Sunday, August 30, 2009

Costochondritis- Obsessed

I broke my foot 2 years ago. It was really painful. Not to mention that it took 4 doctors to get a diagnoses that my foot was broken. Really? (Insert exasperation) REALLY??!?! Okay, back to kind, slightly irritated again by the memory, Lucy. In hindsight, I'm very blessed by the whole situation and that my foot is all healed up. And I know that the pain pales in comparison to the pain some people go through in their lives. So after my surgery and one removed foot bone later, I worked my butt off with PT, balancing working the foot and resting the foot, going from a wheel chair to crunches, to limping, to walking....and those first few steps across the floor were glorious. Just glorious. It took 18 months to walk pain free....

I think about that moment often. The moment when I took my first step. It motivates me when I think about why in the world am I shutting everyone out and doing this modified bed rest...and is it doing any good?

Okay, I don't think about that moment, I obsess about it. I'm obsessed about the first day when I will breathe pain free all day. I obsess about opening a door without pain. I obsess about picking up my yummy Sonic drink pain free. I obsess about hugging someone as tight as I want to without pain. I am obsessed. I admit it. My latest obsession is about laughing with out the stabbing pain. I am obsessed. And I've turned that obsession into this blog. =)

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