Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Costochondritis- Caused By Vitamin Deficiency?

Hi friends,

In this video, I chat about getting your vitamin levels tested- which is an oober important tool to add on to that belt of healing. You want to make sure your levels are all good to go. I mention several here- forgot to mention Calcium and Vitamin D-oops. =) Here we go!


  1. Vitamin D is my bug bear. It's involved in so many illnesses and can cause severe muscle weakness. Mine was rather bad so I'm on supplements. Plus it is one of the main contributors to facial hair on old ladies. No one should have to be old and hairy! We all need to be prescribed a little ray of sunshine :)

  2. Hey girl!

    Thanks for the comment- you are SO right- deficiencies are responsible for so many crappy issues. Glad you are on supplements. I'm headed out to lay in the sun for Vit D RIGHT NOW....MUST DELAY facial hair!


  3. Hey, before I leave..had to check on my favorite blog other than my husbands! YES, I was tested extremely low on vitamin D and they put me on supplements. I would have never known and I am quickly headed towards old lady...turned...50 today!!!!

  4. JENNI!!

    Have an AMAZING trip and HAAAAAAAAAAPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you felt So so so so special today! And I'm SO glad they put you on D supplements- they put me on D this past summer since I tested low too- supplements are good stuff. And there is NOTHING old lady about you!! You are going to have an amazing trip, i will be praying for you!


  5. Hi! I have been keeping up with your blog for a few months now and just wanted to say "hi"! You really are an encouragement and I want to say "thank you!" I, too, went through the wringer with doctors- heart work up, x-rays, mri's, ct scans. I was diagnosed with GERD and anxiety even though I kept telling the doctors: "it hurts when I press on my sternum!" UGH. All this is to say, I didn't get a good diagnosis for over a year and here I am another year passed and still working through my healing journey. I've had massive amounts of body work done- rolfing, PT, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, ART... many of which will help temporarily (especially ART, myofascial release and acupuncture) but the bracing always comes back within a few days. Thanks to you, I finally went to a naturopath in my town and got the food intolerance testing done. He assures me that I'm healthy... it sure doesn't feel like it! Well, this got really long but thanks for sharing your journey. I hope we all feel better soon! Kate

  6. Oh, and P.S. I'm still waiting on those test results! Kate

  7. Kate,

    Hi there, pleasure to meet you!! My heart so aches for you, sound like you have really done the gamete of tests, I so know how that goes. Ugg is right! However, may I say bravo to you for pressing on and not giving up. It takes a lot of courage and heart to do this, especially because the pain is so draining, both emotionally and physically. That ROCKS that you did the food intolerance testing! Love it! Please please keep me posted on the results, if you don't mind? I'm SO curious!

    Anyhoo, nice to meet you!- Hugs,

  8. You know it! I'll definitely post the results. I'm SO impatient- I have to wait 2-3 weeks, which seems forever. Yes, the pain is very draining. I have an awesome husband and 6 year old though, and am determined to heal. I try to see this as an opportunity to grow. Not to say I haven't had many, many down days.... low is no place to live and I deserve better. There is much to be grateful for in this life. I'll be in touch. Keep on writing Lucy! Kate

  9. Hello,
    Really fun to watch you on vlogging. Really feel special that you want to "use" any of minutes to talk with us, THANK YOU so much. You are a great truthful, been there done that encourager for the rest of us. (The burgandy is much nicer on the eyes than the green)
    Is anyone willing to share list of supplements, dosages, mg, symptoms,maybe a does and don'ts list that works for them,etc. with the rest of us???? If so, thank you in advance.
    I include,so much appreciation for all of you.
    Lord bless you and keep you in His loving arms, Mychelle

  10. Give you costocondritis wich 'sucks' first time I understood sex =) ya I m not english speaker so that's why :D

  11. Kate- I totally understand wanting to know asap! Drives me bonkers sometimes. =) And you're right, lots of growth during a struggle such as this. And being grateful and truthful is the way to go.

    Mychelle- Glad you like the vlogs, your so sweet! And yes, the crazy green background must go- haha! I'm working on it. As per the supplements, great question, I'll post what I'm doing once my pain is gone- still working on the right dosages etc. Hugs to you!

    To my English speaking friend who is doing great- HAHA!! That's funny- I do talk pretty fast. I'll work on my annunciation in the future. =) lol.

  12. Thanks for another great video Lucy!

    Well Mychelle, here's something that seems to be working a little for me (I say that lightly; don't want to jinx anything): "Move Free" by Schiff. So it's kind of a long story...I found on a blog (maybe this one) that Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM are supplements that might help with costochondritis (which I still haven't been diagnosed with, but the pills were only 30$ so I wanted to try anyway).

    So I started w/a generic version of "Move Free" and it seemed to help relieve some tightness in my chest (I could feel the results w/in like 45. min. of taking the pills). Anyhow so I went through a bottle of 80 tablets (the brand was "Good Neighbor Pharmacy).

    Now I decided to go for the real deal; I got "Move Free Advanced" by Schiff (which I got at my local Rite-Aid). It has Glucosamine @ 1500 mg, MSM @ 750 mg, Chondroitin @ 200 mg, "Uniflex Proprietary Extract" (which contains some Chinese roots or something) @ 250 mg, Hyaluronic Acid @3.3 mg and Vitamin D @ 800 IU. (by the way the generic version which was only about 25$ contained practically the same ingredients minus the vitamin D)

    I guess I like the "Move Free" cuz it says to take the dose twice a day (whereas the generic version said to take it once a day).

    The more I read this blog the more I see that costo can come from or be exacerbated by a variety of things so most likely this particular supplement won't help everybody (and sorry if it's already been mentioned somewhere--I have a feeling it's in the "Natural Treatments" section).

    Also, I'm not sure if this is gonna work long term or be my only solution. Right now I'm taking things easy (thanks for your encouragement on that Lucy!); I feel like the real 'test' will be when I try to go back to my 'normal' schedule (which maybe I'll have to cut back, or at least find a creative way to modify things).

  13. Oh--maybe there are a few points I should add on:

    (1) I have not been tested for any vitamin defficiencies. I just bought this supplement on a hunch (and the packaging made it sound so promising, ha ha!).

    (2) Just to repeat: I've not been diagnosed with costochondritis. I have been diagnosed w/a broken rib, however unless I'm experiencing some sort of reffered pain thing, I think my main problems have at least something to do with costochondritis, since my symptoms seem so similar.

    Okay just wanted to clarify that and not lead anyone astray.

  14. Peter,

    Thanks for sharing all of this with us. I so appreciate it. Such great information! I'm SO glad that it's helping you! Please please keep us posted on all of this!

  15. ok...you are ADORABLE!!! Love the vlogs!

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