Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Costochondritis- And Candida

My experience with candida is that I know I have it. That about covers it. lol. No, really though, candida is a known cause of Costochondritis. YEE-HAW! I just want to share 2 different stories of struggles with candida and little info on how it causes we go!

So, a few months ago, I had a conversation with a woman who shared her experience with Candida and was kind enough to share her thoughts with me, here's what she had to say:

"Hi Lucy,
I know I have candida because I suddenly developed acid reflux,mild joint pain, recently & I think I have been had what they call IBS since 2003 but I didn't know nothing about it then. I have developed a list of issues now that the doctors just shrug there shoulders & say "your fine you just need a anti-depression pill"! Just dope you up so you don't know what your body is trying to tell you. I never had a healthy diet & drank a lot of pepsi & then after I got pregnant twice & breastfed 2 babies that's when my issues started. I think the babies made me have mineral deficiencies that can weaken your body.

I went on a anti candida diet around sept/aug 2009 & was doing really good & my chest pain was gone & my acid reflux started to go away but then I cheated & kept binging on the diet before you knew it, my candida was back to the friendly yeast. Also my diet I think had too much protein & fat on the anit candida diet. Protein is the hardest for your body to break down & fat slows down digestion & with candida your digestion is already bad. So now I'm back to square one & am seeing a naturopathy in hopes she can help me stay on the right path once & for all." -A

Here is an excerpt about Costo and Candida, thought you might want to check it out, WARNING...lots of gibber gabber:
  • Candida arthritis, osteomyelitis, costochondritis, and myositis
  • Candidal musculoskeletal infections were once uncommon; recently, they have become much more common.The most common sites of involvement continue to be the knee and the vertebral column. The pattern of involvement is similar to the pattern observed in bacterial infections. The infection may be divided into exogenous or endogenous forms. The exogenous infection is due to the direct inoculation of the organisms, such as postoperative infection or trauma. Affected sites include the following:
  • Ribs and leg bones
  • Vertebral column and paraspinal abscess
  • Flat bones
  • Sternum - Generally observed postoperatively after cardiac surgery. The patient is frequently asymptomatic, and the history reveals risk factors typical of disseminated candidiasis, as well as pain localized over the affected site. The physical examination findings are frequently unremarkable but may reveal tenderness over the involved area, erythema, and bone deformity, occasionally in association with a draining fistulous tract.
    • Arthritis: Candida arthritis is generally a complication of disseminated candidiasis but may be caused by trauma or direct inoculation due to surgery or steroid injections. In addition, Candida arthritis after joint replacement is not uncommon.
    • Osteomyelitis: Candida osteomyelitis originates either exogenously or endogenously. The exogenous infection is due to direct inoculation of the organisms via routes such as postoperative infection, trauma, or steroid injections. The endogenous form is a complication of candidemia or disseminated candidiasis. In most cases due to hematogenous seeding, the vertebral disks are involved and frequently progress to discitis with contiguous extension into the vertebrae body. Other bones affected include the wrist, femur, scapula, and proximal humerus.
    • Costochondritis: This is an uncommon form of infection and also has two modes of infection. Candida costochondritis is usually due to hematogenous infection spread or direct inoculation during surgery (median sternotomy).
    • Myisitis: Candida myositis is uncommon but is frequently associated with disseminated candidiasis. Most patients are neutropenic and report muscular pain.


Also, a big thanks to Angela, who commented on this blog and said I could share her recent experience as she's on her journey to healing!

"Yes, I do want to tell you about Candex by Pure and Pearls Active Cultures. I strongly believe(d) that I had candida overload in my body, so I went to Whole Foods to ask for a probiotic that would make it past my stomach into the intestines. Research was telling me the candida was in my intestines. I'd been taking Neem, but I think that wasn't making past my stomach.

