Monday, August 17, 2009

Costochondritis- Choosing a Doctor

First off, this condition can last for weeks or years (Click HERE for more on how long Costo can last). So choosing a physician that you really trust and really listens to you, is VERY important. To learn about problems to rule out and about misdiagnoses that happen when you trying to get diagnosed with Costochondrits, click HERE.

These are a few physicians that I personally found helpful. Let me know what type of physician helped you!
  • General practitioner- I saw over 15 before I found one that understood the condition.
  • Rheumatologist - My Rheumy helped rule out any auto-immune problems.
  • Internist - My internist ordered several MRI's and chest X-Rays' and helped rule out skeletal problems.
  • Cardiologist- This doctor ruled out any heart issues and helped put my mind at ease....before he told me the pain must be in my head. Meanie. =)
  • Physiatrist- This is a pain management doctor who diagnosed me
PS- If you are near College Station, TX and looking for a diagnoses-make an appt. with Dr. Stonecipher. You can find him at
He mostly does pain management- shots etc. Those did not help me at all. However, he's an expert in diagnosing the condition.

I was told by my first couple of doctors that the pain was in my head and I needed to deal with was crushing...but I refused to listen to them. It took me 2 years and over 75 doctors to be diagnosed. No joke. I was finally diagnosed by Dr. Stonecipher who deals with Costochondritis on a daily bases. After the diagnosis, I was in a lot of pain, but not terrified anymore. So know in your heart that although this pain can become absolutely unbearable and I know it are safe...the pain may kill ya, but the condition won't. =)


  1. ok so what's the doctor doing to help you? I live in illinois and take my son to pain center please give me some idea's to tell his doctor.

  2. Read through my blog if you get some'll get tons of idea. The doctor was not able to help me at pain was due to Celiac disease. Hope you are able to find some great help for your son, I know how hard it is.

  3. ok thanks. Good luck hope you feel better.