Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Costochondritis- Cleansing Update

To those new to my Costo blog, welcome. Glad your here, hope you find what you need, heal quickly, and never have to come back. =)

This post is an update about the cleansing process I'm doing. I really feel a lot of my costo is related to food and inflammation and thus I've headed up the steep mountain of cleansing, determined to get to the top and see what the view is like from up there.

So far, these are the cleanses I have done....
  • Colon Cleanse -7 days-CHECK!
  • One Week Break - CHECK!
  • Parasite Cleanse-18 days - CHECK!
  • One Day Colon cleanse with Oxy powder - CHECK!
  • Kidney Cleanse -15 days - (with 2 Oxy powder every 3 days) CHECK!
  • Liver Cleanse #1 -2 days- CHECK!
  • 2 week break (using oxy powder maintenance dose every 3 days)...ON IT!
  • Liver Cleanse #2 -2 days
  • 2 week break (using oxy powder maintenance dose every 3 days)
  • Liver cleanse #3 -2 days ( I will be repeating this process until I have no more stones, eek.)
If you click on the liver cleanse or scroll down and read about it, you'll get a play by play of how I'm doing after the cleanse, I'm keeping it updated.

However, I would like to let my blogging buddies know that my pain subsided for 2 days thus far after my liver cleanse (finished 5 days ago). Shocked me, to be honest. It felt so good to breathe deeply. And since my pain is consistent and very predictable at this point, it was a sweet gift....and that's my shocked cartoon picture (it's how I felt and looked after the liver flush).

Thus I'm continuing to do this cleanse along with relaxation exercises, icing, resting, eating an all organic diet, and still seeing my medical massage therapist. Good stuff.

Anyhoo, I'm going to keep at the liver flushes every two weeks and see what happens. I'm very curious. Not putting all my eggs in one basket...or maybe I am. But really, what have I got to lose, besides this blah condition?

Still praying and plugging along.



  1. Hooray for 2 days minimal pain!! Praise God! Let this be breakthrough! I'm sure you are pinching yourself, well, maybe not! Enjoy!
    God bless Lucy and heal this nasty thing once and for all!

  2. lol. Jenni, you are so right, I am kinda pinching myself. haha!

    And forgive me for the "I'm glad I have a buddy" comment in the previous post, I don't want to you to be going through this AT ALL!!!!, just glad to have friends to walk this journey with and pray and cheer with. You know what i mean. lol.

  3. I LOVE being your Buddy! And we will come out of ths thing together! I know you wouldn't wish this on your worst enemy...well it does come from the pit of hell!
    But if while we're in the battle we can help others, which you are doing in a huge way, then praise God for that!

  4. Doing a little dance of joy for you and your 2 days of minimal pain. You so need to celebrate these things when they come along. I'm also looking forward to the cleansing muse and more monologues :)

  5. Jenni,
    Preach it sister!! Thank you!
    -Your Buddy.

    Thanks for doing a little jig with me! You rock! You are so right, I need to celebrate instead of letting anything apprehensive steal that. Wise words. =)

    -The never-ending-cleansing-Monologue-lady

  6. Hi Lucy, sounds you are on the right track. Praying it goes well with you and all that suffer from that crummy costo stuff.
    I have not written anything in a few months, actually a little more than that. I have been feeling so much better. Thank the Lord.

    I started back on my Dr Bragg apple cider vinegar and raw honey. 1 tablespoon each in a glass of water 2-3 times a day. And started back with my Osteo Bi Flex, for cartilage problems. I cannot say for sure that is what has done it, but I just know after over 3 years I am nearly pain free. I still have to sleep on my back. I can occasionaly lay on my left side for a short time.
    During the day I sometimes feel "sticks" or little pains here and there. Then just take it easy or change positions and I am ok.

    I am cautious and careful. My husband appreciates that after he has done most of the housework for so long. I still do not vacuum or reach into the washer and dryer, or bend into the dishwasher. I try to remember some limitations. But I do walk alot and feel better when I do.

    Thanks for being here, you are a blessing to so many.

    Hope and pray your pain free soon.

  7. Joanne,

    I'M SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU! YAAAAY! You are a success story in the making! I'm dancing a jig in my head celebrating with you!

    Thank you so much for sharing with me how you are doing. what an encouragement you are. It really means a lot to me that you took the time to update me.

    Joanne, I pray you continue to have less and less pain. Wow. So cool. Praise God for your journey to the pain free zone. Woo-hoo!!

    Keep me posted from time to time?