Sunday, January 31, 2010

Costochondritis- The Granny Stroll

Today I was doing my granny walk in the fitness center. And everyone around me was like running marathons at lighting speeds...and doing military sit-ups, and the for rizzle pull ups. It was like someone had posted a "only real athletes can work out today" sign and I TOTALLY missed the memo.

Before my Costo days. I now call them my ignorant glory days...I use to watch people "stroll" in the gym and would think to myself..."pansies....that ain't gunna cut it...they need to kick it up or just go to the old lady water aerobics class." GASP. Was I that rude in my head? Yes. Why yes, I say. Which I'm quite ashamed to admit. But since my pride and my hot pink work-out tank tops made off with my push-up bras to a beach in Mexico- I can openly admit to such ridiculous thoughts now. With vigor.

Oh me. oh My. The things we learn as we grow older. And the lesson of this little tale? You never really know what someone is going through. Never. And grace is a much more beautiful and colorful quality than judgement.

And you know what? My aunt who is totally bedridden with MS? She'd loved to be doing the granny stroll. So today... in honor of my ever positive and cool Aunt Jenny, I strutted my granny stroll on the treadmill like I was cooler than the new ipad with wings. And I let go of what others were thinking of me. Thanks Aunt J. (Insert We are the Champions song and a janky hip shake for the victory dance).


  1. Lucy! You are God's favorite! (Did you know that all of us can say that and it's true?!) Death to self-righteousness and pride! But dear friend, keep going! And in answer to your last response to me...don't accept this. I don't understand the mystery, but I believe with all my heart that we should continue to contend for healing. I know you have been in this battle much longer but let others come and hold up your hands when you get tired. "Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength, They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall RUN and not be weary, They shall WALK and not faint."

  2. Lucy,
    I don't want to come off like a complete stalker but I'm trying to take a different approach. You seem to be one of the few people I know who is just as committed to healing as I am. I was wondering if there would be anyway to contact you to have a back and forth discussion (gmail chat, yahoo chat, aim, fb, anything!) I think we both probably have some valuable information on what has helped and hurt us in the past, and maybe if we work together, we could put together some of the pieces we couldn't on our own.

    Totally not a stalker (just a costo-enthusiast),

  3. JENNI-

    You precious soul Thank you SO MUCH for the encouragement. I really needed it yesterday and you were a huge blessing to me. Love the verse. Spot on! You are right- no giving up!!!! So get this...yesterday I called into a doctors program and got onto to the radio show and told the doctor all of my sympotms (this same Dr. told me what to do for my ovarian cycst and there are GONE now)! So I called back in to let him know that my cysts were gone...and I felt promted to tell him about the costo...thinking..."there is no way he can help me- but hey- gotta give it a shot."

    He listened to me and asked me a bunch of questions and told me I had Celiac disease! It really shocked me. So I did a lot of research and i'm going to do the whole gluten free lifestyle 100% and see how it affects my pain.

    He told me that if I adopted that life style and made sure to get on some good supplements (minerals etc) that he reccomended- I would be feeling amazing in a month or so.

    I've really been mulling over it...but it makes so much sense...I've been told my small intestines (where celiac starts) are not digesting protien. It's WILD! He said I would be costo-pain free if I lived celiac diet lifestyle with no slip ups. So...I'm being calm about it...trying not to get too excited, and going to take it one day at a time and see how it goes. I'm gunna post about you may see repeat chatting going on here. =) lol. Interesting stuff, huh?
    I am praying for you every night!!! How's this week been for you?



    Lol. You crack me up. I would have proclaimed ant-stalker stuatus as well if I was trying to connect with someone with this condition. lol. Funny stuff.

    So FB chat would be perfect...why don't you send me the link to your FB page? Once you send it to me, I can delete the post so that your link won't be out there, if you like.

    So let's set a time and chat it up on FB chat! Thursday 2-7PM works for me this week, as well as Friday- any time until

    I'm all about communicating with others who want to heal!!!

    Hang in there everyone!!!!!!

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  8. Woo-Hoo! Costo chat it up time!

    Question: What do you think about posting your thoughts and questions here so others can read about your experience?

