Sunday, September 6, 2009

Costochondritis- Day 28 Of Chill Time

Okay, so I'm on day 28 (1 month, go me! =) of modified bed rest/very little talking/still seeing medical massage therapist/ and eating an all vegetarian diet. Really trying to get the inflammation down. So far, the medical massage therapist has helped the most out of all the therapies and meds. I've tried. She's confident that she can get the inflammation out in 6 more months (I've been seeing her for 3 1/2 months). We shall see.

The reason I'm doing all this is that I'm taking a step back. Since my diagnoses wasn't made until 2 years into my condition and I greatly irritated it for 2 years; I'm going back and doing what I would have done if I had been diagnosed early on. Today I'm at...

Pain Scale 1-10 (1 low, 10 High )

Breathing Pain-3
Talking Pain- 5
Moving Pain- 6
Picking up something- 7
Acid Reflux- 0 (yay!!! It's gone, holla!)

Lowlight of the week: My therapy was more intense than it usually is. I hurt pretty bad Tues and Wed- lots of stabbing, pain averaged a 7. Yes. There were tears. =)

Highlight of the week: But then my talking pain was a 3 on Thursday!! A THREE!! That's a first! And it rocked cause I was with my bff, my mom...and I love to gab with her. =) It's Snail Slow Progress. Yet, alas, I will take it. Shocked me. I like that kind of shock. =)

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