Monday, August 17, 2009

Costochondritis- Anti-Inflamms?

Great question! Your doctor will most likely prescribe you with anti-inflamms. such as Advil, Tylenol arthritis, and others... If you are new to Costo, give them a try if your doctor says to, and if they work...good for you...and I'm very jealous. =) So be very thankful that your case is mild and go on and do great things!!!

I personally tried Etodolac combined with a light prescription muscle relaxer. Talk to your doc about what works best for you and what he suggests. This combination took edge off so I could go to sleep, but didn't come close to touching the real pain.


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  3. Been gluten free for 2.5 months. The pains are less but sometimes flare up. I have tried the health store's natural alternative to ibuprofen. It's called Serrapeptase, marketed under names like SerraGold. If it is too bad to sleep it will usually help soften the pain. For me it takes a double dose. . . . Also have tried pure turmeric powder, well known as a natural anti-inflammatant. I mix a teaspoon with water and lemon for palatability. The effects seem to build up if taken every day for a few. Web Med says taking higher doses can thin the blood so if you are already on blood thinners, do not try. I hope that continuing gluten free will eventually make the pain go away completely.