Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Costochondritis- Little Engine that could Cleanse...

Please pray for the people of Haiti...such devastation, so many heroes, too many casualties, and a tight time constraint to get people heart is so broken over this. My husband has a friend down there that we can't find. I feel so helpless...

Donations can be made to the RED CROSS.

Okay....moving on to what seems so small in light of a tragedy so severe....I just concluded the kidney cleanse. Double Yay for that. I'll have to say I'm a fan of the product I chose. Easy, Breezy, beautiful....kidney cleanse. So here's where I am:

To those new to the Costo blog and costo-community- I'm going through the following cleanse:
  • Colon Cleanse -7 days-CHECK!
  • One Week Break - CHECK!
  • Parasite Cleanse-18 days - CHECK!
  • One Day Colon cleanse with Oxy powder - CHECK!
  • Kidney Cleanse -15 days - (with 2 Oxy powder every few days) CHECK!
  • Liver Cleanse -2 days
  • 2 week break (Liver Cleanse break-using oxy powder maintenance dose every 3 days)
  • Liver Cleanse -2 days
  • 2 week break (Liver Cleanse break- using oxy powder maintenance dose every 3 days)
  • Liver cleanse -2 days
Advice I have for the kidney cleanse? If you choose to do it, don't take pills 5 and 6 very late night. Otherwise you'll end up having to hit the ladies room/men's room cleaning out your kidneys and your bladder instead of snoozing.

Next up, liver cleanse. If you're ready for me to get off this cleansing kick, that makes 2 of us. lol.

Chug, Chug, Chug...


  1. Now that's commitment. I would have given up after day 2. Wow.

  2. LOL!

    GIIIIRRRl... YOU are one STRONG lady. This I know for shizzle. =)