Thursday, April 15, 2010

Costochondritis- Just Because I like it....

Being that I love the outdoors just as much as I love the big city, this video cracked me up.
Cause when you get hit with an invisible illness in your might go a little something like this....


  1. Crazy!! Thanks for the laughs! I wrote a nice long comment and it went away...poof when I tried to post it on the previous post. Oh well, mostly was talking about how important HOPE is. When we lose hope, I think we're believing a lie and I refuse to do that! We are going to come through this and when we do there will be NO stopping us! I am upping my prayers for you! It is so great to see the vloggs!!! You are precious and so genuine and authentic.

  2. Jenni,
    Thanks for laughing with me!! =) You are so right about the hope- love it!! And thanks with all my heart for the prayers and vlog support. =)

    I'm so praying for you too!!

  3. Well, it looks like I have a bit of a diagnosis...the echo cardiogram showed that I have MVP (mitral valve prolapse) with regurgitation...sounds pretty!! So the dr. said many people have this and don't know it and there are no worries, no treatment but when I researched it, one of the symptoms is chest pain!
    And I saw some people describing the kinds of pain that I've been having. And the pain can start later as muscles get sore. BUT some think that the connection between MVP and invisable diseases is that people with invisible diseases have every test known to man and therefore stumble upon the MVP. BUT others feel that MVP is connected to an imbalance that goes with having mystery diseases like fibromyalgia, IBS, panic attacks... So, I still don't really know and there is nothing to be done but I'm done searching. It does seem like a real possibility.
    The best part is, I have had a really good month!! A bit of pain from time to time but none of the CONSTANT pain that wears you out and drags you down. SO that is very good as I am about to head off to HOLLAND!
    Just thought I'd mention the MVP in case anyone else out there has any experience with it?
    Love to all!

  4. Jenni,

    Wow!! Thanks sooooooo much for sharing all of that with me/us. I just KNOW that someone else will read this and go get it checked- or have it as well. i think I'll do a post about this- do you mind if I mention your story and what you've found out? I think others would love to know this....Cause it's so wild and great to know! I know you have been searching so much-it's awesome to either have the answer- or a HUGE clue that will take to the reason for the imbalance. I'll just pray that God heals the valve and wala- you feel amazing!

    I'm glad you've have a good month- that's really really really great. You are so right- the constant pain just wears you out. And you're going to HOLLAND?!?! HOW FUN!! LOVE IT!

    HUUUUGS and prayers to you,

  5. Absolutely and of course you can use my story! I am still doing so much better, just occasionally trouble with my left side, just like someone else commented! Started on left side of rib cage almost a year ago and when my neck hurts it is the left side and yikes I am having trouble with a left side molar too! Is this crazy or what.
    It turns out that there is something called Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome and costo is a common symptom with it. Also palpitations and anxiety, migraines and a bunch of undiagnosable stuff. Who knows.
    I am just praising God for helping me through and I am praying that I won't have pain sitting on the plane to Holland! I will be teaching Dutch children at a camp and should be loads of fun! Building our Identies in Christ - Brick upon Brick! Supposed to go to Malaysia in July! Now that's a long plane ride.
    I love you Lucy!!

  6. Jenni,

    Thanks for keeping me posted on your healing process! So GLAD that you are still going good! I so appreciate it! Praying for you and your trip! How exciting! Holland looks so amazing! And Malaysia??!! COOL!!

    Hugs and Love,

  7. "there is something called Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome and costo is a common symptom with it. Also palpitations and anxiety, migraines and a bunch of undiagnosable stuff. Who knows."

    This. Is. My. Exact. Situation.

    Thank you for sharing and making the rest of us feel less alone.

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