Friday, July 2, 2010


Hello Precious friends,

Quick update on me, my costochondritis, and my Celiac Disease journey. Thanks to everyone for all the comments all over the blog. I know I'm not writing here anymore, but I love you all and just had to post!!

I'm doing much better. I have rough days and good days. But my roughest days this month are better than my best days 6 months ago, so no complaining here. The HCL (stomach acid) and a digestive enzyme called Ancient Legacy Digestive Enzyme have helped my chest pain more than I could ever imagine. It's been the most amazing gift to my health...and my sanity! I have to take it with even the smallest bite of food I eat, but none the less, it's helped immensely. I'm eating only a few foods that my body will handle, but I don't mind that either. I'm still having to take mag/cal every 4 hours or the left side of the body goes numb. But last month, it was every 2 hours. So I'll take it. Still struggling with headaches and the runs. lol. fun. But it's all good. Taking one day at a time, getting stronger each month.

I have been working with a dietitian that is AMAZING. He can do all his work long distance. He's like Dr. House. I've been so impressed with him. We do my blood work where I live, the results are shipped to him, and we do our meetings over the phone. So no matter where you live in the US- check him out if you're interested...Dr. Ron. He works not only with Celiacs, but with tons of people who have medical issues no one can figure out. He's been such a gift to me...he looks a little creepy on his website, lol- but he's brilliant. =)

If you want to visit me on My Celiac Diva website, come on over! However, this site, in all honesty, is purely a business move, it's not my heart or sharing what's going on in my life. I'm working on trying to earn money no matter how my body feels. And don't let my crazy energy in the show fool you. I don't feel that good. Being an actress comes in handy from time to time. lol. However, my insides do feel that good. I know how that one day soon my body will catch up to the joy I feel. I'm able to talk with much less pain as of about 2 weeks ago, and even wear necklaces...and move's been so weird. Almost overwhelming.

Anyhoo- that's me. Hugs to you all. You are close to my heart. I don't check this site anymore, so if you'd like to chat, maybe leave a comment on my new crazy site. It's a joy to hear from you.

Blessings and Healing,
Lauren Lucille


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  2. Hello Lucy, I just found your blog and want to say it really resonated with me because I just recently started going through this "chest pain" problem in late 2009. In 2007 and 2008 I was a coffee junkie. Cold, hot, big train, Costco mocha freeze, office coffee pot; any form I could get it in. Then the stomach burning and chest pain started in October 2009. I thought I was having a heart attack. I went to the ER and they assured me I had not had a heart attack ... perhaps anxiety attack they said. This led to a stress test and an upper endoscopy as my doc wanted to rule out heart disease and ulcer. I was diagnosed with H pylori but the stress test showed no heart problems and the upper endoscopy showed no ulcer. The gut doc said I needed to be on omeprazole indefinitely. I quit the coffee and caffeine in any form. The diet I am still working on. I have gotten a little better. I find that sitting for long periods of time makes the pain worse. Unfortunately, I have a desk job. It pays well and I cant leave it for my families sake. In my case I really deal with a lot of gas and stomach bloating which in turn causes lots of pressure in my sternum and chest area. I almost feel as if my stomach is pumped up like a basketball. Looking back ... I used to lift a lot of weights as a teen and once dropped a barbell on my chest. Im 39 now so am not sure if this is too long ago to be a factor. Recently, in 2004 I was going to college and working at Rent A Center. I made the mistake of trying to catch the electric lift gate that didnt latch correctly to the back of the delivery truck and it almost took my left arm off. In any case, I know this is getting to be a long post. However, in reading some of the posts I am really finding a lot of things that sound exactly like what I am going through. Recently I have been really religious with the acid reducers. This has cut down on the constipation and bloating-gassyness. I have been trying to keep a better diet but it is hard. Avoiding soda is difficult. Some weeks I am fine without it and others I crave it so bad I give in. I read some of your blogs that mention bracing and skilled relaxation. It reminded me of Dr Walt Stoll whose website states that Costo is the result of constant bracing. I did try yoga for a while as a skilled relaxation technique it seemed to help. Currently what seems to be helping is making sure I am regular digestive wise and exercise. I normally like to jog and have only recently added light weights back to my routine. I am sad to see that you are leaving the costo discussion behind. I hope this means that it is not really a problem for you anymore. Hope you are well. Take Care

  3. Hi Lucy! It's great to find a blog on costochondritis and to find such a great deal of information and encouragment that you have taken the time to share. I have had costochondritis for about 26 years now. I first remember feeling the nagging pain in my chest around the age of 12. I don't really know how I came to have costchondritis. My belief is that it might be linked with childhood accidents that we all have; falling off of teeter tauters or swings flat onto my back a few too many times. I can't think of any other kind of trauma that I have ever experienced beyond that which could have anything to do with it.

    For me, costochondritis has been mostly a nusiance-- having to sleep propped up on pillows, being careful not to lay on my left side. But,in the last few weeks it seems to be interferring with my breathing, which is turning the condition into more than a nusiance (I think my recent return to using dumbells and doing some light weight-lifting has caused a flare-up). For the most part, I've not done much, one way or the other, to treat the costochondritis. But, now that it's flaring up in an especially scary way, I plan to try accupunture to see how that affects the condition. I've read that costo can respond well to accupuncture. So, I'm going to give it a try.

