Sunday, March 7, 2010

Costochondritis- Oscar Day

Sundays. I wake up and immediately, and I'm jealous that mere strangers, who probably don't even like kids, are sitting near my 6 nieces and nephews at church, and I'm not. lol. I love those little munchkins. Ages 1-7. They sooooo hold my heart. The 7 year old asks me every week when I'm going to be well so that we can have a slumber party. Melt the aunt!

So I'm chilling here listening to a sermon on CD. I won't lie, it took me a while to want to listen to these. Possibly because I was just pissed I was sick, and partly because I wasn't spending time with God, so I didn't have the desire to listen to these. Can we say hardened heart? That's a yes. Thankfully, I'm in a different place. A perfect place? Nope. Don't believe in those. But in place where I'm sitting at the feet of God and seeking His hand in my life? yes. And does that bring me a lot of peace. You bet, wish I would have done it sooner.

Today's message was all about the purpose of life. And how it's not about how long or short, ill or well we are, but about how we make our Heavenly Father, day by day, moment by moment, decision by decision, the center and honor of our lives. I'm totally butchering it, but it was a beautiful message. Blessed me.

So it's Oscar Day. I love Oscar Day. Usually I'm all about an Oscar Party. This year, it's me, my hubby, and my stuffed bear. That's alright. Both are good company. So in honor of the arts, I leave you with...

The nominees for "ICKIEST Part of an Invisible Illness" are:

10) You realize that Late night McDonald Runs in super hero pajama pants are out.- gasp.
9) No more biker shorts and spin class. It's the only time you can reasonably wear such a trend.
8) You have to throw out hoochie high heels. Sigh. Trying to look sexy in beige crocks is a crock.
7) No more bras. Let's just say that freeing the girls in public is awkward. For everyone.
6) You catch yourself drawn to the home shopping network at 3AM, never a good sign.
5) You begin to look forward to catalog shopping.
4) You began to ponder which sweat pants make you look thinner.
3) You realize that plucking your chin hair is on your "to do" list in place of lunch outings.
2) You began to wear patterned scrunches and think they look trendy, even while off your meds.
1) You think you might be able to handle the senior citizens water aerobic class, and then realize that you can't hang.


  1. oh, man! the pj run to mc d's idea sounds like a good one. i'm going to have to try that. there's one two blocks away!

    i can't wait for you to try candex. today is the best day so far. almost completely symptom free. i'm taking it along with a good probiotic (like the one mentioned in that site you posted about candex).

    when i woke up this morning, truly grinning about the fun we had last night at the oscar party, i realized i did something i used to do and haven't done for so long. i forgot i used to instinctively do this until this morn when i had not done so for several months. i used to wake up and stretch in bed, like a cat after a long nap. like clockwork...every single morning, on my back, as soon as my eyes opened. today, i woke up and my body naturally stretched, for the first time since c & c took over. i found it so interesting. i always felt like there was a tightness in my abdomen. and i can see why i wouldn't stretch automatically, just as much as i can see how my body used to stretch automatically. it made me smile. it was a little sign i'm getting better (aside from just plain old feeling better).

    so glad to hear you were touched by the message yesterday. that's a good place to be.

    did you watch the oscars?


    I'm so pumped that your pain is subsiding day by by, really- SO EXCITING!! Seriously, YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!

    So get this, as of this past week, I'm noticing my pain is going down, less stabbing attacks. I'm one month gluten free today. I'm been hesitant to share that I'm starting to notice a difference in my pain- as you can understand- nervous it will fight back with a vengeance. I really feel like this is it with me...but we shall see! Taking it day by day. I'll keep you posted!

    And that ROCKS that you can stretch out- Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a beautiful Tuesday,

  3. Ps- I totally watched the Oscars- good times...and it made me want to go back to acting sooooo bad. I was like practically packing my bags for New York- haha!

  4. absolutely know how that feels, wanting to hold back on sharing. stretched even more and farther this morn. :) again, this is not even prompted by a conscious thought to do so. it's automatic. and i find it so interesting i stopped doing that for at least 8 months. even stopping was not a conscious decision. it's just my body said 'no way' to stretching. 'just moving is difficult enough!'

    i'm happy to hear gluten free is having effect. very happy, indeed, too.

    gotta run and rush lest i have another i look like a bum day at work because i was too busy blogging day.

    will send links tonight!!!

    have a great day.

  5. Hey girl,

    Thanks for celebrating with me in a tentative, yet hopeful way, lol.

    Dude, your stretching more and more every day- so so so exciting!

    Still waiting in my Celiac results...talked to them today- could be about a week and at most, hopefully. Oh well. Can't control it, so on to the next thing. =)


  6. Still catching up on my blog reading and can't believe I missed this. I love your Oscar list. Now I don't feel so alone for coveting a H2O Steam Mop from the home shopping channel. LOL :)