Sunday, November 22, 2009

Costochondritis- Success Story

Here is an excerpt from a post by Sally from the teitze facebook group. She's been doing the Margaret Hill diet and is feeling awesome. So so so cool. I was doing a lot of research about costo, the raw diet, acid reflux, gerd, inflammation, the stomach, and raw apple cider vinegar with raw honey when I came across this post.

"I feel cured, and I am proud to shout it out. I did not have it lesser than you guys, I have really suffered too but using the Margaret Hills' diet I definitely feel cured - I did not have a little of it, or a touch of it, I had full blown Tietze like everyone else and was in the hospital believing I was dying. It was sheer hell.

I am posting only to help where I can and this diet can be partially done to see improvement, and it can be done like this:

1.Remove ALL nightshade vegetables (potatoes, spinach, egg plant, tomatoes etc)

2.add Apple cider vinegar and honey (as Cathy said, 2 teaspoons in a 200ml glass of water, 3 times a day)

if you wish to do more, remove foods that cause inflamation (dairy milk products, animal milks (all dairy but not eggs) junk food, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, citris fruit)


add anti inflammatory foods, such as lean chicken, fish, apples, salad, molasses etc and anti inflammatory herbs: Basil, ginger, turmeric etc

to aid bone improvement and keep inflammation down add a good multi vitamin tablet daily, glucosamine/chroiditine and calcium/magnesium, and vitamin C. (500 OR 1000)

to aid healing and detox add Epsom Salts in the bath once a day (before bedtime as the pores open and this is not good if you are going outside) all I know is listed above and I feel amazing! Please try it guys as it IS curable despite what the doc says. and here is the cure and this will get you going on finding out more about what is good for YOUR body.

This has got to be better than all those anti inflammatory drugs that do not heal the body just help the pain - I know my brother and my mother are following this route and are still suffering. (please do not ask me why they do not listen to my advice - as the answer will be the same as why so many won't listen to my advice here.) It seems it is too much effort, too much to give up etc, well then I do not know what else I can do.

It isn't easy, I know, I have had to do it. It was so hard, but you know what, I would not go back, I have my son back, my health back and we are LIVING! Unless you go for it, things will not improve with the medications, you have to go back to the cause. What has caused the inflammation in the first place, start there, and then take it out."


You can find the Margaret Hill book she followed by CLICKING HERE.

You can read more reviews of the book by CLICKING HERE.

Thanks Sally!


  1. absolutely true! thanks for posting this - I remeber scanning the net and there was no cure to be found and now there is! But remember if you cheat on this diet, the pain and breathing difficulties come right back - its just not worth it!

    good luck everyone - time to beat Teitze and Costo !


  2. reference to the Margaret Hills book that guided me -

    well done everyone! we will beat this thing!

  3. Hi Sally,
    Are you still doing well on the diet? I bought the book after reading your post and have been doing it for about two weeks. I feel better but not yet pain free. I would love to email you directly as I go along with it. I have a few questions. Let me know if its ok with you and I'll leave my email address.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Amy,

    You can find Sally on Tietze facebook page. Just google it and she's in an lot of the discussions there.


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