Thursday, May 27, 2010

Costochondritis- Genetics

So you know those folks who you love, who drive you crazy, are always there when you need them, but you're ready for them to go home? AKA, your family? Yup talking about them. I think it's totally note worthy to take a tally of every medical issue your immediate and extended family has. Take inventory of their medical history, past and present. No matter if it seems related or not. It may be a clue as to what the crap is going on your own body.

Take me for instance, I don't have anyone in my family who has had my exact chest pain...but looking deeper, my Dad suffers from terrible stomach issues, he can't tolerate citric acid, he has blood sugar problems...and after I gained a case of the runs as a part of my life, I finally learned that all my aunts have chronic diarrhea. Sorry, my lovely aunts, I must tell this secret for the greater good. -) So looking deeper, it becomes clear that something is going on with the stomachs of my family...that is so not right. And so worth looking into.

Had I looked into this angle and my family history a little deeper, and not just focused on my chest pain that wouldn't heal, maybe I would have clued into the Celiac diagnoses sooner rather than later. Or maybe I would have just kept on coping with french fries and Diet. Dr. Pepper...oh how I miss you, dearest grease and fizz. So it's just a thought, maybe the next time your family ask if they can do can smile and say..."why yes, send all of your medical history my way. with chocolate."


  1. Oh your poor aunts! I'm sure they'll forgive you, greater good and all.

    Does this mean I have to talk to my dodgy uncle who always pinches my cheek, bathes in cologne and has a comb over in the pattern of a swirl? Knowing my luck, male patterned baldness and a need to wear knee high white socks with sandles has a direct link to my dysautonomia. :)

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  3. Natural Herbs for Costochondritis may help reduce your costochondritis-related pain and inflammation. Talk about the efficacy and safety of herbs with your doctor before using these substances.

  4. I went to an osteopath and it helped tremendously. I also got rid of my underwire bras and high heels. I think wearing flats made me finally overcome it after suffering for ten months. Hope this helps!