Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Costochondritis- Celiac Q & A

This is my 100th post....wow.
That deserves an electric slide with a pop and lock to finish it off- dance.

To those new to the blog, welcome- I've just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, the reason for my Costochondritis. To my normal peeps, may I just say thank you with all my heart to everyone who has been celebrating with me! It has warmed my heart soooooooo much. You all are such a life line to me. Seriously, I have lots of luv for you people, no lie. That's right, I said luv. Cause I'm attached to all you crazy cats. That's how I roll. All attached and stuff.

So the past week has been a wee bit NUUUUTs! My mom had her last surgery from her breast cancer battle and she's doing amazing. Cancer free looks good on her. And so do her new boobies! You knew I was gunna TMI on you. I can't stop it. So I've been with her a lot and loving it. Soooo...I won't lie, I've been unbelievably excited about the new Celiac diagnoses. And going gluten free is wild. I have slowly...okay, whom I kidding, I've been like a gigantor tornado trying to make sure everything that remotely comes near my body is gluten free. I have the food down, then yesterday I started checking the gluten content on all my vitamins, thyroid meds , makeup, shampoos, laundry detergent, leave in conditioners, hairsprays, hand soaps etc...so I've been on the phone for like 10 years so far, calling all the manufacturers, making sure that what's on my body is gluten free. I thought I was going gluten free...yeah...no...not so much. I feel a little jaded- lol-...because I was SHOCKED at how I'm practically bathing in gluten every day. One of my vitamins has gluten, my hairspray- (ewww- I'm INHALING it!? lol.), my lipstick, my mascara...AHHHH!!!! ....and the list goes on. This is encouraging- so folks, I have yet to make it one full day without putting it on my person. And I thought I was all gluten free already. oops.

I tried to cook something gluten free and well....I still have to work on what a square is. chuckle.

Alrighty then, let's get to business, here are some Q & A from my comment section, here we go!

Did you have an endoscopy? My G.I specialist suspected all my issues were coming from my stomach and wanted to do a endoscopy to check my small intestines. I showed up for the procedure at the hospital, the smell just blew me over, and I went down hill from here- hives, shaking, panic, a full blown PTSD episode and all. Glorious. My fault for not going to this hospital before hand and walking through and letting my body adjust before the procedure. So no...no endoscopy for me....soooo we went a different route.

How did you come to the diagnoses of Celiac? So here's the delio- when the 90 year old Dr. in chaps-lol- Michelle!!...told me he thought I had Celiac, I started rocking out the gluten free diet (or so I thought!). This meant that my gastro doctor could not do any normal Celiac tests on me unless I wanted to go back and do a "gluten challenge" for a month. I most certainly did not, I had started to feel better and there was no looking back. So this is how I was diagnosed:

  1. My blood was packed with protein.
  2. After 5 weeks of being mostly gluten free, I started having heart palpitations, so we did a blood test to check my thyroid 2 weeks ago- and it confirmed that my meds were waaay too strong due to my body beginning to heal without gluten in it- super cool. (Heart Palps are one major symptom to thyroid meds being too strong- and since the only change I'd made was the gluten, I requested that it be tested....no, that's a lie- I called and sorta demanded it...in a nice but- I've had this crap for way too long and my heart is skipping beats, run his test now...sort of voice.).
  3. Then we did a blood test that showed I was experiencing malapsorbtion- a marker for Celiac. If you are consuming gluten, you can do a stool test for this.
  4. And last, we did Genetic testing, the test I was waiting on. Mine came back positive, positive, positive. I can back with the strongest DNA combination for Celiac disease that you can have. Holla!
  5. So with those results and my symptoms, the conclusion was Celiac. ta-da!
Are there other ways to conclude Celiac? Sure, absolutely. I did the best I could with where I am in my life. I wish I could have done the endoscopy. But it's all good. Other Celiac and more traditional tests can be checked out HERE.

