Thursday, April 1, 2010

Costochondritis- The Doctor Show

To those new to my blog, howdy! I've recently been diagnosed with Celiac, the reason for my costochondritis. The doctor who recently told me my Celiac diagnoses was Dr. Wallach. I called into his national radio show to talk about Costochondritis, and he told me I had Celiac after a chat about my symptoms...I was skeptical, but then went on and got a diagnoses via gene testing. Holla!

So to those who have asked for the information to call into the radio show and talk to Dr. Wallach (for free). who originally told me I had Celiac.- here's the number for the radio show:

"Dead Doctors Don't Lie" Radio Show LIVE with Dr.Wallach.
Monday through Friday # 1-888-379-2552
12noon-1pm pacific, 2pm-3pm central, 3pm-4pm eastern.

If you are interested in calling in to the Dr. Wallach radio show here in the U.S....have these things ready:
  • Notepad and pen, be prepared to write crazy fast- he talks fast
  • Check out his Youngevity website HERE, so when he talks to you about supplementation, you have an idea of what he's talking about (of course, you don't have to use his supplements or suggestions at all, but free advice while sitting on the couch ain't so bad).
  • Have your most prominent symptoms ready to read off to him (think quick bullet point list of all your symptoms)
  • When you get on the show, it moves fast, say "my name is blank and my symptoms are A.B.C.D. and E, and I'm seeking some advice." Then be prepared to write, write, write.
  • He may ask your name, age, and weight ( to tell you the supplements he may want you on)
  • When you get off the phone, remember you don't have to take ANY of his advice, just think of it as another tool to use. However, after 75 doctors...this dude nailed me. Pretty cool.
Or if you want to meet him in person, His 2010 schedule is HERE.

So, do I assume everyone wants to call into this show? No, my friends. I'm not saying that at all. This is just another option to possibly try, no pressure from this little blogger, just a wish for us to all be well. And since my Costo blog, that has become like a fuzzy pink security blanket to me, is coming to a close this month, I want to put as much information as I can out there into the bloggy world for my Costo/invisible illness brothers and sisters. You guys are so special to me!



  1. Coming to an end this month? This is hard news.

    You will be missed beyond words. This is really sad. I will miss you a lot.

    Lord bless you and gentle hugs to you, Mychelle

  2. Mychelle,

    Hi friend! So yes, I'm going to bring this blog to a close=(, buuuuuut I'm doing a Celiac blog. =) So if you are kind enough to want to read that blog, I'll totally be around, a lot! =) I just feel like I'm going to be talking about Celiac from now on...and I know that people come from the different places to read about I want to keep this blog about Costo. I'm going to leave it up, but just do a final post.

    But that was really sweet of you!!!

    I was actually thinking about you yesterday, saw your post in the support are you doing? How's the new food regimen coming?


  3. Oh Lucy,

    Thank you so much for caring. I am really hurting. I feel like I'm trying so hard, making what seems like huge sacrificies. Not only with diet(no gluten, no sulfites, no nightshades, no dairy, no meat,no sodium, no sugar,etc.)also with this let me say major cleanse thing I am doing, but I have also been letting things go (ie: vacumning, cleaning and organizing my house,garage, closets,etc.) asking for help at work, waiting for someone else to be there and lift things for me, letting things go,trying harder to not brace, stress,etc. etc. And yet here I am in horendous pain again. I'm not sure if this makes sense or not or if I have said it before, in case I have not: with my costo it feels as if I get "used" to the pain at the level it is and then BAM it jumps up several degrees and then 3-6 days later I get "used" to that level, coast some days and then BAM it goes up again. This is day 2 of getting "used" to a new pain level. I hope this makes sense. And yes I am hanging in there, like all of us.

    Will you let us know how to follow you to the celiac blog for those of us wanting to? If so,PLEASE count me in. I really look forward to reading from you, it has been an absolute blessing from God above.

    Again, thank you for asking and caring.

    Lord bless you dear friend,

    Gentle hugs to you, Mychelle

  4. Mychelle,

    I SOOOO feel for you. I've really struggled with no yummy food and the pain both being factors at the same time. It's a real challenge. Thank you for taking the time to share all of that with me. I so appreciate and love hearing how my blog friends are doing.

    I know you are really fighting for healing and praying as you go. I totally am sending a "bravo!" to you for such courage. I know doing all of those different things is such a challenge. I'll keep praying for you this week.

    And I will for sure share my Celiac blog with you!! I'd love to keep you as a reader and keep chatting with you whenever you feel like it!

    Thank you for the encouragement, it means so much to me!

    Many hugs and much healing,

  5. PS- and yes, it totally made sense about the getting adjusted to a level of pain and this BAM- it changing so quickly...ugg...I HATE that for you. Praying healing over you, Mychelle. Healing and wisdom as you navigate your journey.