Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Costochondritis- Kidney Cleanse

I'm on day 7 of my kidney cleanse. So far, so good. CLICK HERE for the product I chose to use. It's easy, not too harsh. I've actually had a couple of days where my pain was less intense....hmmm... We shall see...

2 pills, 3X a day for 15 days.

Not too shabby.
I chose this product because it looked really safe and easy. After the intricate parasite cleanse...what can I say? I was tired. =)

However, if I was to do another kidney cleanse- would have chosen the challenging but only 5 day/ credible Dr. Shultze kidney Cleanse.

Tomorrow I start back up on the organic raw apple cider vinegar in preparation for the liver cleanse next week.

Side effects on the kidney cleanse thus far?
  • lower back pain- started going away today- day 7
  • cloudy Number 1 some days - grooooooss!!!!! But I gotta put it out there for you future cleansers. Sheesh. -)
  • Hard time falling asleep a bit
So far, here's where I am:

To those new to the Costo blog and costo-community- I'm going through the following cleanse:
  • Colon Cleanse -7 days (Oxy powder, Click HERE for info) -CHECK!
  • One Week Break - CHECK!
  • Parasite Cleanse-18 days - CHECK!
  • One Day Colon cleanse with Oxy powder - CHECK!
  • Kidney Cleanse -15 days - (with 4 Oxy powder every few days)....in the middle of it...
  • Liver Cleanse -2 days
  • 2 week break (Liver Cleanse break-but using oxy powder maintenance dose every 3 days)
  • Liver Cleanse -2 days
  • 2 week break (Liver Cleanse break-but using oxy powder maintenance dose every 3 days)
  • Liver cleanse -2 days
Still plugging along on my little train....chug... chug... chug....praying the next stop is the bright city of " Praise God, I'm pain free!" With Costo in the rear view mirror...as road kill.

I dig it.


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  3. Hoping you can help me.

    Here is my story:

    Some things you should know about me first. I am 41, and for most of my life, I have been about 30-40 lbs overweight... and I have very large breasts. I have always had what I called weak stomach muscles.

    About 6 years ago... I started noticing a stiffness in my right side... my right ribcage, as well as some pain in my thorasic spine.

    Saw a Rheumy... she thought I had Ankylosing Spondylitis... but tests revealed I did not have the gene. She was sure of it prior to the tests because I have alot of calcium deposits in my spine.

    About 3 years ago, I was going out of my kitchen door to the garage when I tripped. I fell directly on my right side with my arms over my head ( I was carrying something) so I was unable to catch my fall... I landed on my ribs on the right side. I was very sore, but didnt feel like I had broken anything. However, the pain and stiffness has gotten worse and worse.

    It is to the point now that it is very uncomfortable for me to sit for any length of time.

    On Dec 1st 09, I was put on ADVAIR for my asthma. At the time, I was not sure what was going on.. but the pain began getting so bad in my ribs and back... I was unable to sleep without pain meds... and couldnt even sit down to watch a movie with my family. I had to pile pillows around me and "lean" in order to sit for any period of time.

    The month of December was the worse year of my life. I was sure I was dying... because everyday the pain increased. I was getting sharp jabbing pains, which I began to think might be my liver, because it was in my lower right ribs in the back, which would send a sharp electrical type pain around to my breastbone.

    At the very same time, I found a lump in my right breast and went for a mammo right away. I was told I needed a biopsy. Needless to say, I was sure I had cancer that had already spread to my bones, and perhaps my liver. Like I said, December was so miserable for me... I was sure I was a gonner... wondering what would happen to my kids and husband, sure that I would not live to see another year.

    Much to my surprise, I learned that my lump was benign!! Praise God!!

    I began wondering if Advair might effect arthritic conditions. In searching the internet, I found many, many people who had nightmare side effects. Terrible bone pain, joint pain, rib pain, and spine pain...

    Once I learned this, we decided that I should stop the Advair right away. within 3 days, I noticed an improvment in the pain. I could actually sleep again... only now, waking me up is my asthma... UGH!!!

    I still have this long term rib stiffness and discomfort... its been there for so long, that I cant imagine life without this anymore... What must it be like to be able to move freely?

    Have you ever heard of Costro effecting the back right ribs?
    Have you ever heard of the back where the ribs enter the spine as a place of pain in Costro?

    Sometimes, if I lift something heavy... I can actually feel a rib or something POP out in my mid- upper back... and I will have a jabbing pain for several days...until it goes back in.


    I have been to sooo many doctors. Might try a different Rheumy.... but its been so many years... and lots of $$$ and still no answers.

    Kim in Atlanta Ga.