Do you feel better being off gluten?
Crap yes- I feel better! Healed, No. But one day at a time. Here is what I have slowly noticed:

  • My headaches are GONE. (Insert booty shake victory dance here)
  • I can wake up easier. While on heavy gluten, I can easily sleep 14 hours a day. If you suffer from fatigue or mood swings, maybe getting checked would be a good option.
  • My insomnia is gone
  • I think I'm a Celiac who's stomach hates Citric Acid- steering clear
  • My nails are starting to grow
  • My back pain /tightness is releasing more and more each day
  • My right neck/shoulder pain is getting less and less
  • My stabbing attacks have almost stopped and my breathing is getting better and better. My pain is about 25% less than it was 6 weeks ago. Am I nervous it won't all together go away? Yes. Si. For Shizzle . I totally am. But I can't focus on that, I have to focus on the task at hand: Target gluten. Slay Gluten. Then run like mad from the SOB... So yes, I still have Costo and I have no idea how long it will it will hang around. I'll keep you posted.
  • TMI ALERT, PEOPLE! I'm not constipated anymore if I stay away from dairy and gluten, and I don't have diarrhea any more due to staying away from canola and palm oil. Here's the deal...can't believe I'm going to say this.Ugg. The next time you visit the loo, check out your ...(you know)...and if it's soft, fluffy, light brown, and one long tube-ish , and you have this little experience once or preferably 2 or 3x a day, chances are your digestive system is SUPER happy with you! But if you are constipated, have diarrhea-ish/ or stringy/ or pile-ish poo etc...then yes, getting checked for Celiac could be a good thing. Mercy,I want to wash my hands just writing about it. AHHH!!!

So what do you eat now? Well, Since my tummy is so jacked up, I'm not drinking cokes, or eating gluten, dairy, soy, corn, or any oils. Not until my stomach is healed. I hoping to add corn, soy, oil, and possibly dairy back into my diet after 6 months to a year. So currently I'm eating a pretty plain all organic diet:

How does it feel to have this answer? Weird, amazing, overwhelming, peaceful...and just right. I feel like a I just met a weird brother I never knew I had, ya know? But one that I want to shake with excitement...and then make him go square dancing with me and tell everyone we are related. Even though he's ugly and awkward and I'm pissed off at him, I'm proud to finally know him. I also feel a little guilty. I know there are so many amazing people out there waiting for their good news of healing. It's so strange to go from, "I'm a girl with Costo" to " I have Celiac." I'm still in shock. But I feel really blessed, and eternally grateful to God for this gift. After walking through the past 3 1/2 years, living the anti-gluten life will be my honor. And I know in my heart that I will never feel bad for myself for being a gluten freak, cause this kind of freakishness is totally welcome. Bring it on!

If you'd like to check out another great chick who has costo and Celiac as well- you can follow Alyssa's healing journey at Young and Going Gluten Free.

What did you do when I found out? Well...my hubby and I quietly celebrated all day on Friday. He brought me roses, very sweet....and then I got money and went shopping!! haha! It was awesome! I love shopping by myself and never do it anymore...I mean...am I going to ice my ribs in bed in a comatose state while in a new pair of hot jeans before I drag my exhausted self to the granny stroll? Nada. But maybe one day....so did I buy a pair of super sexy unneeded pair of hot jeans and a romper that is OH SO CUTE??!- You bet I did!! I went crazy. lol. I even bought lipstick. What?! Then my hubby rubbed my feet Friday night and we watched a chick flick. It was such a quiet, but really joyful and peaceful day. I was in awe and shock all day. And you know I strolled extra saucy during my granny stroll..uh huh!

Are you going to do a Celiac blog?
You know it!! It's in the works.

Alright folks- wanted to add a few random links where folks are chatting about Costo and Celiac:
Chatty Link 1
Chatty Link 2
Chatty Link 3
Super Long but AWESOME Link 4
Chatty Link 5
Random person with Costo and Celiac

Here's a website with more Celiac info and both GI and non-GI symptoms of Celiac

And remember, I'm not saying that everyone with Costo has Celiac. What I AM saying is that it's one more option to check out: if you notice your costo gets worse after you eat...or your attacks happen sometimes when you aren't lifting anything at all (sign of delayed gluten reaction) or just chilling, get yourself checked for Celiac. If you're looking to get tested on your own, cause your doctor is a knuckle head, these are some great tests in the USA:

My Celiac ID
The University of Chicago Celiac Testing Center

Well, that wraps up this post. Let me know what I can answer- or if I can help in any way. Much luv and prayers to everyone. May you feel the hope seeping through this blog to you, and the peace of God leading you to towards healing.


