Monday, March 29, 2010

Costochondritis- The Celiac Honeymoon

To those new to my blog, welcome! I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease, the reason for my Costochondirits. After all the celebrating...

The honeymoon is about over. Never does seem long enough, does it? =)

We went to St. Lucia on our honeymoon a little over a year ago- (that's my hottie checking out the ocean)....and umm...after a long day of traveling, I jumped in the shower before dinner and AHHHHH!!!!!!!- there were lizards in the tub...staring at me. Gulp. I'm no snob and have no issue roughing it. But on my honeymoon....I do NOT want to share my cute hubby with slimy critters. Ick. After I quickly got ready and headed to the lobby, we were told some Americans rooms had been broken into...please put chairs in front of our doors to give us warning in the event that someone breaks in. No joke. I could not stop just went on and on like that...

So here I am, roughing it through my honeymoon with Celiac. Just ebbing and flowing, learning as I go. Of course I think this groom is a nasty SOB, but hey, I can cut his hair, get him new clothes, slap that hill billy accent out of him and see how it goes. Cause we are together 4 life. Thankfully, my true blue hubby is very understanding of this new relationship.

Alrighty, my blog buddies, I'm getting closer to changing over to a Celiac blog in the next few weeks to a month, but I want to make sure I've covered all the bases with Costo. first. So if you have anything you'd like me to chat about, please let me know so we can rock it out.

So what have I learned about Celiac and Costo. on this Honeymoon?

  1. Supplements are key, I have a meeting tomorrow to get on all the correct supplements since Celiac Disease thrives on leaving you mal-absorbed- boooo. The really important supplements are: Calcium, B-Vitamins, Vitamin D, Antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids, Selenium, and full mineral and vitamins. The rumor is that a lot of symptoms of Celiac are a result of mal-absorption, (such as my numb and tinging hands) and not just the auto-immune part. Very interesting.
  2. I've learned my body reacts to citric acid in the same way to does to gluten
  3. I've learned you may react days after eating gluten, which is why I never noticed a difference in my chest pain immediately after consuming gluten, but did notice a difference after some triggers I'd eat, such as oils etc...which is why I never suspected gluten.
  4. I've learned the burning in my chest is really a Celiac reaction in my body.
  5. I've learned to call every manufacturer about any product I'm using. Cause gluten lurks everywhere. Freaking meanie.

Am I feeling any better?

  1. My chest pain is still around 25% better and holding, I'll keep you posted. I don't have my mineral/vitamin intake quite balanced yet- but by tomorrow I will. And I'll continue eating as plain as I can in order to give my stomach a chance to freaking leave my ribs alone.
  2. I have, however, PMS is gone...wild. I'll take it. Who knew bad PMS was a symptom of Celiac? C.R.A.Z.Y.
  3. I'm sleeping better and waking up easier.
  4. Digestive track is MUCH happier- holla!
  5. My nails are growing.

They always say the first year is the toughest. But I say the courtship sucked, so I'm grabbing this marriage by the balls. That's right...I said it.


  1. Hey Lucy! I too, have just been trying a gluten free diet, due to 8 years of chest pain, anxiety/panic attacks, severe digestive problems, and generally feeling like CRAP. So, Im pretty sure I have Celiac, and look to heal myself. Lord willing, a year from now, I will feel better.

  2. Hi there Bob,

    Eek, sounds awful, I totally understand. I so hope you start to feel better so soon!! Good for you for digging and not giving up! Please keep me posted!


  3. Wow, thanks so much for this blog post. The link between celiac and other diseases is so pervasive, but doctors rarely look for it. Good for you for diving into this head first! :) I wish you the best of luck on your celiac journey. Also, you mentioned gluten-free blogs -- please check out our, for info and recipes that can help you as you start your journey. Let us know what you think!

    Good luck!