So, I found that long lasting probiotic (Pearls). And the dear, sweet, little woman that was helping me told me about Candex. She said, "yeasts and fungi can flourish as long as their cell walls remain intact." Actually, it says that exact thing right on the bottle too. :) I think they should change the wording from 'flourish' to 'survive' or 'kick butt.' Flourish is too pretty of a word to give to candida and yucko yeast! In fact, I refuse to give candida and costo capital letters. They are not proper enough in my book, and do not have my respect enough to give them capital letters. I purposefully type that small caps 'c' with extra oomph as if to say, "costo, you're not in charge here. I am! And you're on your way out!" How do you like them apples?

Anyway, I was a half skeptical and half excited beyond belief, before I even took my first pill. Skeptical because I've gotten excited before and had my hopes dashed. But excited because I know that I know that I know that too much fungus lived in my body. And the more I read, the more I learned that too much fungus among us can wreak havoc in soooooooooo many ways.

So....I'm on pill four, just after two days of it, and I felt a slow and steady change (erase of symptoms) (And you know, slow and steady wins the race). Can't rely on these quick fixes any more. PS. I'm almost sure I have slight scoliosis, too.

Anyway, I say that because, I'm not sure how similar we are in reasons for costo, but I am pretty sure two of three are the same. Lifting/strain on the cartilage, and scoliosis. But I'm trying to rack my brain as to why if I've had scoli for some time, I haven't had costo for equally long. And if I've lifted a thousand heavy things in my life (and I have!), why I didn't get costo sooner. The only connection I have is that when my lovely little fungal infection met my feet, and then introduced itself to my hands, and then to my blood and my colon, only then I was put into this arranged marriage with costo by my adoptive parents candida and fungi. Well, I don't believe in divorce, unless there's abuse. And costo has abused me! So I'm getting out.

And by the way, my fingers (along the nail bed) look the prettiest I've seen them in two years. And my feet, soft for the first time. Don't know if you've gone down that candida cause route, but it's worth try. I'm also noticing things go away that I didn't know I had: bloating of entire abdomen. I feel like I've lost weight--bad weight. It might not even be weight, but bloating that went away. I look thinner. In fact, in the past four months, I was really starting to wonder why I was gaining weight. Have never gained weight like that in all my years.

And this is for everyone reading. I hope it might be the key to someone else, to everyone else.No false hope here, just a possibility."- Angela

A big thanks to Mom A., Angela and the random internet information site. -) Okay ladies and gents, so candida and costo. is definitely a route to look into as you are on your way to healing! Here's an idea of an anti-candida diet and the Candex that Angela kindly left in the comment section:


PS- I almost put a picture up here of Candida....and then decided that everyone might not want to throw up today. That is all. No offense to anyone who has it.


  1. Really interesting post. About 10 years ago I had a bad bout ended up systemic. So ill with it, hurt from head to toe. Took a lot of very toxic meds to cure (not good on the old liver). Interesting to hear it as a cause of costo, my arthritis was super bad during that period but I never thought to really connect the two.

  2. Thanks, Luce. This morn I looked for info on side effects and how long to take because I was feeling indigestion last night. Feel great today, though.

    Anyway, this site might be helpful for those who take Candex--remember this is sold at Whole Foods and they, as you know, are very careful about what they carry and sell--it must be natural. It's very trusted. I say that for those who are skeptical.

    Feeling better today than yesterday. Progressively better. They say length of time to take it depends on how much overgrowth you have and how long you've had the overgrowth.

    I read many testimonials who said they saw a significant difference after two pills. I say it again, so did I! Happy beyond words.

    This comes just in time, too because I was able to work from home when this costo/candida was kicking my butt, but my assistant just quit without notice, leaving me in a bind. Must go in to office from 9-5 every day now--and I don't know how I'd be coping with the stress if I'd not found this yet.

    Happy, hopeful day to you, Lucy, and to everyone else out there.



    Thanks for sharing that. Wow, that sounds so painful. I'm constantly surprised at how connected all this craziness is in our bodies.


    I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! Please keep me posted!

