Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Costochondritis- Q & A

More Q & A
Great Questions
Just my opinions for Answers. =)

Is the dull constant discomfort a normal symptom?

For me, yes, even on the best days: I have dull constant discomfort.
Worst of days: constant stabbing pain and can't breathe deeply.
Had I taken care of mine early on or known what my diagnoses was, I wouldn't be in this 3 year boat of blah. =) So really baby your Costo, don't lift anything that hurts. Run away from heavy objects! =)

Do others feel best in the morning and then start to get more symptoms
throughout the day?
Yes, My best moments of the entire day are in the mornings. Your body has been relaxed all night, and so you aren't "bracing" at night... and your body has had time to fight some of the inflammation. We irritate it as we go about our day talking, laughing, picking up adorable kids etc.

Does it make sense that lifting my 30 lb daughter would aggravate it?
Oh mercy, yes. I have 6 nieces and nephews and I can't pick up any of them. Weight lifting of any kind is very traumatic to Costochondritis. Also, sitting for long periods of time like driving is really hard on your Costo.

Has anyone had any long term problems with being on Celebrex or similar meds?
I haven't personally taken Celebrex.

Any non-traditional types of drs or therapists to try (a friend recommended
Healing Naturally Post

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