Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Costochondritis- Food Allergies

Is it my opinion that everyone with Costochondritis should be tested for food allergies? Yes. If for no other reason that I had to do it, so you should too. =) lol. I'm kidding, people. I get tested more for celiac next week, but today was food allergy day.

Seriously though, if you suspect something like a food allergy is causing inflammation to light up your body like it's Christmas at Easter, then you need to find out what it is, nail it in a coffin, and get better. End of story.

I didn't notice that food affected my chest pain until about a year ago...weird? Yes. But really, is there anything normal about any of us? I'm just saying. Don't you leave me and try to get on the normal side of the tracks! -).......tisk. But if you must leave the world of "invisible but painful," I will throw you a party and dance a jig. And not just any jig- a seriously good one worthy of such an occasion.

So I got tested today just to rule out one more thing. Do I really think I have a food allergy? Not really...but since my pain is so affected by the foods I eat- gotta rule it out. Do I secretly hope I have one and will be healed by avoiding it? Ummm...that's a yes.

I drank like a 100 ounces of water by noon so that the process wouldn't suck. I have issues. haha. But my mom, who is recovering from cancer...and has a total rock star, (who held my grown up self's hand via my panic) told me some good stories to keep my mind off of the vampire lady. Kuddos to my amazing mom. Big time.

But before Vampire lady came to get me, I saw the woman who tried to get my blood last time...who poked my already violated arm a million times...and then a million more, and then I passed out b/c we (and by we, I mean her) kept taking the needle in and out while trying to fill up 6 bile's of blood. I froze.

I was mortified I might get her you know those moments when you are planning your escape in your head, (but in your head you are dressed in a super cute hero outfit with adorable non-hurting high heals and a perfect set of ribs, and then you drop kick the villain and swing gracefully out the window into Superman's arms?) Yeah, that didn't happen. Thankfully though, I got saved by someone else, Vampire lady #2, who was good (if I don't pass out- she's good). So the first Vampire lady was off the hook from my crazy rampage and escape. Lucky her.

Moral of random rant?
Get tested if you suspect food allergies.
Please pick your Vampires wisely.
Always have cute high heels in your escape plan.
That is all.

Okay, so after some wonderful questions in my comment section, I wanted to add a little Q &A in the event that you may be wondering some of the same things.

What tests did you have done and for what foods?
I had a food allergy test done. I went to my doctor (any Dr. can order this test, which is awesome), talked with her about a list of foods that I noticed a difference in my pain after I ate them and told her I wanted the test done. I was a little bold. =) This list included:

French Fries
Anything Fried
Large Meals

The doctor then made a list of foods (called a panel), and made sure there was a general food panel test (includes about 40 of the most popular food allergies) and added any additional foods that I was suspicious of.

Next, after you complete those steps, you then take that sheet and go to your nearest pathology lab, they draw blood- and 7 days later, you meet with your doctor to discuss the results.

If there's do I isolate certain food groups or more preciously certain spices mixed into our foods?

If there is relief, that's awesome. You'll have to do some food journaling and detective work to find out what's making it worse and then really work to eliminate those foods. You can totally do this! Most folks with Costo who have food issues are affected by nightshade foods: potatoes, tomatoes etc.

As per the spices, Eek- I don't do lots of spices, so that's out of my realm, wish I was of more help here!

Do you use cayenne spice in your food?
I personally don't, only because my plate is full with trying other things, not because I don't think it's awesome. I've heard some positive reviews from it, but haven't tried it myself. Great questions!

Hugs to everyone!


  1. I didnt know that there was a link between the two:/ I will have to talk to my dr about it. I made my first appt for Chiropratic services and a medical massage to see if it will help my costo at all.

  2. Hi Lucy,

    I just realised you had a blog so have popped over for a look. I've never heard of Costo before, it sounds extremely painful. Is it very rare?

    It looks like you've got a fantastic site here - I realy like those polls you've got down the right hand side of the page. Good luck to you, I hope those allergy tests come back positive (or should that be negative?! It's so hard to tell with tests!)

    take care,
    ps your mum sounds awesome. My dad is like that - and it makes soooo much differce.

  3. Hello Lucy,

    What tests did you have done and for what foods?

    As I have said I am planning a 30 day cleanse with all raw foods...hoping to have some dumb founded to how I check certain foods for allergy though. If there's do I isolate certain food groups or more preciously certain spices mixed into our foods? I don't know just a new avenue to persue in the ever increasing wow this REALLY hurts and I am tired of hurting 24/7. It feels as if I get use to the pain at one level finally and then it steps up to a whole new level?

    Do you use cayenne spice in your food?

    FYI: Just started Carlson's Fish Oil lemon flavor liquid with 1600 mg. of fish tast.

    I really enjoy your blog. Thank you thank you thnak you.

    gentle hugs, Mychelle

  4. Hi Again...on the FYI: I meant taste not tast.
    and thank not thnak...



    That ROCKS that you are trying some more options this week. Keep me posted on how you are doing? I pray one of those gives you some relief!

    And yes, isn't that wild that food can cause or irritate our costo? I'm really looking into this option since they seem to be related in my you notice a difference in your pain when you eat?

    Thanks for the props about the blog. I really appreciate that- tons. It's been a real blessing to me. Costo is wild, huh? Unfortunately, 3 in 10 people with chest pain have costochondritis, but the amount of people who have it longer than 6 weeks is a much smaller group. It usually goes away in most cases, which rocks. But with me, not so much. lol.

    And I hope the allergy tests come back positive to! haha. =) Glad you have your Dad as well- you are so right- it makes all the difference. What a gift our families are.

    Girl, I'm SO glad you enjoy the blog. That really is an encouragement to me, so thank you for taking the time to share that with me!

    I think that is AWESOME that you are going to do some gentle cleansing and try eating raw. You rock it out, girl! Will you keep me posted on how it goes?

    As far as the food allergy questions you asked, those are very valid points and great questions. Check my food allergy post again in like 30 minutes (hopefully it will be posted when you get here!) and I'll answer those great questions. (I'll add those answers to the bottom of the post).

    Hugs to everyone, you all inspire me!!

  6. Go Lucy

    Ahhh those damn vampires. Not only are they on TV every 3 seconds or every second movie but they hang out in real life! Why the hell don't they look all sexy and brooding like on TV? No it's always some fake-smile, middle aged woman, who says "Just relax and it'll all be ok". LIAR!!!!!!! Ok I may have issues with my own vampire. I think it could be the fact that she looks like Kathy Bates in Misery and uses a mallet on my arm to get the blood. Maybe I can threaten her with a big glass of holy water next time? (Ok must apologise may be delirious due to low bp. I'm pretty sure 80/45 is not good for sanity!).

    Do you think Jimmy Choo does super hero high heels? I think I'd like mine with a couple of Swarkoski crystals (every super hero needs to sparkle) and a killer 5inch heel.

    I so hope you get some relief from this. Though an allergy to french fries is just wrong. So I'm rooting for the Tomato as the culprit.

    Rusty Hoe :) (yep just going with the whole rusty bit now just for you)

  7. Michelle,

    You rock. I'm sorry I keep bringing up Rusty Hoe- lol. I just love it so! It not only captures your sense of humor, but how everyone with an invisible illness feels. And let me check......yup, still makes me laugh.

    And you are right, TV is such a Vampire LIAR!!!!! I couldn't stop laughing reading about "No it's always some fake-smile, middle aged woman, who says "Just relax and it'll all be ok". LIAR!!!!!!! " You are so right. Spot on! haha.

    And yes, I'm rooting for the tomato too. lol! Thanks for the tomato support, I truly appreciate it. =)