    I know that my comment section isn't the fastest way to chat- lol. But I think it rocks that you are digging and trying to really heal-and I starting thinking about it...and I'm sure others would love to read what your thoughts/questions/experiences are. And what I have to say back at ya- not that I'm an expert or anything- lol- just a little crazy and a lot hopeful.

    Thoughts? You know you want to!!!!! =)

  9. Lucy--

    I so empathize with the workout comparisons...I'm in a weight training class right now. I can do everything fine as long as I don't overdo it since my costo is minor, but I still feel like a schlob when I can barely do a sit up.

    Tomorrow is my first strength test so thanks for the inspiration to remember that I am weak but He is strong! :)

  10. R-

    You are so right, He IS strong!! Thank you for sharing that with me! I'm about to hang out with Big Man Upstairs, I'll pray about your class tomorrow! I can't imagine being in a weight class with this condition- EEK!!! You hang in there!!

    Hugs to you!

  11. Lol Lucy you're very funny.

    But yeah I'd love to post my thoughts on here!!! In the beginning, I figured if I googled costo I would be able to learn more on it, but professional treatment suggestions are meager to say the least. So yea, I'd love to post anything, even our convo. If we can figure something out, I want everyone else to as well.

    Alternative non-related to costo news:

    I have also deactivated my fb account until Thursday at 8:30am, so friend request me then. ^^^Random I know :p, just deal lol.

    Good and bad news: I just got employed at a 9-5pm job. Now I can't make the 4pm talk on Thursday. We can still talk at 6-7pm when I get home though...does that work for you?


  12. J-

    Congrats on your job- woo-hoo!! Wonderful for you!

    I'm unable to chat it up at 6 tomorrow- eek!

    Okay, since we are both activating/deactivating/having fun scheduling issues- haha!- Let's just chatty chat right here on this lovely comment section. =)

    So tell me what's going with you, your story, and how you think my crazy self may or may not be able to help your crazy self.


  13. Lucy,

    Urgent! I got off from work early. My acct is up and activated and I can do 4pm!!! Please friend request me or post on here if you can still do it!


  14. J-

    We can talk back and forth on here. Tell me what's going on with you and what your thoughts with costo are.


  15. *wakes up from nap and frantically runs to cost website only to discover he's been rejected...sighs*

    Okay, here goes.

    I'm a 20 yr old male who got costo from a rigorous rowing incident. I've had costo for almost 2 years.


    And I've got a bunch of questions for you.

    1. How do you check to see that your cost is still around? Is there a certain movement that you do or can you just feel it regularly without movement? Is it only on one side?

    2. Is your chest tender? Can you feel it underneath your clothes?

    3. What methods of pain alleviation help you? Have you ever seen any kind of improvement or is it too hard to tell?

    4. What kinds of natural anti-inflammatories are there? I'm worried that I am taking too many Ibuprofen and needing to get my kidneys flushed.

    5. How often would you say you check for pain and if so, how do you check for it? Do you think this leads to increased inflammation?

    6.a. Has you ever felt this kind of pain in your back?

    6.b. Is yours only on one side and if so, which side?

    7. What would you say is your daily schedule (Heating, diet, exercise) relating to costo and what methods you think have helped?

    8. Do you believe in the possibility that costo needs to be inflamed in order to get blood flow to the area in order to be healed?

    9. What did you in the two years where you were not diagnosed with costo? Did you just continue to work out regularly?

    10. What was the exact exercise that led to you having costo?

  16. J-

    You crack me up! I did not reject you! lol. But I hear where your coming from. I just think this way is easiest and the least complicated. So we're rolling with it! =)

    So give me some time to answer these questions. Good questions. Hope I can be of some help. Check back in the next couple of days, k?


  17. I just came across this blog today. This post made me laugh, because I know exactly what you mean by "the granny stroll"! And I have been feeling so down about it. And then, I read about your Aunt Jenny... you are right... I will now be thankful for the Granny stroll! Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. Hi Jen,

    Welcome to the blog. Thanks for your comment! And thanks for laughing with me, lol! =) Hope you get to feeling better so soon. I'm so sorry you are struggling with this condition. Let me know if I can help in any way.