Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Costochondritis- Celiac Symtom Check List

Wuz up bloggy buddies,

Several people have asked me what the other symptoms of Celiac are. So here they are! There's like a million of them.

Celiac Symptom Check List


  1. Whoa. Who knew bread could be so evil? We just had celiac awareness week here so it's a hot topic. It's amazing what contains gluten. My supermarket stocks a good range of everything from flours to shampoos that are gluten free, if only it wasn't so expensive. I so glad this is working out for you. Fingers crossed in 6mths I'll ask you about costo and you'll go "costo? what costo?".

    Michelle :)

    PS why wont the computer dictionary recognise 'celiac'? It keeps trying to change it to 'celibacy'. If those are celibacy symptoms does that mean that "love is the drug"? LOL Okay I may need more coffee I should never post without my dose of coffee. Ignore the mad woman.

  2. OMG It took me forever to read all those symptoms. Thats just crazy. I hope this works out for you!

  3. R.H.,

    lol, you are so right, it is EVIL! lol. That's pretty cool they had a Celiac awareness week. They need to have Dys. awareness week too! Thanks for the well wishes, my prayer is that in 6 months it's a memory as ell.

    lol, Celiac should be synonymous with celibacy, Cause my "action" card doesn't get used very often with this crappy pain- ha! TMI alert!!

    Mrs Deputy,
    I know-there are millions of them! When I first saw the list..i was like, "holy cow!" Thanks for hoping this works out for me! I so appreciate the support!

    Hugs to all,