    Sorry to hear about your work situation, stress is no bueno with this condition. What a great time to kick costo's butt and heal!


  4. Lucy, just an update and hello. I like the new look of the blog.

    Feeling better today than yesterday. Each day shows steady improvement. I think it slowed because I was very highly stressed knowing my assistant left me high and dry. This has been an incredibly stressful week. But, I have a temp coming Monday who has experience in property management, and I have two friends coming to help me clean my neglected home to prepare for my Oscars party. At one point I thought I'd have to cancel.

    So, I just wanted to share that I see myself still losing weight a little each day. I wasn't fat before, and I'm not a stick now. But I see it everywhere, coming off.

    My back pain is virtually gone. The burning in my abdomen is gone. The only things that remain are the neck stiffness on my left side (although that's improved) and the tight feeling in my left abdomen. It comes and goes.

    But Candex is supposed to take 1 to 3 weeks to finish it's course. It's only been five days, so we shall see.

    Hope you're ok. Just thought I'd check in.

  5. Angela,

    Thanks for the update! I was just wondering how you were doing. Sounds like you have had a really stressful week- eek!

    But an oscar party sounds like so much fun- sounds like like your friends are amazing- helping clean?! Keep those friends! lol.

    So I'm really really excited for you, Angela. I truly am. Today, I told my hubby about you, and how cool it was that you were healing. And losing weight on top of it? HOLLA!!! And in 5 days you've seen so much improvement? WOW. Total God thing right there.

    So I just got back from the store and I bought the Candex! I'm not sure if I'm going to wait and ride out the gluten thing before trying it out- or start taking the product right away. Still mulling it over.

    What's really weird about me is that I got a UTI this week that was really bad and my costo got BAD. Werid huh? Maybe stress? I dunno. So then I started taking this D-Mannose/cranactin stuff that is a totally amazing and as the UTI is getting better and better- the costo is getting better. Wild. Who knows...still digging.

    Thanks again for the update, please keep me posted!


  6. Hi Lucy. Glad to hear you bought it! Please let me know how it goes. I would think you could take it in conjunction with gluten free diet (from what I'm reading) unless you don't want to so you can see if the gluten free diet alone will cure or help.

    I've done more research on candida. Wow, the sites I'm finding. I know one has to be careful when reading on the internet. But there is a common thread.

    I'll share some of those along the way. A little at a time though, because reading them all in one day was overload.

    Although I posted a feeling better comment yesterday morning, the rest of the day proved to be a set back. Possibly because I had been only taking one of the Candex pills (when you're supposed to take two each morning and each night) and possible because of all the stress I'd experienced last week--catching up with me.

    Again, though, it made me do more research on candida. I am pretty sure, after my Oscar party tonight, I will start the sugar and carbohydrate free diet, in conjunction with this Candex, as well as get back to Yoga to help release the toxins that the candida and the candida cleanse are releasing.

    Better today than yesterday. Yesterday was a discouraging setback. Will keep going.

    I stand with you, Lucy I walk beside you. I run alongside you. And I sit next to you on your cute green sofa, to listen and offer my observations and input from my own experiences. Let's finish the race!!!

    I'll post pictures of the Oscar party on my blog. Feel free to visit some time this week.

    Take good care.


  7. Hey Angela!

    I will totally keep you posted about the Candex. I'm going to wait a while longer with the gluten thing, and then give the Candex a whirl. I so appreciate you sharing how your doing with it. And I'd love to read the sites you found, no pressure or rush though. I'm sorry yesterday was a setback. I totally feel for you, I know how that is. eek.

    I will totally check out your pics! Hope you have so much fun tonight!

    And thanks for sitting with me. =) I'm with you, let's finish this thing!!!


  8. This is really interesting take on the concept. I never thought of it that way. I came across this site recently which I think it will be a great use of new ideas and informations about candida diet. Thanks a lot!

  9. Thank you for this blog and info!! Been really helpfull! Just found out yesterday I have costo & very excited for the healing journey now that I have som much more info!!