  1. That photo is absolutely gorgeous. You look so beautiful and beaming. Even your words are glowing. I'm so excited for you. So glad your mum is on the mend too, for both of you, and your family. I have a fab gluten free chocolate brownie recipe for when you are back on fats and oils (lot of butter). In fact I'm eating a piece of it right now. I shall dedicate it to you :)

    PS high five to your hubby for the feet rubbing. that's bliss.

  2. Okay and I've only just realised I failed to mention your 100 posts of awesomeness. You da WoMan Lucy!!! I think there needs to be a little dancing done by we your devoted followers in your honour. Imagine something along the lines of that Black Eyed Peas/Oprah YouTube vid. I'm so proud of you and feel lucky to call you my bloggy sister :)

  3. Aww thanks for the shout out Lucy :)

    I'm so happy you're feeling so much better. My costo's been a lot better too, but I think I have a dairy intolerance starting to show itself, so its back off dairy for me! Blah.

    The things we must do to actually feel good. lol

    Congrats on 100 posts! :)


  4. Rusty Hoe,

    Thanks so much for the sweet compliment about the photo!! =) And for shizzle, I would LOOOVE that recipe when my tummy doesn't do the "runs dance" anymore. HAHA! Thank you!! YUM!

    LoL- that Oprah dance was awesome. Thanks for doing a booty jig for me. You rock! Serioulsy, thank you for celebrating with me. That means so very much to me.

    Yo Bloggy Sister,

    I'm so glad you are feeling better too. YAY! I hear ya on the dairy- I tried some cheese last week...oops. lol. And you're so right, if the tummy cries treason, there must be a reason!" Or so Elizabeth Hasslebeck says.=)

  5. omg lucy this is amazing news for you!!! i just read most of the last page and im not sure if i am comenting in the right place and if youll even see this- but i am so very happy and releived for/with you. good luck to you on your newest journey! i find it all so interesting.... i have some questions, which youve prlly already answered somewhere, but im wondering, first of all: did you never know from the start how you got costo? had you had an idea before you got the celiac dx what caused your costo? i too have an wheat intolerance and have been wheat free for 2 years. as far as i can tell i do ok with other forms of gluten. i had an endoscopy recently and my (smart) GI doc thought the stomach/esohph was innocent in all of this. i dont notice any worsening of symptoms (costo) after i eat. can you help me figure out if i need to rule out celiac now? oy. somehow i dont think so, but id appreciate any words of wisdoem. thanks lucy., . btw- pamela's gluten free mixes rock! check em out. love to you.

  6. also... meant to include this in the above... my costo experience began on the heels of a bout of bronchitis. from what ive read, this is a common way for costo to begin. ive always assumed that the costo in my ribs was from that virus.... after reading about your gluten revelation, i feel i should continue hunting for a reason. i guess what i am trying to say is, since i still have the gosh dard thing in spite of knowing the reason for it, maybe i really dont know the reason after all? at what point do we stop hunting?

    i also wanted to ask how you are doing with your vocal restriction? how has the voice been lately? pleeease let me know if you come upon any revelataions there- i go back to work (music teacher) in a few weeks and i still have no relief for the voice. scared. to say the least.... love to you again.

  7. Sup girls :))

    Ok this is nice, without gluten + natural anti-inflammatory = pain is GONE ! awesome !

    Oh and I still do gym ! but some exercise I still cant do them, rest is fine I can say I use serios weight :)

    Omg I love these pinguins from down page =))

    see ya !! thanks for info Lucy babe :)))

    I know I know my english sucks, sorry :)))

  8. Dear Anonymous #1,

    Yes, this is a great place to comment. =) I get e-mails when my amazing readers comment, so no matter where you land- I will find you- LOL. Thanks SO much for being excited with me!!! That really means a ton to me, so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Okay as far as the question, "did you never know from the start how you got costo? had you had an idea before you got the celiac dx what caused your costo?" Ansr- I thought my Costo started due to stress and weight lifting. I now know that my celiac was the cause for my costo.

    As far as do you need to look into Celiac more? Well, of course i'm no doc. =) - but this may or may not help....for me- I never noticed that my pain was worse immediately after consuming gluten either. I noticed if after oils, dairy, and tomatoes- but not until 2 years of living with Costochondritis. One thing with Celiac is that you can react several days after consuming the gluten. So noticing a difference in the pain after a person eats- it's probably a side effect of Celiac or a direct result of it depending on how damaged the intestines are and how a body reacts. A person can have Celiac and not have any GI symptoms- wild huh? My only Celiac symtom was costo for 2 years- then all Hell broke loose. Amy I making any sense? lol!