    It's great to find a sister in Christ who has done so much research on the subject and who is sharing her time and story with us.

    Thanks and God Bless!!

  4. I think i receive this pain once in a week! how can i confirm that is the same as you have! Plz help me?

  5. Hi all,

    I too have costochondritis. I have had it for 15 years and have just started a new blog.

    Thank you

  6. I had similar problems- starting out with a cold, it went to my chest, then at what I thought was the tail end of this cold I starting experiencing pain in my chest area around left breast, and a racing heart and palpatations.. I was dizzy and lightheaded.. they sent me to ER, I was put on a heart monitor and had an ekg and they said all normal ( even tho it still felt like my heart was beating fast ), tested my blood for hypothyroidism, heart inflammation/disease, tested me for diabetes.. concluded I wasn't heaving a heart and might be anxiety.. tried to go home and go about my life, but by like the 5th day my chest was even worse, felt like someone was sitting on that side of my chest (left side only), was experiencing lots of pain in my left shoulder/back armpit area, new sharper pains radiating from my lower sterum area to underneath the breast, still really hurts to take a deep breath, coughed up blood, hurt to touch the chest in certain areas, felt dizzy and lightheaded weak...I went back to the ER after 6 days and feeling worse, freaked out so bad by the time I got my left hand went tingling and numb.. they did chest xrays, blood tests for pulmonary embolism, blood tests for white blood cell counts and infections, everything came back normal.. this drs final conclusion was I got sick (could have bronchitwis), got costochronditis, chest wall inflammation.. said possibly even torn cartilage around my rib cage from coughing so hard when I was sick..said the costochronditist can be identified usually from chest pains both sharp and dull), hurts to physically touch certain areas on chest, some pain around the back armpit area, hurts worse to take a deep breathe, cause shorter more rapid breaths, said my other symptoms were contributed to my anxiety attacks (which I've never had b4) which was why I was crazy sweaty, dizzy, faint, weak, nauseous, rapid heart heart feeling (even tho heart monitors read normal levels), palpatations.. also lack of sleep caused by the anxiety feelings of not knowing if ur dying or not could have contributed to the dizzy spells as well.. overall they let me go and said to take finish my antibiotics for the bronchitis, take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (ibprofen, aleve, naproxin sodium), gave me lorazapam(anxiety meds to take as needed), and said that should help.. this part just happened last night.. today I felt like some moments were better, but overall my chest still really hurts, feels like when I take a deep breathe my chest might literally cave in on itself, my heart has still raced and.palpatated, and still slightly dizzy and weak, so not sure what that means, but hopefully it gets better soon, this feeling like I'm constantly having a heart attack sucks.. read somewhere to try heat pads and ice , alternating, to help the chest inflammation go down.. I'm also gonna focus more on juicing things that help with inflammation too.. not sure if this helps anyone on here, but I know when I don't feel good the internet is always the first thing I jump to to hear other peoples stories like mine...good luck everyone!

  7. Help Seriously needed....

    Age 38 years - Male - diabetic from past 8 years - on Istamet tab for diabetes. From past 2 Years - pAIN EVERY SINGLE DAY - pain below left rib cage and then radiates to lower part of stomach. Duration of the pain 15-20mts. But pain under left rib cage is so severe that the stomach pain is bit lower. This apin makes me crawl in the floor. - daily 3-4 times sometimes more often if I lift weights. Smoker from past 18 years however have quite from past one month.

    When Bladder is full, and when I empty my bowel - get the same pain. If urine is infected get the same Pain but frequecy will be more on those days - 6-7 times - life will be hell that time.

    Smoker - 15 Cigarettes per day ( however, quit smoking from past 20 days)
    Alcohol - Weekly once - 2 pegs -
    No Physical activity till date.
    Bad eating habits.....I have dinner at around 10.30 pm every day.

    Dr's and Test taken:

    1 Contaced Gastroentrology - informed me that I am Normal after all tests taken.
    Test taken:
    CT Scan of Abdomen and Pelvis------------- NORMAL
    HAEMATOLOGY REPORT---------------------------------NORMAL
    BIOCHEMITSTRY REPORT--------------------------NORMAL

    Then Gastro prescribed Pantacit and pregeba------------still taking with no help.

    AFter some days all ill and was diagnosied AMOEBIASIS - treatment taken accordingly.

    2 Contacted Orthopadic doctor:
    Doctor diagonsied Costochondritis
    sent me to some physiotheraty treatment for 20 days - completed with no fruitful

    3 Since Costocondritis treatment was not fruitful with physiotherpy exercise the same doctor diagnosed me as IBS.
    then some more poweder for free bowel treatment.
    However still not fruitful


    3d/4d eCHO FLOW MAPPING-------NORMAL







    Will I become normal or will I have to stay with pain all my life..........

    please some one help........even dr's cant help me.......

    please help

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  16. Hi I was just diagnosed with Costo. Have you heard of the backpod? This NZ PT claims Costo often originates in the back and says he has had lots of success treating Costo with these excercies: I am trying them and am hoping they will work. Thanks for reporting out the things you have tried and what has worked for you.

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