Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cosotchondritis- Colon Cleanse

LOL. Just saying the words "colon cleanse" makes me giggle. But then it hurts, so I stop. =)

Okay ladies and personal opinion is that many of us have Costo as a result of our diets which cause inflammation and serious candida- a known cause of Costo. I believe this is not the only factor in this crippling condition, but a major contributor to the problem...I believe:

  • 1/4 of my Costochondritis is due to diet/inflammation/food intolerance/candida
  • I believe 1/4 is scoliosis, so I'm predispositioned to it.
  • 1/4 is injury through repetitive trauma (weight lifting)
  • 1/4 is bracing through stress.

Yours may be due to a combination of these listed above or soley from another source.

Anyhoo- I'm fighting the food/inflammation/candida problems with an organic/anti-inflamm diet and a full body cleanse to get rid of the inflammation and as much candida as possible. If you have acid reflux in any way, gerd, have been sent to a GI doctor, or if below your ribs you feel a little bulge...or if the space below your ribs/under your ribs on one side is tighter than the other side, you may have food issues that are causing inflammation in your stomach, colon, liver, and kidneys.

OOOOORrrrr, your diet and stomach may not have anything to do with your Costo. lol. Unfortunately, each case is specific to the make up of your body and thus tons of trial and error is needed to find the smoothest road to healing. Blah. Arg. Gag.

One way to tell if your stomach is contributing or causing your costo is to follow the Margaret Hill Diet and see how you do.

Another option in addition to ant-inflamm. diet is to cleanse. Remember I'm just putting options out there for all of us to try. Feel free to take it or leave it. You know your body best. I'm trusting all of us to use our own filters.

The order to do a a full body cleanse is:

Colon Cleanse (I used Oxypowder, Click HERE for the website)
One Week Break
Parasite Cleanse
Kidney Cleanse
Liver Cleanse
2 week break
Liver Cleanse
2 week break
Liver cleanse

I just completed the 7 day colon cleanse. Without a doubt, I could tell a difference in my pain, so I'm going to continue to trudge through all of the cleanses. The entire process takes a few months. I start the parasite cleanse on Sunday. I'm using Hulda Clarks Parasite cleanse. I'll keep you posted as I go. For the colon, I used Oxypowder after a lot of research and prayer. It's all natural and I took it during the day instead of the nighttime. I'm a nervous nelly with any herbs or I called the headquarters and they told me I could take it during the day. lol. They only reccomend that you take it at night so you can be all "cleaned out" before you go to work.

I took 8 pills a day for 7 days and was very pleased with the results and the product. VERY gentle. Make sure you eat as organic as possibly and add the apple cider vinegar/raw honey as the instructions suggest. Helps things along. lol.

Tip: Also, make sure you eat healthy and organic the day before you start it...this will keep you from having a churning stomach all night or day. Don't be like me and think, "heeeey, I'm doing a colon cleanse starting tomorrow, I'm gunna eat lots and lots of yummy fries today!!!"

....big no-no. Bad Lucy.


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  3. PS- Hillery, Hillery, Hillery- this is not a place to advertise your articles. It's for people in pain, with costochondritis.

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  6. do you still have the costo pain ? did this treatment work ?

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