Monday, August 17, 2009

Costochondritis- Success Stories

It's really helpful to read what other Costo Sufferes are doing, what's working and what's not. Here are a few links that really helped me out!

Post 1 - Success Story

Post 2 - Success Story

Post 3 - Nip acid reflux in the bid asap

Post 4 This woman healed with a liver flush

Post 5- Lost the post, but a lady healed through using this diet.

Post 6- Colon, Liver, and Parasite Cleanse


  1. I hope I am in the right place to post this??

    I was bereaved in June 2008 – I was, and am, utterly devastated, beyond words. From June 2008 I was initially numb with shock and then in August signed up to do the London Marathon, nearly all my focus was on this. In October 2008 I started having discomfort under my ribs at the front, to the left and right of my sternum. I suffered quite badly with pressure here and indigestion. It did affect my training for the marathon and sometimes made me quite breathless.

    Finally went to the doctor when I had a right sided ache below the ribs and pain up under my right ribs, and burning pain in the left side under left ribs (abdomen area). The doctor thought it was without a doubt, ulcers and prescribed Omeprazole. I don’t think these really did any good. The pain I can only describe as a ‘bulging’ feeling under the ribs at the front like I have an inner tube there too big for the tyre! My symptoms seem to continually change. Returning to the doctor he arranged for an ultrasound to check my gallbladder – it showed no gallstones and looked ‘normal’ – although it apparently showed evidence of a fatty liver, although my liver enzymes from a blood test were normal.

    I did the marathon, but afterwards my grief became more intense as did my symptoms. Pain under the right rib and around under the right shoulder blade (not connected with eating at all) – sometimes pain and bulging in the left side and one of the worst symptoms for me is such discomfort at the base of my sternum, burning and aching all over the chest. I am ok when I go to bed, when I get up in the morning it starts off ok and then I get chest pressure and pressure upwards from the base of my sternum; it is not comfortable for me to sit, I also have a tight bulging feeling under my right arm at breast level. This pressure eases off, but often starts again at around 6 –7 pm when I am winding down from a days work, the burning and soreness stays with me in different degrees of intensity throughout the day. These symptoms also make me quite breathless I should add at this point I have been extremely emotionally stressed and depressed.

    I permanently feel chest soreness inside, my bottom ribs feel very sore, my back is sore and aches and I feel sore through my sternum. The symptoms of costochondritis seem to fit; I would really appreciate anyone else’s input.

    Sorry for the long post, but this site seems so helpful. Thank you everyone

  2. Dearest Judy,

    You are in the right place to post. You can post on any of my posts and I get an e-mail about your post and will respond. So feel free to post anywhere and I'll read it.

    If you would like some of the folks who read it regularly to reply, I'd post it on the the most recent date post in November. Maybe copy and paste what you wrote, then repost it to get more feedback if you like?

    There are some wonderful people in this community who will support you, listen, and give advice as much as you need it.

    It sounds like you haven't been diagnosed? Is this correct?

    If you have been diagnosed, these symptoms seem to fit perfectly for costochondritis. The biggest key for me is that it hurts for you to sit. that's HUGE indicator of costochondrits. I personally always have more pain when sitting and try to avoiding as much as possible. Eek!

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Sounds like you have had a challenging year. And for that, I'm so sorry. Stress is a hugs factor in Costo. It can cause it and exasperate the problem once you have it.

    I'm not a doctor in any way, but one route I'd take is to start eating a healthy diet, lots of fiber, walking daily, possibly do a full body cleanse, and start doing skilled relaxation exercises every day- 2x a day for 20 minutes. You may already be doing all of these things. And if you are, that is awesome! For me, I also did some counseling as well to deal with my stress and emotional turmoil that I was having when the costochondritis began.

    Thanks for letting me know that the site has been helpful to you, that's encouraging for me to hear. I'm here anytime for you.

    Hugs to you,
    Wish I was of more help.

  3. PS- click on the COSTOCHONDRITS logo at the top and it will take you to the most recent post. =)

  4. Lucy - your kindness brought tears, thank you so much. What a lovely supportive web site. No I haven't had a diagnosis, I hate to say it, but my doctor is a bit apathetic. He felt the upper chest below the collar bone for pain and of course mine isn't there. I feel sure it is Costo and fits in with so much I have read here.

    I will repost on the most recent postings.

    Thank you so much Lucy

    Judy xx

  5. Hi Lucy,

    Really enjoyed the Valentine's day marathon story, thank you. You need to read your sign too!

    On post 5 what is the anti-inflammatory diet that the woman had success with? Have you tried it? Is there a book on this?

    Thanks again!

    Many blessings to you, Mychelle

  6. Mychelle,

    Hi friend. LOL, yes you are right, I need to read the sign too! That made me laugh out loud. =)

    oops, post 5 doesn't exist, does it? If I remember correctly, the story was about the Margaret Hill Diet.

    Her name is Sally, the lady who stays healed through this diet. You can find her in the "suffering" chat section of the Teitze facebook page. She's really great.

    I have not tried this diet. But depending on my current test results of food/celiac/intolerance's etc.- it may be a great option in the future. I know that diet is key in a lot of people's healing- and I'm working through this angle right now as well.

    Let me know if you give it a go!