Thursday, February 4, 2010

Costochondritis- I have WHAT!?

On Monday I called a doctor who does a national radio physician show -(3 shows,5 days week). It's pretty cool. You call in, talk to him about your symptoms (for free) and he tells you his thoughts. I've followed his work for years- his books etc....My mom knows this dude, so I felt comfortable calling in 4 months ago to talk about ovarian cysts (had them for 4 years- blah). Buuut after his help, I have NO MORE cysts as of 2 months ago. YAY! TMI? Of course! Wouldn't be a post with out it. You know this. But very good stuff, none the less. And I did a big ol' electric slide jig to celebrate.

So I called back in to tell him that my cysts were gone and thank him for taking the time to listen to me...and I thought...I'm going to talk to him about my costo...then I was like "no...there is NO way he will be able to help me..." Sigh. But my OCD in cahoots with the Holy Spirit opened my mouth and out came in a fast tumble, "I have costochondritis, it's terrible, and doctors don't kow what to do with me." lol.

He proceeded to ask me quite a few questions about my symptoms....and he learned that I have had psoriasis, gum disease, too much protein in my blood, my small intestines are not digesting food, I have pressure in my stomach as well as the ribs, that Costo gets worse after eating wheat, fried foods, dairy, and tomatoes. He learned that I've had odd bouts of inflammation problems such as gum issues, etc...even before the chest pain came in and turned me up side down.

Then after he kept firing questions at me...he said, "I'm about to make your day, young lady." I was like..."ummmm..okay." He then proceeded to tell me that I have CELIAC DISEASE. Silence..... Cricket..... Cricket.

I have WHAT????????!!!!!!!!!!

I was in shock. Still am, to be honest. He talked to me about how it can manifest itself into Costo.

Celiac Disease is an inherited auto-immune disease in which the small intestines are damaged by the consumption of wheat, barley, rye, and all gluten. Which is wild, because my Dad has many issues related to his stomach and eating. I have always thought maybe I just inherited his sensitive stomach. But nope. He gave me a freaking disease. lol.

The Dr. shared that in the month following, if I cut out gluten, the inflammation in my body would cease, including my Costochondritis. Wow.

There is a part of me that is excited and hopeful all over again. This diagnoses is the only explanation for all the odds things that have happened in my body. May have to change the name of the blog. lol. Just kidding, folks. And the other part of me is tentative. So many false hopes over the years. You all know how this goes. Buuuuuut, you gotta celebrate the hope! So I'm doing a little 80's jig. Woo-Hoo!

I wasn't going to share all of this but maybe some one out there, reading this, has these symptoms and this crappy condition, and can get out this pain! I don't know... But if you suspect it, you can cut out all gluten and see what happens. Cool, huh?

So I'm done with the cleansing for now. I lied about doing flush #3. Sorry, folks. I'm DONE! Well, maybe I didn't lie...just decided to call it a day. lol. Now on to a gluten free diet...we shall see. One day at a time. And if this is the answer, wow. If it's not, I'll keep a digging. So you better do the same. =)


  1. So who is this freaky doc of knowledge???? I thought doc's like that were an urban myth like people who actually enjoy tofu!

    That damn celiac's! Just a tip it can take more than 6 weeks to remove the gluten and the inflammation it can cause so don't worry if it doesn't happen quickly. I am wheat free (but due to fructose malabsorbtion) and had to go free for 3 mths to clear my system and then try little bits to see if I reacted again (who knew so much evil was stored in a slice of bread, very bad). You can get a blood test to look for an antibody from celiacs, not 100% but may be worth a look. Colonoscopy is the only 100% way but having been there I don't recommend that unpleasantness to anyone. I do feel that the doc should at least buy you dinner before putting a camera in you nether regions. (ok now that may be TMI, LOL)

    Even if it drops your pain from 8/10 to 6/10 that's always a bonus :)

  2. Rusty Hoe-

    NEVER TOO MUCH TMI!!! HAHA! Love it.

    Can I just say that every time I see the "Rusty Hoe" in the name of my comment section- it always gives me a good laugh. And for that, I thank you.

    Thanks for letting me know more info about how long it could take and such for the gluten free to give me relief- I really really appreciate that. have BEEN THROUGH IT! I was like "wow...she's even had to go WITHOUT BREAD?!?!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH WORLD, HAS SHE NOT BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH?!" I'm just saying.

    Thanks for the heads up about the test. I'll check into it. Good stuff.

    Aaaand about the doc and the not so fun booty time they call a colonoscopy- I agree, not interested- eek!...and RUUUUUUUUUUUN!

    And you are right, if if just takes the pain down a notch, it's totally worth it.

    About that mythical's his website. And for some reason, they have him dressed up like an awkward cowboy. They must have taken that pic millions of years ago- he's 70 now- but really smart.


  3. See I was most disturbed by the lack of bread thing too. It's all about priorities and it's just not right. Most gluten-free bread tastes like a piece of cardboard with a hint of despair:( Oh bread, how I miss your soft, comforting, carb-loaded goodness.

    I will have to say I have never heard of a colonoscopy being refered to as a booty call! LOL. That's kinda wrong, but after some of the ER stories you hear, not that surprising. I actually watched a doco the other day about people who marry inanimate objects like walls, balustrades and even an archery bow, after that I believe it will take a lot to shock me :)

    Ok I may not be able to take a 70 year old man in chaps seriously, but I will check him out.

    Michelle :)

    PS glad my Rustyness can bring you a giggle. I'll take that as my one good deed for the day.

  4. HAHA...

    Okay, I feel really bad about calling it a booty call. You are so right- that's just WRONG. LOL! Me and my mouth....that's what I get for trying to be funny. haha!

    70 year old man in chaps? HAHA...gotta tell my mom that one.

    And yes, "Rusty Hoe," I giggled again, never fails. =)