    As far as the vocal restriction- I'm able to talk more and more as the weeks go on- very thankful for this. I'm so sorry you are still dealing with this and about to go back to work. I know that must be really hard- my heart really goes out to you. I will be praying for you tonight- k? You hang in there- and don't stop digging and hunting. When you get exhausted, take some time to recover, and then jump back into digging- there is a reason for your pain- Celiac or not- and I just know if you hang in there- you will find it. Many Many hugs to you! Keep me posted on how you are doing!

    Anonymous #2 who's English ain't so bad =) -

    Hey there!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you! I just squealed when I saw your post- you're feeling better!!!! SO awesome. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. And I'm glad you like the penguins! Haha! =)

    Hugs to you, I'm sooooooo happy for you!

  9. Hello lucy,

    Words escape me as I read, pray and share in your excitement. I am SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you, it makes me want to cry happy tears, although we all know that will hurt. Praise be to God for this huge blessing and direction in your life.
    Please keep us posted on all you are doing. It seems a bit overwelming I am sure. However, please remember: I can do ALL things through Christ which strengtheneth me. ~Phillippians 4:13
    As I read your celiac post of course I have questions and hope maybe this describes me too? As I am sure many of your readers are also thinking.
    On the links part that you shared Super Long Link 4: I am wondering do you have a way to contact Sterling? Does she have a post or blog? I would really like to know more about the supplements she is taking. Are you taking any of the supplements she mentioned? Her link makes a lot of sense to me and validates other things I have researched and concluded also. Also her diet? Which also confuses me on your list of things you are eating...gluten free ketchup? Isn't this made with tomatoes, and aren't they a problem? So many questions they just spin around in my head and I am trying to be patient for your next post.
    I know it sounds strange, I just feel connected to you in so many ways. I feel sad when I check out your site and you haven't been there. I know you have a life and can not always be here. I'm just trying to say Thank you. Thank you so much.
    Lord bless you, Mychelle

  10. Sweet Mychelle,

    Thanks for your comment, I always enjoy hearing from you. Thank you for celebrating with me, that so warms my heart- I really appreciate it so much. I love Phil 4:13 and always enjoy hearing scripture- so thx for sharing that with me.

    A far as your questions, girl- you ask away, that's what this crazy blog is here for. =) So here we go!

    1) As far as sterling- no I don't have any contact info. =(

    2) As far as the supplements, YES!!! The doctor who originally told me I MUST take them- very important. I take mineral, vitamins, calcium, anti-oxidants. I use Dr. Wallacs Youngevity products. Working on a post right now where I link to all of them. I tried going off the vitamins etc for a few days and my left hand went numb and tingly again. Weird! I took the vitamins/etc and within 30 min. - all the numbness and tingling went away. wow. cool.

    3)The Ketchup- no, I'm not using that anymore.

    I feel connected to you too! =) I love hearing from you and am happy to answer anything I can. Bring em on! =) I'm sure you are voicing what a lot of other readers are thinking...which is "could this be my answer too?" And sister, I pray it is!


  11. Halleluja! You are such a cutie! Love that picture of you and your hubbie.

    Do you know what???????!!!!!! The day after I last emailed you about alllll my symptoms being gone, alllllllllll my symptoms returned. Imagine how much I felt like jumping off a cliff. And I was still on all the things I started being on to relieve my symptoms in the first place. So they were clearly not working. Well, maybe working, but only for some time. Not really fixing the problem. It's back to the drawing board for me.

    Except that I'm on day 5 of the Master Cleanse. Feel great today. But man, have I learned not to celebrate until I have like seven subsequent days of being pain free. Wait, no, 30 days!!!

    Very discouraged. But sooooooooooo happy for you. I will keep you posted. Thanks for keeping us posted. I have so many questions, but I'm just waiting to see if they get answered in the next few posts before I ask 'em.

    Hope you're feeling great today!

  12. Hi Lucy,

    I haven't posted anything for a while. I've been so busy!! My costo is on and off, as well as my syncope (dizzyness) I found out my appointment to see the rheumatologist isn't until May!! grr!!

    But I wanted to post to say that I am sooooo happy for you!! I almost jumped up and down for you when I read that!!