  4. Kim,

    Thanks for sharing your story with me. Makes me so sad to hear everything you have been through. What a journey and a really tough road.

    In reference to your back question-it adffected mine for 2 years until I started seeing a medical massgae therapist after physical therapy. She has been such a blessing to me. So I feel for you!

    If you are trying to get diagnosed- I'd call around your city to Primary care dcos and pain management docs to see if they are familiar with diagnosing the condition.

    Unfortunately, I'm not a doctor and don't know about the popping in your back or anything of that nature, so I don't think I can be of much help.

    I know it's a really really really tough road going from doc to doc....but keep plugging along.

    I wish I was of more help.I'm always here to listen.

    Rememer, squicky wheel gets the oil and prayers get the peace.


  5. Kim,
    I was so interested in your comment because I am in the middle of diagnosis (5 months of seeing various doctors - 8 months of pain) and I too live in the Atlanta area. I also was given Advair!

    So please share if you find a good doctor for Costo! So far I am most pleased with Dr. Cynthia Elliott, a rheumatologist who is still sending me for lots of tests but does seem to recognize chronic costochondritis but seems determined to find a cause for the inflamation and treat it.

    When I went to the pulmonary doctor before Christmas because Dr. Elliott wants me looked at for chest wall pain, decreased chest wall excursions, and chest tightness to rule out mechanical chest wall dysfunction (??) that Dr. suggested I try Advair while waiting for the test appointment which is this week. I asked her why since I seem to have no asthma and she said to just try it for 6 days and see if there was a difference and that it wouldn't hurt to try. Luckily nothing got worse but it also didn't get better so I stopped. I did ask her if asthma would have anything to do with this pain that began on my left side and she said that would be strange if it did!!! It seems like grasping at straws to me!

    I know Who our Healer is and that He will not leave us or forsake us. Keep your head up and I am praying for you. Support and encouragement from each other is very helpful. Let me know if you discover some answers and I'll let you know what I find too!

  6. Jenni,

    Thanks for sharing all of that! You are a wonderful encourager! How did your appt. go on Thursday?


  7. It was the strangest one yet. I sat in a chair like at the dentist and they put probes behind my ears and on my forehead and plugs in my ears. I sat back and they turned off the lights and had me close my eyes while all kinds of buzzing and clanking went on over the ear plugs! That was it! I get the results tomorrow and I'm sure they'll be fine.
    Pulmonary tests on Thursday!
    BUT I have found something that really helps the pain! My rheumy prescribed a "Flector Patch" (diclofenac epolamine topical patch) 1.3% They last 12 hours. I put mine on my ribs.
    How are you feeling with the cleanse?
    The kids in church prayed for me today. There is no blessing like hearing a 5 year old pray for you!

  8. Go Lucy go!! I think fasting and cleansing is a great way to help your body fight! You ROCK!

  9. Jenni,

    That tests sound wild...what did the results say?

    Ahhhh yes, the flector patch! I use it as well from time to time. It's a great help on tough days.

    The cleanse is going okay...liver cleanse is coming up...I'm apprehensive still...peaceful yet a bit apprehensive. Didn't have a good pain day today. But I'm hoping tomorrow is better.

    That's sooo sweet about the kids praying for you. What a sweet sweet gift.


    Lisa Marie-
    LOL- thanks for the encouragement! =) I miss you and Ballard...can't wait to heal up and come see you amazing ladies!!
    Hugs and more hugs,

  10. Lucy, keep looking up! I know you are weary of this but remember, when Jesus cursed the fig tree it didn't dry up that minute, it was later when they came back that it was withered away down to the root. I am praying for you the same thing, cursing this infirmity and praying that it will destroyed at the root.
    Maybe the cleansing is part of that.
    Of course my results were all clear and fine. No ideas on what is going on. Typical. But at least the Dr. was really nice.
    Thursday breathing test thing.
    Trying to find the balance between going after cure and healing and not letting it consume me! This is not my identity!
    I appreciate you so much and your cheerful giving heart is the one good thing in all this!

  11. Hey Sweet Jenni,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I was a basket of tears reading your comment. -)The fig tree reference...love it.

    You are so right, I'm weary at this point in the journey. Lots of tears this week.

    However, I had a good nights sleep and today is a new day. =)

    So- that is great that they didn't find anything in your tests...keep my posted on the pulmonary test!

    I hear ya on the identity thing. You are right, this is not your identity! You hang in there!!! And I'm praying for you every night. For peace, guidance, and healing.

    Tomorrow is the infamous liver cleanse! Woo-hoo! Let's see how this turns out! Today my pain is less. I'm pumped about it, I'll take it. =)


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