Monday, April 5, 2010

Costochondritis- Happy Easter

Being an Aunt is probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I use to roll my eyes when people when on and on about their children...but now I understand that I just didn't get it.

There is the most precious magic that happens with children. You just...melt. My 6 nieces and nephews have changed my life. Three of them were born after my illness knocked me flat on my butt. But this one..Kaylee, remembers me before the Costo. world dominated. And for that, I'm oober thankful...she talks about watching me on stage, she's learned the songs to the musicals I've done. And she loves me if I'm on stage...or just laying on the couch in pain, which is happening a little less these days. yay!

On Saturday I went to meet my awesome family at the park, aching to run and play with the kids. So I walked over the swing set and sat down on the inviting swing. Kaylee looked up at me and asked me to push her on the swing, "cause that would be so fun!"... and my heart just sank. I looked at her and said, "Kaylee, you give me 2 months, and this summer, I will be able to push you on that swing"...and she goes, ".....that's okay, I'll just push you then." And with that, she hopped off her swing, giving it up to the 5 year old who was eying the swing real estate, and gently began pushing me. I would have cried a month ago. But on that day, I said, "thanks my little angel, you are the heart of God, you know that?"...ooooookay, maybe there was a small tear.

So to those in pain and struggling on this Easter weekend, may you feel the heart of God pushing you on your journey when you don't have the strength to push yourself. And if you don't want to swing...that's okay, He can sit quietly with you in the sun, just so you that He's there.



  1. Such a Sweet little girl! Blessed Be :)

  2. Thx for the comment. =) I know your adore your sweet ones too! So fun!

  3. What two cute Easter beauties! Yes! The children have it all together! No wonder Jesus said we must be like one of them!
    Praying that the celiac "husband" will leave you!!
    I get my blood work results late this week, so we shall see.
    Have to admit I DON'T want that diagnosis. I LOVE cake too much!

  4. Hey there sister! =)

    I was thinking about you today!

    You are so right, kids totally have it together!

    Please please please keep me posted about your blood work results!? I don't blame you, I wouldn't want Celiac either- lol- GAG! Buuuut, then again, I know you want to get well with all your heart too. And I'm cheering you on!

    Many hugs,

  5. Lucy,

    You're such a beautiful soul. Thanks a million for putting together the most comprehensive costo site on the internet! DAMN DOCTORS, GET IT TOGETHER!

    But I have a random question for many people out there since mine has recently developed since I began doing yoga/biking.... weird I know. I now experience a weird popping that slightly alleviates my pain (and then later aggravates it) when I lean to my left side. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

    Please do let me know.

    Stay Blessed my friends. I hope your pain ends soon!


  6. J.

    You rock! Thanks for the kind words! As for the doctors...yes, I understand the feeling!

    Okay, on to the random, I remember yoga KILLING me in the beginning of all of this, I totally feel for you! Yoga rocks, but every time you do it...the whole ying and yang goes right out the window, replaced by "ouch, this freaking HURTS!"

    And yes, biking really hurts too, due to the bracing. Booo.

    Okay, as far as the popping's the only thing I can think of. One of my physical therapists in Nashville, at the time, told me that you can experience this chest pain as a result of a rib popping in and out of place. She proceeded to try to pop it back into felt good, but after that, back to to the EEEEK!

    So if you notice when your spine/rib feels better when it pops, have you tried a physical therapist or chiropractor? I'm sure you've already thought of that, just throwing it out there.

    Hugs to you! Keep me posted on how you are doing! Wish i was of more help!

  7. Hey Girl,

    The celiac test is in was negative. So I did eat cake with my husband yesterday for his birthday. Crazy. I get more results the end of this week on echo cardio that I never had done and a high resolution CT scan with attention to ribs and detailed xray. We all know what the results will be....nothing! Just about to do more international travel and wanted to be sure.
    BUT I am focusing on the good news vs having answers. Continuing to trust and learning how to LET GO! I believe healing will come one way or another.
    I love you dearest, and I am so thankful for your prayers and your blog! I will miss the costo blog so much and will have to visit you at celiac.

  8. Jenni!

    Wow...I'm sure there was a mix of emotions when you got the results. I would have gone and eaten a huge thing of cake too!!! YUM!! Thanks sooo much for letting me know. I kept checking my blog to see if you updated us, so thank you with all my heart for sharing that with me! Plz keep me posted on your other results? I know it's so disheartening and yet good when nothing shows up on all the tests. It's such a roller coaster.

    I too believe healing will come to you. I so do!! You are listening to His direction in your life. And healing is coming to you!!

    I love you sister! Still praying for you! Your traveling abroad?! HOW FUN!!!! I will be praying for less pain with your travels.

    I will miss this little blog too!!!! I'm going to keep blogging a while least through this month, maybe through May too, we shall see how this pain train goes.... I'm working on learning to video blog. A whole new world! lol.

  9. Hi Lucy,

    Just wanted to check in. Today is the last day of my super cleanse, 37 days in all, yuck!

    My pain is horrible.

    However, GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!!!!!!
    So....back to the sounding board I go.

    How are you?

    How is your costo pain?

    Is the gluten free diet giving any new changes for you? I checked at another local store tonight, and was pleasantly surprised. There are lots of yummy treats for gluten free. Cost is higher of course.

    Thank you again for giving us this place to connect and reach out to each other. It has been a big blessing in my life.

    Have a blessed day dear friend.

    Gentle hugs, Mychelle

  10. Hi sweet friend,

    So sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. I HATE that for you. I'm so impressed- 37 days!?!? WOW!!! Way to go you!!!

    Thanks for asking how I'm doing, very sweet of you- many ups and downs. I'm going to post about it this week. This last week kicked my booty. =)

    Saying a prayer for you tonight. You are such a blessing to me too!! Love chatting with you!