    I want to have a celiac test done.. I might purchase one online! They're around £20 people and you just prick the end of your finger (like a diabetes test)!!


    I hope this great happiness lasts the rest of your lifetime hon!! :D

    tap back soon,

    Sophie :) xx

  13. Angela,
    Hey friend, Ugg...I'm just sick that your symptoms all came back. Made my heart sink. I'm so sorry.

    I'm sure you are exhausted from this yo-yo ride of seeking answers, I'm sending you a huge hug of support you way right now. Can I just say that I LOVED that you were like...yeah...that didn't work...I'm doing the master cleanse now. =) You are a fighter, Angela. Big time. I KNOW you will get to the answer for your body. And you have a sister in prayer in me for your healing. I'm praying for your encouragement and discernment as you seek the path of healing that I KNOW He has for you. Thank you for sharing with me where you are. I so appreciate it.

    And you know me...I'm more than happy to make a post out of any questions that people have- lol. =)
    Many hugs,


    What's up my tap dancing friend!? Thank you SO much for celebrating with me! That means the world to me! I was totally wondering yesterday how you were doing! Thanks for sharing with me where you are. May for the appt?!?! UGGGG. BOOOO. Gag. I'm so sorry. I know when you are juggling pain, work, and school. a few months can seem like eternity. But much props to you for keeping at it and seeking your healing.

    Let me know if you do the Celiac test!

    Tappity Tap, kick ball change, jazz hands, tap,

  14. Thanks, Lucy. This brought me to tears because there is not one friend or person I know who knows what I am going through (that I know of) except for you. So I really appreciate your prayers. I'm on day six of the cleanse, and it's beating me up! But I think that is normal as my body rids me of toxins. Like I said, I've done it before with amazing results. But that was with no sickness to combat it.

    Yet, I will stick it out, and will continue to fight. I was feeling good on day five, but then I went to Yoga last night, and because I've not been for three months, by muscles feel like you know what today. And that's making my body feel miserable all over.

    But I think tomorrow I'll really be feeling good as there will surely be less toxicity in my body, and more lemon. :)

    Have a good weekend. Going to see my twin tomorrow. Will go church with her. First time to church on a Sunday morning in about two years. And that's not even because of costo. Yikes. After that, we're going to take pics and have a blast. Bringing my dog, Blanco, too. Blanco loves my sister, and my sister loves Blanco. So it should be fun!!!

  15. Angela,

    I so wish I could give you a hug! Ugg...the roller coaster of Costo is just as challenging emotionally as it is physically.

    I'm so impressed that you are doing the master cleanse, thanks for keeping me posted. I so appreciate it.

    I know how you feel about the yoga...I tried jogging for 5 minutes on Thursday...and I would barely walk on Friday- ha!

    Hope you have a really blessed day with your sister. I want a twin sister!!! But nope, just a bunch of brothers for me! =)


  16. hey lucy~ was wondering- i had an endoscopy recently, all came back perfect. my gI doc said she thinks the esophogus innocent in all this... would she have picked up celiac in the scoping? even without my asking her to look for it??

  17. oooh, good question! Seriously, I'm sure others are wondering this too.

    Unless she took a biopsy of your small intestine (snagged some villi from your small intestine to send off to a lab to look at under a microscope), then no- she wouldn't have screened for it.

    I'd give her office a call and ask the nurse if she tested you for Celiac.

  18. i will call- thanks luc. but would she routinely check for it? we did not discuss it beforehand...

    im sure she biopsied at least 3 places of the esphogus, possibly the small intestine (duodenum?)- way at the top, then 2 other places...i remember her voice message mentioned 3 places 'no pathology' - i can still hear her NY state accent (sounded like 'no pathALOGY) LOL....

    'the office' was very funny tonight. i call it my laugh therapy. it helps.


  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Hi there! =)

    Love the NY accent- lol! And I love the Office too! Good stuff! SO funny!

    As far as the question of "would she check for it?" Hmmm...I honestly don't know the answer to that one. I highly doubt she would check for it without letting you know since she has to clip off villi from your small intestines. In the US, it's not routinely checked for like in other countries. I so wish it was! Bravo to you for being proactive! This will get you to the bottom of this!


