts,etc.
    Can not do the doorway or ball exercises...can not bounce the chest to jog...great gobs of pain these days...Saturday is spent in "rest" it is my favorite and best stress for performance, etc. Really enjoy the Sabbath.

    Did the flushing help with the pain/mobility etc. ? Did you alter eating habits during flush?

    Have you started the new diet?

    Gentle hugs back to you!

    Lord bless you, Mychelle

  9. Mychelle,

    So glad you had some time to read through my crazy blog. =) What a journey we are all on, huh?

    Ok, as far as the skilled relaxation question, I'm no offended AT ALL!! You sweet thing, your just trying to honor God with all you do and I have nothing but respect for that kind of heart.

    What I would do if i were you, if you want to do the SR, is go this post, play your own Christian or instrumental music, and go through this exercises at your leisure.

    Ok, the flushing did make me feel better. If you try the colon cleanse and you notice some relief, then you'll know if your costo is food or candida or some other type of inflammation related issue. Which is awesome.

    I have really altered my eating, During the flush, I did all organic and no meat and dairy, and my body loved me for this. I'm glad I did the cleansing, don't know if it's for everyone, but I'm glad I did it.

    I have started the new gluten free and noticed on Friday I could breathe better, very cool. But then I ate something that inflamed my ribs all over again, so we shall see....

    I really feel for you and your pain. When I started this blog, I couldn't move, jog, or stretch in any way. Cried every day. I had to really STOP everything that aggravated it...talking on the phone, laughing, moving quickly, etc....after that, I got some slight relief and went from there....

    Hugs to you! Let me know what route you end up taking!

  10. PS- for anyone reading this, if your costo is not food related at all - or if mine wasn't food related at all, what I would do is:

    1) Medical Massage therapy
    2) Skilled Relaxation Exercises 2X a day
    3) Full body Cleansing-eat organic
    4) Journaling and/or counseling to find out what issues deep down are causing you to "brace"...or what "ignited" the costo in your life.

    I'm no doctor, so don't substitute my advice for your own, just what I would do.
    Hugs to everyone!

  11. PS- plus daily walking and the sauna. =)

  12. Hello again,

    I plan to start the sauna therapy this coming week, do you recommend dry or wet sauna therapy?

    I finally received my cleanses. I plan to read up and probably do the colon cleanse first. The makers recommend three days cutting down on your food, then five days liquid only. Then start back into solid foods slowly. These are my plans, time will tell.

    Please let me know your thoughts on wet or dry, thanks in advance.

    May our Lord bless you and keep you in His loving arms today.

    Gentle hugs to you, Mychelle

  13. Hi Mychelle,

    Girl, you rock for doing the cleanses! Keep me posted! I started with the colon as well. Great stuff.

    Ok, as far as the sauna, I chose the dry sauna due to the increase in circulation/sweat aspect/tension releasing aspects of it. And I always adjusted the temperature myself. lol. In a gym, you can find the gauge and adjust it yourself, which rocks since you'll have a temp that is just perfect for you. If it's too hot, I always make it cooler. Not good to sweat a ton and be tense b/c it's so hot....And I take a fluffy towel and lay down and really relax for about 10 minutes.

    That was just my own choice. But you may find you like the wet one better. And I can totally dig that as well. Those are my thoughts. =)

    Gentle hugs right back to you! Thanks for letting me know how you are doing. I so appreciate it!


  14. PS- Here's some commentary that gives some good descriptions about the sauna...which in my little opinion would point to the dry sauna being a better option for the costo...of course, I'm always a learning and not always right. Much to my surprise. lol. Just kidding. =)

    "When you sit in a wet sauna, you sweat, which causes unwanted toxins to leave your body. It is also believed that using a wet sauna on a regular basis can decrease one's chances of certain illnesses because many viruses cannot live in such high temperatures.

    Dry saunas are believed to relieve tension and stress, stimulate blood circulation, and help rejuvenate the skin through perspiration. As with a wet sauna, using a dry sauna will cause sweating to occur, thus invoking some of the same benefits of a wet sauna. In a dry sauna, the heat is much more tolerable, but the actual effect on the body is better because the heat is reaching it directly, thus producing results more quickly. Because the body still produces sweat, humidity is present, so the body is still cooled and toxins leave in much the same way as with a wet sauna. It is believed, however, the process takes place more quickly with dry heat, and that it is possible to spend more time in the sauna and reap the benefits for longer because of its tolerability."

    Hope this helps!

  15. Thank you so much!

    Many blessings to you, Mychelle

    P.S. There is a lady that wrote in today to yahoo support group, that I felt would really benefit and be encouraged from your blog. Please pray about inviting her to read.

  16. I do hope that everything is okay with you, Lucy. How was your chest pain? I think it is a very good move that you incorporate sauna in your treatment plan. There are continuous studies on how the heat can help patients with costochondritis. The heat from the sauna is known to soothe aching muscles in the body. It can also help reduce the tension in the surrounding muscles of the chest. Other than that, it can also help you release body toxins through sweating.

  17. It's no secret that spas and saunas have impeccable healing qualities. These start at the very basic, which is body temperature regulation and improving of blood circulation. Things that should help us wake up fully refreshed the next day.

    Lucy @ iHealth Saunas

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