Thursday, January 28, 2010

Costochondritis- Liver Cleanse #2

Oh mercy. Just finished liver cleanse #2. Up chucked all night because of it. TMI? Why yes, of course. So my costo hurts worse due to the -you-know. Gross. Ouch. Eeek. And ironic, you say? Why yes, course -take 2.

So I won't be doing this particular flush again. =) Me and Olive Oil do NOT get along anymore. Told Miss Oil to go jump in a pond with the leeches. Cause my house is no longer accepting "It'll be a great party with a little up-chuck drink as the main event" applications.

Going to try another liver cleanse that's more gentle in 2 weeks. .....much more gentle. Will I give up? Sheesh. No. I'm telling you. It's that OCD. I can't help it. I'll try at least one more. My goal was 3 and dern it- 3 -I shall have.

The upside? Expelled another 110 stones. TMI again? Yes, of course. But Woo-Hoo for that! I'll let you know if' I'm doing a "my pain is less" electric slide jig this next week. Come on- everyone loves the slide. Even if you can't dance- you can shuffle and slide. Don't lie.

That is all for today, my friends. Hang in there, praying you have peace amidst your storm today. And that you are in the palm of the Ultimate Healer. Where peace truly lives.


  1. Ick you poor thing. I hate the fact that no matter that you have thrown up your kidneys, potentially a lung and sometimes both feet and an eyeball, your body can always find something else to expel at force. That damn carrot bag is never empty even if you haven't eaten a carrot for 6 years. I just thought, do you call it a carrot bag in the US or is that just an Australian thing?? Oh yes I'm pondering the big questions today :)

    I do hope you feel better super soon.

    Michelle :)

    PS there is never TMI LOL

  2. I don't know Michelle but I am SO laughing out loud at your comment! Had a Brit friend once ask, "Why is there always carrot? Even when you didn't eat any?"

    I need to listen more when I'm promptd to encourage you Lucy! I've been feeling like i should for the past 2 days! Hope is your anchor and I am praying that the God of hope will fill you! It's not OCD but endurance! Check this out: http:\\

  3. I meant http:\\


    LOL! Cracking me up. I didn't call it a carrot bag before- but I am now!! Done...bringing it to the US!

    Thanks for the empathy....I know the up chuck party routine is way too familiar with you. Next time it happens to you, come here and I will listen all day long and then some- cause it's HORRID!

    I'll keep the TMI comments a coming... haha. when i was telling my brothers about this experience...they were all grossed out. I told them lovingly that they were big baby pansies, and that I'd had just have to share with my blogging buddies then. haha.


    You sweet thing, thanks for the encouragement. Not gunna lie- I've been a party pooper the past few days. =) Struggling with "how do you know when to accept what you have and live with it or keep fighting for healing?" Ya know? I'm really praying about this. I'm headed to the website you suggested right now to check it out.

    Thanks for letting me know you felt prompted to encourage me. Something cool like that really reminds me that God still has my case on his desk. =) Much appreciated.

    I like that "it's not OCD, it's endurance." Nice!

    And Jenni, please know that I pray for you daily during my chill time with God. I pray for your wisdom, healing, discernment, and peace through this.

    And Michelle, since your condition really sucks too- you landed on my prayer list too. =)

    Hugs to you both, ladies!