Friday, October 16, 2009

Costochondritis- Pain when Laying Down

So you've have a crazy're in lots of pain...and you think to yourself...."I just want to lay down and hide from the world!" You run into your house, throw your stuff down, and gently lay down on the bed. Sigh. Then Relief.

Just when the stress begins to melt away- BAM...the stabbing and pressure attacks you with the vigor of a tiger to a wide eyed Bambi. EWWW!!! That right, I said that. So....OUCH! You sit up, wig out...and start thinking "WHAAAaaaat???????"

So to everyone who's wondering, "can my costochondritis hurt worse when I'm just lying down?" The answer is "yes!" You are not crazy or imagining things. It's a very normal symptom of Costochondritis. Put a bunch of pillows behind you and rest at a 45 degree angle, you'll be much more comfy. For sleeping tips, click here.

So why does it hurt when you lay down on your back? I have no medical clue. Something about gravity, I think, or just something called plain RUDE. Yup, Costo, you are RUDE! ...hmph...and annoying...and no fun at parties. Ever.


  1. My theory on the pain being worse when laying down is this:
    When lying all the way down, your rib cage expands to its fullest, thus pulling those ribs away from your sternum.

  2. Thanks for sharing that!! I love hearing what other costo sufferers know about the condition.