Monday, April 12, 2010

Costochondritis- Video Blogging- Oh Mercy.

Hello my friends,

So I tried a little vlogging. AHHH!!! In my new celiac blog, it will be all video blogs- crazy and exciting. More on that later...I have no clue when that transition will happen. I imagine when my body says it's okay, then we'll rock and roll. So until then, I'm using you people as Guinea pigs while I learn this video craziness. So yes, you will be seeing more of these vloggy things. I promise, they will get better. These do not rock. Lots of rambling...haven't got the editing down yet. lol. So this is 1 of 2 "first attempts" at Video Blogging. I thought, "crap...just post em both- who cares?!" So this first one is:

Warning, I'm abnormally hyper. Excited to be doing something "normal." =)

Next up, my 2nd "first attempt" at video blogging...waaaaay to long.
Warning: I say the words "you should get tested" WAY too much. AHHH!!!! What I meant is, consider it as an option. =)

My next vlog will be an update on my own journey of healing....just wanted throw these out there and see if I sank or swim.... kind of felt more like a doggy paddle.



  1. OMG woman I love it. You are too cute and funny. Plus of course the info is great. You should definitely keep up with the vlogging, you're an absolute natural. I can't wait for the next one.

    PS love your chair :)

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  3. Rusty,

    Thank you so much for the encouragement!!! =)

    You're hot too. woo-hoo!! =) Thanks girl. Miss you so much. Once I figure all this craziness out-it's you, me, Mary- and GIRL TIME!!! YAY!

  4. Oh cool! What a pleasant surprise! We get to see you!! Thanks for sharing with us your personal space...I think video blogging (and maybe eventually video phones, like the Jetsons) is such a helpful way to communicate, cuz we get to see your emotions (not that that was a problem before--I thoroughly enjoy your typing posts, esp. in the "silly" section!). So what I mean to say is, keep it up!

    Ha ha you're such a ham! Esp. in the "numbness and tingling" video, when you showed the numbness and tingling down your arms (at about 0:54), I felt for a second you were Vanna White, showing a prize! (What a prize huh?) So seriously I mean that in a good way; I find your vids very engaging, and the info is great!

    Hey also, I just realized: you're talking!!!! I hope that's another sign of improvement since having gone gluten-free (?).

    Thanks again for sharing all your progress and searching with us! (I notice some new categories on the left...woo hoo, can't wait to check them out!)

  5. Hey! This is just amazing! Having a video visit with our favorite, oops sorry Hubby, my second favorite blogger!! But very favorite vlogger!!
    I just love it Lucy, and guess what, I don't have any symptoms in the celiac testing one except the costo. SO, I guess my test results are probably correct.
    Your info is SO helpful in an area where there seems to be very little help to be found!
    I love you!

  6. Oh my God, you made my day babe. :)

    Good info's.

  7. Peter,
    Thanks for the encouragement! You crack me up. =) Yes- I totally Vanna White'd that video. haha! Watching it back before I posted it...I was shaking my head at myself- lol. And yes, the talking is getting easier. Able to talk about 20 minutes a day at this point and then the pain gets worse, but I'll take it! Hope you are doing good. How's your journey going? Have a great day and thanks for the comment!

    Thanks sister!! I'm so glad you don't have any of the other symptoms. Celiac- booo! Eating yummy cake- yaaaay! ...and since I didn't develop those other symptoms until 2 1/2 years with costo...(ps- I'm so happy you don't have Celiac)- it's just some info to put in the back of your mind in the event any of them pop up. Which I SO hope they don't. Cause -gag! =) I'm still praying for God to reveal the origin of your costo. And praying that you have a blessed and peaceful day!

    Well- thank you. =)

    Everyone- you rock!!! Luvs you people!

  8. Hi Lucy (and all),

    This is my first post (ever on anything) and I wouldn't normally do so but I felt the itch!

    Firstly, thank you so much for this website. My costo has made me feel so alone recently and reading about your experiences has made me realise that there is someone else out there as confused and annoyed as I am. I think the worst thing about this illness is that it drains hope and you help give people that back.

    Secondly, I am typing this at two in the morning (UK time), the reason I can't sleep is the usual costo pains but also that I have severe numbness in my hands and feet. Today my vision was blurred, I have been feeling terrible after eating and these last few weeks I have been incredibly tired. I know, like you said, you are just telling people about what has happened to you, but I will definitely get tested for Celiac disease and let you know how I get on!

    Good luck to everyone!


  9. Hi Tom,

    Thanks so much for sharing that with us! I hate that you're walking through this. You totally have our support!

    I had blurry vision and extreme fatigue as well. So glad you're getting checked for Celiac. I'd do the gene test as well as the blood panel.

    I so hope you find what's causing this- please keep us posted!!