  21. frustration alert: ok i called my gi and asked if she happened to check for celiac while she was down there and she said why no, i have here in my notes that you already are celiac. wait, what??? this peed me off since this is the same doc who told me i was 'wheat intolerant'. i think i would know if someone told me i was celiac. i hate it when docs are so busy that they cant keep track of thier patients- the price we pay for waiting for the best. i mean this doc is so smart shes kooky smart, and extremely hyper. im not at all suprised she came up with a diagnoses for me (2 years ago) and forgot to tell me about it. frankly i think she made assumptions in her notes- when i told her i thought she was right about wheat intolerant she concluded 'celiac'. sorry, way too much boring info- im just frustrated rght now. warned ya.
    so i told her about your having celiac related costo and she said, 'well, youve already been off wheat for 2 years so youre like, 90% there'. as im typing this im getting a different perspective- could she have been defensivley covering herself? man. another dead end. arent there any pro-active docs who care out there?
    friday i go to phila to see a big fancy vocal specialist who i beleive may be able to help the vocal component to all of this. i still need someone who can put it all together for me because when i talk the costo is much worse than when i dont talk. so far, vocal therapy (the few sessions ive had) has done nothing for me except cause more pain- one therapist refuses to work with me until the pain is gone. see my point? its like nasty wasty catch 21.
    thanks for listening.
    how are you lucy? are you seeing steady improvement? cant seem to find your latest update. hope you are doing well!

  22. hahah oops!- thats catch 22 (blush)

  23. Hi there,

    I TOTALLY understand your frustration- AHHHH!!! Wow...I can't believe she assumed you had Celiac and didn't make sure you knew. wow.

    Yes, the road to really good doctors is so frustrating! So did she say you should live as though you have Celiac? Or are you wanting to go on and get a formal diagnoses? As frustrating as this is, it could be the best thing ever. If you have Celiac- your life could drastically become AMAZING this year if you go GF etc...and your costo will go away!! Exciting! so maybe this is a good thing?

    But I really feel for you about the dr situation. Eek.

    Thanks for sharing how you are doing!!

    As far as me, yes, I'm seeing very slow and steady improvement. Learning that my stomach is so destroyed that tons of things I eat really aggrivate my costo...so I'm eating SUPER simple- trying to give my stomach a break!

    If you scroll to the top of the blog and click on the title "costochondritis" above the "let's sit and chat about costo" it will take you to the most recent posts. Hugs to you!!! Look forward to hearing where this journey takes you- way to be proactive, you will so get there!!


  24. Hi. I commented a couple of months ago; my daughter has been sick for several years, diagnosed w/costo last November, etc. She had the basic blood test for Celiac and it was negative. Our new doc (previous docs wouldn't even do the blood test) says the neg. blood test is good enough for her and she won't order anything more; we are not convinced. Should we insist on something more? If so, what?

  25. Hi there,

    I commend you for being such an amazing mom and digging, digging, digging. I know your daughter must appreciate your compassion and diligence.

    Okay, so if I were you, I would with out a doubt get a gene test done. SOOOOO often, TONS of Celiacs get false negatives, so so so comment. Celiac ID is running a special where you can get the gene test for $240 (80 off the original price). I would get the gene testing done for sure. My Celiac Id is extremely reputable and a reliable source for the Celiac community.

    The website is:

    The special code to get the discount is: "Gluten-Free" It's a discount that's good until June 30,2010.

  26. To anonymous up there who is having vocal problems...It used to hurt when I talked, too. Sometimes I would go hoarse or completely lose my voice for days if I talked too long. I started wearing the Flector Patch 24-7. Haven't had much problem since. Vocal specialists at Mayo couldn't figure out what was wrong with me either. SO FRUSTRATING!

  27. Just found your blog and my jaw hit the floor when I saw that your costochondritis is a result of CD. I have been suffering from non-stop costochondritis for 6 months now. I am also very low energy (at only 27) and also could sleep 14 hours if my life allowed me. And here's the kicker- my 3 year old is gluten and casein intolerant! Things that make you go hmm. I think its time for me to jump on train and start eating all those things I make for him instead of feeding my unhealthy addiction lol. I haven't perused your blog yet, but I did want to say that TACA (an autism website) actually has loads of GFCF recipes you might want to check out. Oh and if you haven't heard of babycakes NYC they are a vegan and gluten free bakery that rocks my socks off. She just came out with a cookbook and once again yummy desserts are back on my son's menu- no more cardboard cookies from Whole Foods. Good luck to you and thanks for your blog, I'll be back.